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  1. Are these SF Archery Forged 25" risers offered by the same company as WNS Forged Elite-A 25" risers???

  2. I like your videos and you have a lot tot share with the youtube audience. But your making the videos way too long, and including too many different topics, and too much of everything. Kindly consider doing 5 – 6 minute videos and you will get less thumbs down feedback.

  3. Thanks for the great information.  As a beginner with no real tournament archery supplier nearby that I can walk into this information is invaluable!  Thanks so much for the video!

  4. I use push pull method to string my bows, even 50lbs recurve without problem. It's not the method but the quality of your motion that counts.
    And I 've been doing that for 25 years .

  5. Too much talk about everything in archery almost but the bow that You are reviewing . Stay on target Brother. You have loads of knowledge, so staying focused is difficult, Archery should help with that. Thanks for Your work. Respect

  6. Its 2017 now, is there any other riser that is comparable or even better at the price range of SF+? Gillo?

  7. One of the best videos for a beginner that I have seen (and I have searched for a long time !!!!) very informative and right to the point… FANTASTIC !!!

  8. Excellent review and lots of additional detail and advice. I've decided to go with the Forged rather than Premium, which I had been considering for some time, and was looking for a decent review to explain the differences. Yours did the job.

  9. Frankly, I do not agree that all the cast risers crack in case those are used with so called high end performance limbs.
    Nowdays, only extremely cheap chinese-made aluminium cast risers can crack and break like that.
    A long ago, when cast method was introduced into metal riser manufacturing for the first time, cast method was so imperfect that cast risers could break.
    But, modern cast risers manufactured with the advanced technique by major companies do not crack, nor break even with up to 50 lbs limbs in normal use.
    I think that he by nature tends to lead people to the purchase for more expensive ones by mildly intimidating people with "crack things" that he has actually never experienced himself.

  10. WOW, it would cost a fortune and take years for a beginner like me to gather all this information ( Pearls of Wisdom ) that you've put into this video. Well done, well done AND THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to make this video.

  11. How can you make sure not to twist limbs when stringing on your leg? I don't use a bow stringer for my hunting bow, but I don't fancy cracking my limbs..

  12. Hey! I love your reviews. As someone who seems to know his W&W, what do you think of the Rapido Riser? I'm looking for a LH bow but it's been rather troublesome. I'm wondering if there are other options besides the SF forged+ now in 2016.

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