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  1. 3 Under and string walking:
    Search for "archery tab barebow" and most of the tabs have even spaced markings that is used for string walking to get the same draw point on the string every time. I use 3 under and never understood "closer to the eye" makes it easier. I aim with the head of the arrow always in the middle of the target. Where I hit depends on how many "dips" on my tab I have counted to get where I should hold the string. Example 10meters I count 8 "dips" and hold there. 30meter I count 5 "dips". 50meter I count 2 "dips". With this method where you aim at the same point and having the same anchoring point at any given distans gives consistency. The whole point is to make the next shot the same as the last shot you did to get tight groupings.

  2. i am right handed and my dominent eye is right..i shoot barebow…so while aiming from which side of string shuold i have to look…right side of string or left side of string to aim

  3. Im a neophite in archery coaching. You video educate me a lot. I want to learn more from you. Though i dont have yet a bow and arrow im learning from you. Bow and arrow is very much expensive which my students cant afford to buy. Even my month salary is not suffice. We are going to compete in archery this december. Hopefully i could be a able to have one. Philippines is my country

  4. For barebow, I use 3 under up to 30m, and split for anything longer. Lets me gap with the point on the face

  5. using 3 under for now 20 years, never felt comfortable with split, tried it now and then and everytime came back to 3 under

  6. I think people get too caught up with different techniques. For instance I started off shooting split and did fine,but I was getting a lot of finger pinch. My dad always shot 3 under and got me to try it,my accuracy increased because I prefer shooting instinctive and it was a smoother draw with my high anchor point!! 1 big run on sentence haha!

  7. Shooting 3 under myself for a while. I use a high nockingpoint. and full lenght arrows. This helps with point on range. with this setup my point on is 38 merters. Shooting 3D and field i think gapping works really well. Check out Jimmy Blackmons videos on gap shooting.

  8. Very interesting subject. I've been shooting since mid 90s and from the start always shot split finger, and was very happy doing so and with great results. For some reason, and I cannot figure out why, I switched to three under sometime after 2010 and find myself much happier and more comfortable. I must admit I kept it tl myself since all my shooting friends all shot split, as you "should", so I feel a bit more at ease after watching this video clip :).

  9. I shoot 3 under and do not look straight down the arrow.  I have got into many discussions with people that shoot split finger.  When I nock the arrow it is roughly at the same location as someone who shoots split finger and that is because, my anchor finger is my pointer finger….typically everyone else uses there middle finger but I do not.  As soon as I saw that then people typically back off the whole looking "tubing" the arrow.  I have tried to shoot split finger but it is way to awkward for me to do so…my elbow goes all funky…I cannot pull the bow straight back and I just become stupid with it.  3 under is much more smoother for me plus I do not have to worry about pinching the arrow and having it fall off the riser.

  10. what himself might have said was if you do shoot 3 under and you don't "address" the string the same every time ….then you are in effect string walking (yup the dark arts lol….and yup I have done said and face walked and used different aiming methods before I be getting jumped on for saying)….but just my thoughts as I don't belong to any club and am not an instructor just a dude that has shot for many years.

  11. I was taught 3-under but found I couldn't sight a 50 yard target as I had to aim so high above it in order to hit it that I couldn't actually see it anymore. With a split grip I can sight it really well but had the opposite problem at 20 yards as I had to aim at the floor to hit the target. Now I shoot 3-under upto 30 yards and split beyond and it seems to work really well for me. I suppose this is similar to face walking in technique. You're dead right about the same point on the string, I always touch the nock and I find that I'm very accurate with 3-under. Thanks – I enjoy watching your videos and you inspired me to shoot barebow.

  12. Good subject. When I work with new shooters I have them shoot 3 under if I feel they are squeezing the arrow or twisting the string too much shooting split. It takes their mind off the arrow and gives them what I feel is an easier way to draw the bow. I shoot split finger now but started with 3 under also. Nice vid,

  13. Would you recommend raising the nocking point for shooting three under to alleviate too much pull on the bottom limb?

  14. My experience has been recently that only us 'older' guys shoot split finger – the new school of archery seems very much to lean toward the three under. To me it has really felt unnatural and a uncomfortable to shoot three under. This was a good vid. You should explain tiller a bit more as I think the idea is foreign to a lot of people. Thanks Jim

  15. "Hel-looo string"  Art Carney.  Great info Jim.
    I can't resist this line when I tell the kids to address the target. 🙂
    those silly TV shows that warped our minds when we were growing up.

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