27 Replies to “Sick Of The Range? Where to Shoot!”

  1. Where to shoot? In your own back yard! Obviously! Don't live in the fucking city, buy a few hundred acres in the country and you're good.

  2. I shoot on my farm nearest neighbor is a mile but guess what i fire a mag and my neighbor starts bitching so i usually fire 500-1000 rounds if i'm gonna listen to the guy bitch about me shooting i'm gonna shoot all my ammo before i quit we are all farmers here except him if you don't like guns don't lie between a bunch of farmers

  3. Guys don’t forget your trash targets come on I’m tire of all that shit. Just buy a steel plate no shit 👍

  4. Easy…..go to the desert and look for the trash left from other previous shooters….clean up your god damn mess guys!

  5. I actually live in Kern county and it never occurred to me how difficult it might be for some people to avoid a shooting range.

  6. Went to North Anderson dry lake bed in lucern valley. It was nice just shooting into the hill and picked up our trash, brass and targets.

  7. There is a shooting range iN blythe California It just before you get to the city dump You can shoot anywhere you want it open desert

  8. I have a place I’ve been shooting on, just off the highway 15 for 15 years now. Not telling y’all where, but it’s a good spot 🤫🤫🤫

  9. Close to Nevada or Arizona so you can run across the border in case you need to! Kind of like an illegal immigrant California LOL

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