Show Clips: Fences

Show Clips: Fences

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  1. This isn't a comedy, these people are morons, you can tell it's an audience full of people who have never been to the theater before.

  2. I use these clips in my 11th grade classroom, and we always discuss the energy of the crowd and how different it is when viewed as a comparison to James Earl Jones' version. The crowd here definitely didn't grasp the severity of the scene…they saw DENZEL on the marquee and bought tix.

  3. @Heavy Crown, that's the difference between the times….. James Earl Jones performance was way more respected

  4. Watched this film yesterday.  Stage plays are different because the audience is different every single day.  One day the father son scene will have zero laughter.  This particular day the audience laughed.  It could have been nervous laughter or because they were playing it that way.

  5. i found many of the moviegoers in the audience didnt get how powerful the dialogue was in this play.nor did they get wilsons message about the black family. it appears the play audience was also clueless. denzel was excellent in the film better than the play.

  6. I saw the movie yesterday. Phenomenal script and acting. It is disturbing to me when people laugh inappropriately during scenes where the message far out weighs the way it was delivered. It implies to me, that they aren't listening to the meat of the message. There are so many life lessons in this creation of August Wilson's… much heavy dysfunction that runs through families and in particular the Black family. It was cathartic for me as I have lived my life with some of the very issues discussed. This should be required viewing for high school freshmen.

  7. Had.some.of.these.same.conversations.I.don't.think.I.was.a.Bitter.Man..And.I

  8. Daaaamn, Denzel is amazing, and Viola just nails it, too. There is a charm, a flow, a great tension in this play, with good chemistry between the actors. Some scenes made me laugh, some made me afraid… like the last scene with Denzel speaking to Death. He's my favorite actor, and after seeing this, I'm even more of a fan. Can't wait for the movie to come out.

  9. Omg where can I watch the whole thing?? This is great!! I actually had my mouth open in amazement at some moments.

  10. Watched this over and over and over and over and over etc.!! Unbelievable performances wish I saw it.

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