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  1. I thought for a moment that the politically correct police were going to force the writers of the show to have the woman beat the man. If the show was made in 2019 the outcome of the match would indeed be different.

  2. Sharpe has a shorter barreled rifle (assuming these are rifles and not smooth-bores) and is kneeling while Ellie is prone and had a significantly longer barrel. In the real world, this would put Sharpe at a sharp disadvantage and it would likely show on the targets.

  3. no way in fuck that little piece of shit scope could see that target that closely at 800 yards go fuck yourself

  4. Muskets? Lucky to hit a man at 100 yards regardless of who is shooing it. Hitting 10 bulls at 800 yards is bull.

  5. Just chiming in with the "he said A hundred, not eight hundred" crowd because are you all incapable of parsing language or something

  6. You know, it’d be a lot easier to shoot if he was aiming from the prone position too… but I get it, he was trying to give her a handicap by aiming in the kneeling and hopefully get her to win.

  7. I don't understand this why is she shooting from the fully prone position and Sharpe is only kneeling which is far more difficult?

  8. I see no point in that stunt. Given the handicap of her using a superior rifle, she still had him beat even with that bullseye. They were fairly even in skill and she shot better.

  9. The most accurate muzzle loaders I've ever seen. Would win a modern match. Seeing the hits at 800 with a hand held telescope is laughable. Love the show anyway.

  10. A perfect contour of the buttstock for the best possible cheek weld. Double set triggers for a 3-pound pull. A smooth 1:10 twist rate. Buck horn iron sights for aiming. A polished frizzen and flash pan along with a precisely fitted hammer holding a flint knapped from American flint rock. That American rifle was pure perfection. All handcrafted by master gunsmiths. Perfection!
    It's not the rifle that lost the contest.

  11. Reminds me of my M-16A2 Qualifier (iron sights only); I'd shot out the entire 8-circle-to-10-bullseye spot. The target sheet looked like a 10-gauge shotgun blast from extremely close range. The umpires said it was impossible to accurately score so they just gave me a 900-out-of a possible 1000 score (Expert Marksman). Oh well..

  12. Would have been a lot more believable at 300 yards both shooting prone with larger targets it's still a good scene.

  13. This just goes to show the quality of the writing here and how times have changed. Had this been written today, Sharpe's gentlemanly act of throwing the contest would have been given short shrift (accompanied by some sexism-related rant) – rather than Ellie gently insisting that he retake the final shot. This is what equality is meant to be.
    How have writers of yesteryear given us the strong (and likeable) female characters from Princess Leia to Ellie here and yet now, with all the "progress" that society has made, most media nowadays is chock full of characters that induce nothing but equality mantra induced eyerolls…
    Good on Sharpe for getting this right.

  14. Great scene but a few things to nitpick as to the outcome. Lady Ellie is laying down with a more stable shooting platform than Sharpe. Crouching is of course better in most cases than standing, but laying down with your gun on the ground or propped up on by the elbow or on shooting sticks, is normally considered ideal when shooting over long ranges. She also has a longer barrel on her rifle, naturally making her gun a bit more accurate on average. If she had to carry that rifle all day, like Sharpe and his men do, she may well have gone with the shorter lighter rifles that his men carry.

  15. I am not any kind of marksman, but 800 yards and repeatedly hitting the center or nearly so over iron sights would be a feat that would probably be a significant challenge any modern day expert. The image of the two targets presumably seen through a hand-held telescope was "remarkably" steady too. Of course this was a movie.

    So Sharpe was trying to be gallant, after all she was related to the army commander (not a good idea to show up his relative), but she wanted this match to be a fair one where if she won she earned it and was not just given it (in part because she was a woman). She has pride in her skill. Good for her.

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