Shooting Range Accident

Shooting Range Accident

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  1. That's because he put a hot load in an antique rifle you should never use a hand load in an old gun some of these gun guys are fucking stupid

  2. A 6.5 mosin ? Maybe an old Italian 6.5 carcano , totally believable as those were junk when “new”

  3. Jesus!!!…he’s lucky it could of been worse I’m glad he’s okay I hope that never happens to me

  4. your lucky you are alive,,,,,, when i load ammo i go through 5 different checks,,,, powder charge,,, primer ect ect,,,, i have loaded 10s of 1000s over the last 25 years and never had a problem because of the way i double and triple check,,,,,, glad to hear you do a lot of checks during reloading,,,,,,,

  5. I've been thinking about loading my own ammo of late. Then I keep coming across these accidents, so….Nope! lol😂

  6. "… and raises some serious safety questions." What kind of questions? It's a firearm. They are inherently dangerous. That's why you sign a waiver before you are allowed to shoot at any public range.

  7. I don't understand why this even made it to the news it's not the shooting ranges fault the guy said he was restoring an old gun said he was a gunsmith and said he loaded the round by hand those three things could have all been his fault.
    As a responsible gun owner and someone that reloads you know you take that risk into your own hands

  8. Government way to gun seize,
    Force ammo MFG’s to produce a bunch of “hot loads” and squibs.
    So guns blow up and they can get called.
    To Seize weapons for malfunctioning.

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