38 Replies to “Sick play by Wayne Rooney!!! DC United win in stoppage time!”

  1. Was so mad that not one player came up to Rooney, he created that goal, no one else was running back except him

  2. Did the announcer say that tackle and play could have been done by anyone? Excuse me? Outside of maybe an Ibrahimovic I don't think I can see anyone else making that kind of special play. Incredible craftsmanship by Rooney.

  3. I honestly hate Acosta – the kid is a good goal scorer for mls standards, but for the kid to never thank the guy who sets him up with the easiest goals is purely disrespectful

  4. Talk about law of karma! But not for Acosta. He commits the most blatant foul on Orlando's counter attack. He should be cautioned for that. The runner probably keeps up with play and the Orlando guy , whom Romney tackled, releases the ball to him if Acosta doesn't foul him. And to cap it all off, Acosta gets the glory. That's the untold story here

  5. What the heck!? The guy is celebrating as if he scored a solo goal. Even after the VAR verdict, he could've gone over to Rooney and celebrated. Such attitudes.

    Full credit to the legend.

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