shooting my Takedown Recurve Bow

shooting my Takedown Recurve Bow

so today I'm going to show you which bow I use and I did originally buy two of these and then I gave one to my friend Lewis I would say you simply unscrew it bought Lewis has made that look so cookie hard now when he originally got the bow it had 30 pound limbs on so I went ahead and a bar heavier leaves which are about 50 pound and you can see the difference in the thickness by a dead market with tape because the last thing you are do is mix the limbs up because that could break your bone so here's the bow I'll strangle a like I said when I bought this boat the poor weight was 30 pounds so the arrows are a bit too light from the 50 pound limbs but a we're gonna give it a go and sees the fly straight now we will talk about the elephant in the room the fact that I have my arrow rest on the wrong hand side so you might recognize this tree from my last bowl video all the way down there okay so in my last video I got a lot of people say why do I have my arrow rest on the right-hand side when it should be on the left-hand side and really that's my the third side of shooting and to be honest it doesn't really make difference I could shoot a right-handed and left-handed Club and it doesn't really make me a bad actor that shoot this way I just happen to the third shoot in a left-handed buff even though I'm right-handed I know it's weird but hey it works and each three oh and a big part of shooting bows and getting better at it is just being comfortable with the way you shoot right so Luis is actually new to boshu in and we did come down a to teach him but I started glow in a little bit and then it turned into a competition see who is the better Schumer well I am such a bad friend hey so we're gonna be aiming for that little hole in the center of the tree right you ready like go up oh and again his last shot Oh bow biter one sir and now it's Lucy's turn to glom okay so none of us actually hit the hole but hey we hit the tree a lot and we go out into the woods and got to shoot bows so I think we're both winners and it's not like in keeping cow or anything so I hope you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't because one more Bowl videos come see you on more bushcraft videos as well so thanks for watching

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  1. Right hand person shooting a left hand bow..and left hand person shooting a right hand bow….I'm

  2. Looking very badass lads. Very impressive shooting , and wish your friend the best for improving, off to a good start. Might i ask what brand/make the bows you're using are, look very practical and shoot well

  3. Your arrows are to short for your draw length. You need an arrow a 1 or 2 inches longer than your draw because if the arrow is too short when you release it can sometime go into your hand.

  4. you and lewis are very great archers! lewis looks so focused and shoots well and you shane your shooting style is ancient japanese style it was used maybe at the banzais of the war. your channel will be some day one of the worlds best i would want many subs too, but i care that you get very much subs. you are great

  5. i actually made the same looking bow but where's the Archery logo i changed them to old skiis actually i would can make a demonstration for it maybe

  6. I'm amazed you lot didn't lose your arrows in the dirt.
    Everytime I go out and miss the target the arrows get eaten without help finding them.

  7. the truth is it's been done traditionally for centuries is the Japanese way of shooting.more accurate if you conquer the stile.

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