Shotgun Shooting Range With Donald Cerrone

Shotgun Shooting Range With Donald Cerrone

yeah the second one yeah probably then you guys are waiting for stuff all too quick we'll give you that one again normally I don't you got that one we all got one hey we can't get you're having fine you want to get it pantry no it came up it's funny we can't go offline we'll give you the one that you've called the dirt field over there baby you give one yeah y'all didn't see that crack down around the tree did you see it deploy the diaper fuckery was on the way down there's real gameplay on the way down yeah we seen a break on the dirt got it that reminded me of done with you got it hold mine those mine I got 30 I still beat you by one age 40:20 order that was out there great

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  1. I gotta only two questions for you buddy
    why you got such a weird long name of your channel
    where's new vids?

  2. I hope u get this…my wife is your biggest fan man…her birthday is coming up and I can't find one of your walkout hoodies or shirts anywhere…can u point me in the right direction

  3. Please become a blogger!!! your life is awesome and you will win money and experiences!!! it's a win win deal!!! from Barcelona, Spain brooo

  4. Jorge Masvidl is a great opponent and all, but Cerrone vs Lawler is gonna be the fight of the year 2017, I just know it!

  5. Hell yeah man! Missed these videos hopefully you have time to upload more in the future. Happy New Year to you and the crew!

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