48 Replies to “Shaolin Monk Kung fu vs Taekwondo Master”

  1. they should put both of them in a real fight in a real fight ring not on a show like that which is limited only!

  2. Wow yo estoy haciendo taekwondo hace 3 años y les digo la verdad quede enamorado de la tecnica de kung fu y la tranquilidad para hacer combate 👌👌

  3. Finally a good Taekwondo master. Not the best, bc he apparently does not know how to strike or block, but his balance and technique is better and cleaner than anyone else I’ve ever seen.

  4. Fk off all teakwondo is best of all that gay who did teakwando was a noob they must hav same exp. Im doing teakwando and im on bleu in the tournaments ive got the 1# place versus karate , kung fu , and judo ppl here are just talking stuff they dont even knoknow

  5. I see a lot of comments saying, oh Kung Fu is better than Tae kwon do oh, this and that but both if them are good. If your in a real fight and your trying to defend yourself you'll make it in both cases. Both if them are good in their own ways. Nothing is perfect. Not Tae Kwon Do nor Kung Fu. Tae Kwon Do does better in one thing and Kung Fu not as much. Same goes for Kung Fu. It might do better in one thing than does Tae Kwon Do. That's all.

  6. Kung Fu is by far the most unique martial arts ever. Given that they trained with nature and spiritual devotion. I have seen couple of real life KundFu trainings and exercises and it is very rigorous. It will take you couple of years to become a master. They move real fast, they defend and attacks at the same time. Flexibility is amazing. I also heard that there are levels/ stages in KunFu. If you fail the stage you will be kicked out at Shaolin Temple. We needto understand as well that there are Traditional and Modern Kunf Fu styles.

  7. Faked TV show for entertainment.
    Go look up MMA fighter vs Wing Chun kung fu master. You'll see the cocky Wing Chun fighter getting beat bloody before he admits defeat.

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