Shooting past 50 yards with my recurve bow and arrow! #archerytips

Shooting past 50 yards with my recurve bow and arrow! #archerytips

shooting from about 30 yards was that my first shot or my last shot comment below with what share oh you think that was about 30 yards that's a sanic Red Stag 55 pound of 28 inches I'm shooting gold tips there 32 inches with about 200 ish plus grains on the tip keep shooting now this one is 50 just north of 50 yards I got a Miss somewhere just up there and these two I'm about just over 50 yards all right so this one was about 12 years and then one of these two was about 25 27-yard ish and then the other one I went out to about 50 yards so pretty pleased even if I didn't hit the the ball it's still pretty cool that is good keep shooting you

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  1. Wow that open field right next to where u live is so cool. I live in LA so I have to drive 45-60 mins to take my place in a line of shooters at 18m, and don't cry for me cuz I am so grateful and thankful to even have that. God is good, amen.

    Edit: I'm thankful cuz 2 mths ago I had neither a place to shoot nor the requisite health to do so and God has provided both and I am beyond thankful for what I have.

  2. Hi Joe, my fellow Christian brother. I wanted to ask you a question. Have you ever had any encounters with law enforcement while shooting in public places? Thank you for your response in advance. God bless you and your family, and may your arrows fly straight.

  3. nice brother your videos have helped heaps man I got a samick sage at the moment waiting on a Bear super kodiak 50 in the mail cant wait archery this legit the beat thing ever I think its awesome God made possible natural shooter haha 🙂 please keep these tip videos coming love em all the best brothrr and peeace

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