Shooting Range Extravaganza!

Shooting Range Extravaganza!

so good food shoot yeah we're gonna get that listen please not my fan of my plan we got Walter in the back pretty legit way love then sponsor me I'm blind as bats I don't wear glasses you look too sexy look you guys so West's got a ton of guns instead of like an arsenal zombies beware get out here it's got here monkey range which is like 3,000 miles away Gator right the gato what you don't speak English you speak they got too close are you excited shotgun a little bit okay – I suck but it's gonna be great you're pretty good with ever offered it's because I'm secretly a 1970s up spirit down stop no they use their sights hey hey yeah not a body my useless so yeah anyway we are headed to this Clark County Park a shooting range it's not or range in it teaching these guys skeet shooting we're gonna shoot some rifles and handguns and stuff so yeah we're gonna sweat I'm gonna go the most amazing farmers hand which I'll show you guys after dancer no I'm good man I want this Farms to him makes me look more official with guns but that is how skin cancer it shows you how little you know it shows you how little you love sure it shows you how little you know about shooting these guys have been torturing me with mayonnaise all morning giving me ultimatums you guys you guys said would you rather eat an entire jar of mayonnaise or lay in a bed of spiders that was what coffin spiders and I don't know which one cheese because I hate both I would have spiders what look I I will take us I take spiders outside and let them go I don't like like spiders it's big spiders are easy but they're cool the small spider is going to freak me out it well my animal just shows up on there it's gonna get snack you guys are sick I will destroy any spire comes in my home if you if you're outside I'm not gonna go out of my way to kill you because I'm terrified of you but if you enter my home and slash bubbles you better pray to your spider gods that I do not see you because I will make it my mission first I never take a paper towel and I never go up and smash them because there's a risk that they're gonna get away so what I do is I go get Windex or Cinch or some spray and spray the Shh use everything and so they cannot move and they're driving chemicals and they're drowning in chemicals then I smash them while I can't move in there move here's a jerk they came into my bubble I warned them I'm warning all spiders in the world right now if you come in my oh my would you can you guys stop talking about spiders there's probably spiders out here on the grass probably scorpions – scorpions which is just like a stinging spider it's a creepier so here's a pretty cool they're cool land lobsters land lobsters so guys so we are skeet shooting we are skeet shooting weight agents not real I have really intense glasses on so I'm official I'm so bad at this it's so pretty all right so we're gonna get started here in like two seconds I think bull crap I'm gonna miss every shot he's a good egg Oh 20 biotite back let's get to it I'll show you he's going first I'll show you okay hi Brent all you buddy way off okay just take it away off so what you're doing is you're pulling your head off the gun okay nice perfect shot perfect shot Brent perfect shot I hit one okay got it I got it yeah all right doubles bridge doubles I'm backing up yeah I'm gonna take this nice smiling send it I didn't show up just so ready I need caffeine guys we are done at the shooting range we are all tired I just ate we're raising cane's fried chicken fried chicken and now we're all very : tired I haven't slept in 48 hours I need to go home pet Charlie Charles yeah I'm tired man many are with sick though a lot of money into the dirt yeah very good very you know out of money anyway hope you guys like the bak hope you guys had fun watching have fun hanging it out if you impute some stuff I did see that have shirts that keep you puke use up keep yours oh we're all right we're gonna get a movie yeah we're gonna black tap you can look it up if you don't know what that is look up black cap shake shake they got real shit hashtag we get it let's go hey thank you guys so much for watching our little shooting range vlog sorry there wasn't a lot of footage this time guys some of the footage got corrupted unfortunately but it was still but a lot of fun to do so we've decided to put it up if you guys want to see more shooting range videos in the future please leave a comment below thank you guys very much for watching you guys are awesome and we'll see

38 Replies to “Shooting Range Extravaganza!”

  1. Honestly I love shooting. It's incredible! So watching this, especially before going to bed is really great! I would love to see more videos like this in the future. Also paintball as well.

  2. I can't wait for your Supernatural cosplay! Brendon with those sunglasses on just looked exactly like Dean.

    Also love this channel

  3. I would love to see more shooting range videos and very beautiful sunset once again great video thank you!

  4. I agree with Brendon, I do the same thing to spiders, because they might pop when slapped and there might be tons more baby spiders.

  5. I just wanna wish Bren and Andrea good luck with having a kid in the Clark County School District. From 10 years of experience, good luck.

  6. In the middle of Hell Week (7 nights of performances in band, choir, dance, and orchestra)… winding down the day with a new Wes vid! and… WOO, TINNITUS IS SETTING IN!!!

  7. I would definitely love to see more shooting range videos! It’s really awesome to see a content creator I enjoy watching have a respect for firearms. Also any videos you make are very entertaining and endearing 😁

  8. tbqh guns are really interesting to me, mainly bc i dont know how i feel about them. I live in Scotland, so we aren’t generally exposed to guns at all (i’ve maybe seen five in my city in my life, all handled by police) and when i travelled to New York the amount of armed guards and police was quite shocking to me, but seeing people like Wes handle them make them seem a little less scary

  9. Who else got so happy when wes started ahooting the 60 rounds it looked so cool…wes always looks cool and u too brendan😎

  10. Love watching your videos, they make me happy. Really wish I could go out to a range too, but have no $

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