what I was to do you was happened my beautiful beautiful beautiful people what's going on guys no so I am in Abu Dhabi at the moment at the Marriott of force on hotel I I know I I feel like I've been here and I just remember I was here I don't think I did a blog though I usually blog when I come to use Motel China remember where I was I'm not I will maybe when I go dine somewhere I'll refresh my memory but yo I am here for a few days you mean fun-filled wit activities we're actually gonna go to edit for sound Sports Club which is right next door they got like gold cards and shooting and watersports and all sorts of stuff so stay tuned we're gonna eat good food we're gonna swim good pools I don't even make sense but let's go check home in so I just checked in and I have not even touched the room yet I came straight to I got to the restaurant it's actually huge buffet I don't remember it being this big they got got a little bit of everything honestly I'm gonna go ahead and show you all what they have cinematically and then and then only then we can go and check out the rooms start the day go hit the pool do what we got it I'll tell you right now budyonny butter chicken I love it you know I love my food I'm gonna be a food blogger what do you guys think Mo Money mo foods hurry up and finish this food go by the pool tan lemon white go see you guys insane all right I didn't even show you guys did a watermelon sir oh yeah look how huge this chessboard is like seriously seriously why so big how hot it is in Dubai look at the lens starts fogging up it's ridiculous even my shades about the jump in this bad boy look you can tell a refreshing look just by looking at me I've been out here adult bull I want to show too much bass people's privacy if you know what I mean I'm about to dip on in I don't have my GoPro today so I'm just gonna jump in and you guys can feel you get still just feel it when I get out coolness oh thanks changed my mind I'm gonna take you guys with me this feels amazing of course I'm not gonna dip the camera in the water but I just wanted once you to experience this with me right now honey go get a drink over there looks like the forest looks pretty interesting I love it you're good I'm very good suction that's actually my very good friends name let me get a strawberry daiquiri if you don't mind OH frozen people guys enough for my full time button I would need in got home walk to the hotel suite and actually fell asleep as soon as I got here I was exhausted but just woke up and guess what boy woke up hungry alright here we go again I literally skipped the room tour because I woke up and it was already too dark to show you guys we were I want to show you the room the view the bathroom you know the whole suite but like I fell asleep but now I just woke up super hungry and I am going to the grill last time I was here I had the food and it was super super bomb about to have it again maybe some steaks and mashed potatoes some some some macaroni and cheese maybe some salad a little bit of everything oh here we go outside they've got all sorts of stuff over here we got steaks we got Ziggy's chick chick chick mature salad appetizers soup main courses what are we gonna do I don't know what do you think we should go for I think I'm gonna go for the Wagyu beef yeah why Q beef ribeye or the Kobe style like UB appetizers I'll probably get a few of these maybe the charred grilled broccoli to stay healthy they should have macaroni cheese here somewhere maybe the grill salad shoot something I want soup today I love the fact that I can see here and watch my food being prepared there's my king things that's why I think that's my baby there's my mac and cheese we got this egg beat already over here I said this many times in my blogs before that you know that a kitchen and a restaurant is clean and at its top at its best when it's an open kitchen like that because they had nothing to hide everything is open they're like look at us look at us while we cook we don't care come watch us film us put us on YouTube put us on Instagram show a world how we do weekly I didn't show you guys Red Queen no point you can't really taste the bread but it was like really soft and buttery good I wish there was like a way to feel it through the camera there's not one way for the steak we're gonna rub it dub dub and then I don't know if we're gonna have that we shall see actors [Applause] my favorite afternoon yes please that's oh thank you complete you went before your house compete once again sir minimis welcome thank you sir bye-bye then you can just dial zero sir thank you morning what a way to wake up and room/dining man look at that they got the waffles they got the pancakes they got Eggs Benedict so Bruce the cafe latte the orange juice and now see now I can show you guys the room I mean I'd hate to show you guys the room like this because the messy bed and I mean it's whatever I mean you're gonna sleep on the bed anyway right but I could show it to you guys again afterwards when it's nice and cozy but anyways I'll show you guys but balcony we got a big old balcony big ol party balcony look at that huge balcony kind of overlooking the pool you can say pulls over there that's where I was over there taking a dip and then you got Abu Dhabi the capital of the UAE you've gotta love it yesterday we ate and I think I woke up and now it's just more eating I'm not eating this blog but stay tuned because we're about to go to the unfor Sun Sports Club right over there they got a whole bunch of stuff planned out for us I know they got like