Shaolin Soccer (2001) – Shaolin Wins Scene (12/12) | Movieclips

Shaolin Soccer (2001) – Shaolin Wins Scene (12/12) | Movieclips

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  1. That chic was a true hustler, pretending to be clueless going to the wrong goal playing the ditsy wtf am i doing strat to give the other team false hope. Then she trolls the guys kick by saying hey let me just escort the ball closer to the goal line for u and then stop the ball at the last second without even touching it.

  2. rumor has it, that that ball still is going till this day, and will only stop until found a worthy opponent

  3. ؤةول بنا يله سانسفةصفصغثخفح احلولخامانلنرمغتلخانحبنةطةرتفاياحلخحجلت٩٢٤٢٧٤٠٤٦

  4. Impressed to see how Hans zimmer's score fits in this completely unrelated scene in comparison to the lion king….and it makes the scene even more powerful than it actually is…just like the lion king climax

    This is why Hans Zimmer is a geniud

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