Shire horse riding – backing and hacking a young heavy horse

Shire horse riding – backing and hacking a young heavy horse

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  1. Just have to say that in addition to to wonderful narration by Mel, training by Barry, and terrific horsemanship by Sarah, it is such a pleasure to see the Hampshire countryside so very green and in bloom. Seems like most of the vids are filmed in the winter!
    Love your petunias hanging from the gate.
    Thanks for another inspiring lesson.

  2. Beautiful horse. The sound of his hooves on the road is a soothing sound. He's a magnificent horse.

  3. 1:18 The bus apologizes for not being in service? Is this the most English place ever or what? 😛

  4. amorosos e carinhosos meu amor inenso e voce fofinho são dóceis são obedientes fofinhos eu gostaria de comprar e falar com dono dele amar e cuidar sou apaixonada por esses cavalos bonitos

  5. I'm really glad that you're at least using rubber bits instead of hard metal bits. Just a year ago I get mad when people complain how a bit is a torture divice. But now that I have been watching Rick Gore's videos (Think like a horse) I completely despise bits now.

  6. I got injured 22 years ago from my thoroughbred mare. We were not a great match, I was too green, she was too hot. I haven't really ridden much since, I lost all my confidence, and I have looked for many years for a good confidence builder. Watching Langley makes me honestly desire to ride again.

  7. I wonder what kind of saddle they use for the heavies. I have a 3.5yr old shire- a bit too young to start but I'm doing research on the best kind of tack for him. I'm also having a difficult time finding a soft rubber bit that will eventually fit him. All suggestions welcome!

  8. Beautiful horse, how come most of the horses you train all have iron shoes on? Is that how they are brought in or do you put them on?

  9. My horse Showtime, hes terrified of cars. Cause one time I was mounting then he saw a car pass by so he was galloping and I was holding on the side of him so I let go of the saddle.

  10. Hi Barry , Once again you and your team have done beautiful work in educating the big boy to saddle . He is a handsome young lad and seems to be a big softy . I would love to own a big strong guy like him he is so calm and takes everything unfamiliar to him in his stride and he seems to have alot of patiences . In the past these big shire horse breeds were very versatile because alot of people back then didn't have huge amounts of money to buy more then 1 sometimes if they were lucky 2 horses . These horses were essential to the farmers as they were expected to do more then one job like ploughing , pulling wagons or used as riding horses so they had to be versatile .
    I admire your videos and was impressed with your training methods and how you are patient , calm and you never bully or are threatening to the horses training . I believe that people who are from other equine sports could learn a great deal from your videos s the methods you use are universal and can be applied in many other disciples of horsemanship.

  11. Ol' Langley seems like the only thing he'd be bothered by is anyone asking him to trot more than a few feet. lol

  12. Do u have envy tips to stop a strong cob from bolting of if u do please reply because I'm having a lot of trouble whit him

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