go karting shooting paintballing horse ride I don't know if that's true they got like six seven activities I don't know if we're gonna have time to do them all but we're gonna do as much as we can so see you guys in a bit we just touched down in out of force on sports club first we're taking a little tour of the premises we are checking out all their activities everything they got going on and then we just go full force and do everything like I said earlier they got go Cardin equestrian they got shooting indoor and outdoor they got it a polo club and they got all sorts of stuff we're starting with the gym look how big the gym is huge all the equipment in the world whatever you need you got a boxy a boxing what do you call it boxing the thingamajigger but we're actually not hitting the gym today even though I should after that it goes breakfast but we're gonna go ahead with the tour and then start the day all right here we got the Equestrian Club obviously is where all the horses come they do shows they have three international shows a year and this actually looks pretty amazing I just wish all the horses were here right now so I can show you but it's obviously like a thousand degrees outside so they're unfortunately not here at the moment moment give you a little sneak a little sneak peek at what they do an example of what they do here it's actually pretty cool I've never actually watched one of these equestrian shows before so I'll definitely definitely be back ASAP like they got I guess little like trainings and games and it looks pretty fun to me okay all right so we came to see the horsies what's up my buddy what's up so just so you know guys they are actually in a very very well a seed air conditioner warehouse whatever you want to call it they get fed well they get trip they get treated well how peaceful they are so beautiful so I love horses they're amazing I'm gonna show you guys some of Rey bein horses which are the most expensive horses in the world hey you hungry before I show you guys that Raven horses and the thoroughbred horses which by the way I was wrong about the Arabian they're not the most expensive thoroughbred or the most expensive but check this out this is called a solarium so it's basically like an infrared deep tissue some does something for the muscles that are sore for for human but this is an extra extra large ones for horses so they take care of them they even take care of them when they have cramps and when they had to to fix them you know to have rehabilitate them that's actually pretty all here is one of the prized Arabian horses these are some of the most expensive work there's some friendly to you can basically call this guy royal horse this is what it is okay this guy's is the biggest horse I have ever seen in my whole entire life mashallah Wow is he friendly hey buddy what does this guy do hi are you trying to buy my finger or eat my whole hand he is beautiful you are gorgeous hey buddy look he is huge there's my clickbait guys the biggest horse in the world all right let's let's get to let's get to thumbnail I bit my hand uh-huh yeah and my hand is not a carrot my hand is not a carrot and my head is not an apple all right time to get the earmuffs on and I've gotta get the glasses on now we are shooting ready let's go Oh almost got a bull's-eye we got read in almost all the Sun and then towards the end I started getting excited I've got an empty X right now we got color Duty type stuff going on it is boy all in the red all in the red okay no and out of ten Call of Duty snipers let's go let's go as a living a little blurry little blurry you know why it's blurry it's too much action too much action for one shot that's how we do let's check out let's see if I should join the army about the army the shooting oh damn I'm off like I'm off just by this much hey not bad I scream I still killed somebody the hot air here we go we got the m16 I'm about to empty this bad boy up it's gonna be nice laughs is when you mess with money let's go all right Army Navy Marines here I come oh man super sick horses shooting archery and listen the day's not even done yet so now we just came and have a bite who came to this Japanese restaurants they have teppanyaki they have all sorts of stuff about the cruel super-hard maybe the place is easy easy easy come easy go eat some good food then easily go no way we're gonna go for shooting we're gonna go skeet shooting outdoor shooting I think it's where you get a shotgun throw something in the air then I think we're gonna go home rest a little bit charge these batteries up because these this is like my little battery will be cameras about to die then after that we got wakeboarding at the wakeboard park whatever they people let's go eat taps today touches about you [Applause] as you could tell now we are going wait you call this skeet shooting it's called sporting okay well I'm a sporty guy so we're gonna go ahead and sport when you hold the gun make sure to keep your finger off the trigger okay all right and we load the gun crucial deed today all right here we go now we're doing a little bit sporting now it's time to get the shotgun action in one here


  1. Its called skeet shooting you had it right my dude 😂 might be called that in other areas idk of but in america atleast its called that

  2. 6:58 OMG Moe… I've never seen that done before.  I'm a Steak & Seafood kinda guy and that looks amazing.  If that was me, I'd tell him to just leave the salt cube with me!!!  OMG that looks good!!!!

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