Shit You See on the Range | Polenar Tactical

Shit You See on the Range | Polenar Tactical

39 Replies to “Shit You See on the Range | Polenar Tactical”

  1. you also forgot the tacticool-weenie, The american. The quiet professional, the obvious next-week schoolshooter, the military-vet, Mr.surplus ammo.
    The tatted-up felon who bought a gun from a swap-meet. The safety violator. Mr.Oldmoney who only buys guns from 911 to 30-6 and reloads his bullets.
    Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Mr.Glock.
    Done! redo the video! 😀

  2. ชอบคริปแบบนี้
    Fc จาก ประเทศไทย

  3. Damn, now I'm going to have to buy some wigs , headbands, etc. to go with my Delta Force costume 🙂

  4. Little less clothing with that rambo modified position, and more higher lifted that gun, while whole naked, and i promise you, you will get many joys of shooting guns, i mean do a challenge too, would you?

    Whole naked, balls hanging REAAALLY close to that ejection chamber!!
    Yeah i think that is a nice video, then i can give this shit thumbs up!

  5. Just a correction on the Nazi one.

    The song is not Lore Lore Lore, but is actually Ihr Lustigen Hannoverarner.

    Both are amazing songs.

    Amazing video as always, Polenar!

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