35 Replies to “Shooting Range and Steel Target Tour”

  1. what id be buiding if i won the lottery. You sir are very lucky. Living life to the fullest. Maybe in my next life ill make choices to get to this level.

  2. Love your range, encourage practice…big time!
    I just got started making my own range.

  3. As a full grown 45 year old adult male, will you please adopt me and allow me to be your grandchild??? PLEASE??!!?!?

  4. Hey there BigDaddyHoffman1911 when you built you shooting Rang did you use Sand ? or Dirt ? . I have Bend told that either 1 would work . Im going to be putting 1 in this spring so Im kinda getting things ready thanks for any of your input

  5. Big Daddy I enjoy your video's. You seam to be a simple man like me. I have new target building company. All
    American made out of all America made steel, My targets work as good as the rest, but all my mechanism are simple and work great. Same concepts, but basic, but work as good or better. Would you be willing to review them?

  6. Let me know if you like my new competition target www.gamemastertargets.com it's a one of a kind :)thanks Robert

  7. If you are looking for high quality AR500 steel targets at great prices check out Shooting Targets 7. Everything is on sale right now! If you click the referral link and create an account you receive a $10 store credit. I know I'm always looking for good deals and thought I would share. https://shootingtargets7.com/store/?___store=default&ref=VjBnSzRyeVlNWFE9

  8. that is the best range I've seen in a long time that place looks like heaven to me !!! lol and no rob hopper its not dangerouse as long as u stay at least 25 ft back from the targets unless you have a disinigrating round

  9. A way to modify the targets that don't set back up is to get a trampoline spring and either weld it on or drill some holes

  10. Big Daddy Hoffman- I get all my steel from xsteeltargets.com they are pretty affordable expecially for somebody that shoots a lot of steel like you. Thought I would share

  11. Man I want to come to your house and shoot what a great set up good job that would be my dream range don't have the property to do it awesome job

  12. Thats a pretty comprehensive trial. When are you going to move on to some ricochet free moving targets?

  13. +ErwinEnterprises That's What It's All About!  Good times and making great memories, keep shooting my friend.  Thanks

  14. My fondest memories are going to the range and shooting with my dad. I got a small  .22 rimfire target a while back, I'd load it in the truck and head out to the mountains and shoot it with my buddy. That was a great time.

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