38 Replies to “Shaun Murray's Challenge- Nonstop Ski Wakeboard Wakesurf”

  1. You are our leader. You took the challenge and succeeded. You are an inspiration and to all of us with a smile.

  2. So cool! Love how you show that you can have an absolute awesome time on the water no matter what you are doing and you don’t have to always be landing the next biggest trick or whatever!

  3. i thought i was cool when i did this same thing but just the boat didn’t stopped i got back on the boat changed thing and jumped of while it’s still moving

  4. Dude! I gotta come over and play!!! Can't believe you pulled this off. The surfboard looked like it was getting heavy on you. 🙂

  5. Time to add a foil to this challenge. Single ski swap would have been the sketchiest part of that.

  6. No way! That was amazing. Kind of insane for a man over 20 years old. Think like a kid, act like a kid, experience joy like a kid.

  7. I highly doubt you remember this but roughly 12 years ago you were at the competition in Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie, WI. I loved going to this event and I was maybe 14 years old and didn’t know what to think about the world. Every wakeboarder there was more welcoming and kind than anyone would ever expect. The wake boarding community is beyond kind even at the professional level and it made me love the sport even more. Anyway, you (Shaun) were asking if anyone played Halo 2 online because you did at the time and you gave me your gamer tag and I was fortunate enough (even with my annoying, pre-pubescent voice) to actually play a couple of games with you. You were extremely kind and amazing to talk to and I truly respect that you took the time of day to do such a thing. Im sure you were and are insanely busy but I truly appreciate you taking the time to meet with your fans and even play a couple of games with me. Unfortunately, I have given up wake boarding due to work and family, but I still love watching the videos and keeping up with everything in that realm. You, Shaun, are the heart and soul of wake boarding and your calm demeanor and understanding is going to create the next generation of wakeboarders in the same sense Travis Pastrana has created the next generation of FMX. You truly are a legend and one of the best out there because of your drive and compassion. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you very much for those stupid couple of games of Halo 2. You made me feel like a million bucks because I got to talk to one of my heros person to person and that is something I’ll never forget. I hope the wakeboarding community hasn’t and will never change from the way it was. Also a shout out to Parks Bonifay for doing everything he does. I had the fortunate chance of riding with him on Lily Lake up here in a Wisconsin. Also an amazing guy. But so is pretty much everyone else in this community. Thanks for everything Shaun and I hope you never change. You’re an amazing man.

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