46 Replies to “Shooting Range – James Maslow”

  1. Looks like james has better aim with his "other" gun…especially when she's a moving target…😶

  2. @ least james maslow knows the fundamentals of personal safety 4 men…"never skulk around with a loaded gun…" 😁

  3. I hav such an abnormal fear-anxiety over any kind of gun that Iv realised I gotta go 2 the shooting range & handle sum guns (with an xpert of course), how else will I start 2 deal with my unlock'D past trauma, guns dont kill people…people kill people…😭

  4. dang, James, you might be able to outshoot me lol. I'm one of the top 5 shooters on my marksmanship team. it would be really cool to have a little competition with you one day if you would like to just let me know

  5. woooow i love it. i tried this before its feel amazing😍😍😍you know you are better than james bond i swear and your a good teacher love ya so so much😘💗💕

  6. James I Love You !!!!!😱😱💗💗 I am Rusher Forever 3/17 😱😱 You are my favorite singer Oh my god 😱😱💗💗💍💍🔥🔥

  7. It was fun! You having a great time with your dad. And you're a very good teacher James. Oh, by the way, I can't wait #WhoKnows music video. Love you

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