silat vs taekwondo

silat vs taekwondo

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  1. this is just an example of people making claims out of stupidity. the silat guy on the right, is that correct? the one in full white?
    you can see the situation here is that the rule of the sparring forbids both athletes to hit head/face and not to cause any fatal injury. that had became a DILEMMA for the taekwondo side. because the silat guy, PROTECTED BY THE RULE, can just BULLDOZE forward knowing the taekwondo guy would avoid hurting him. XD
    and then the taekwondo guy keep being pushed by the silat guy wearing the rule's "shield" out of the court. XD. and that cost him "points".
    it actually hilarious if the silat guy then take that win proudly. really hilarious.
    my experience shown indonesian silat don't worked in real life situation. you won't see their "silat" in real life situation. either they will go doing simple "karate" or doing the "madman" style of fight with no techniques. believe me. i've seen A LOT.
    if they feel their silat being understimated(for indonesian) they would usually threaten to duel you using a machete. which is something any common puerto rican with a machete can do too. XD
    it's all hype. pencak silat, just like chinese wushu, are made FOR DANCING. not for fighting. mind you, wushu and kung fu are two different things.

  2. 'Silat won!' That does not surprise me.
    Though I have no experience with Pencak Silat, I do have experience with Tae Kwon Do. Before you comment against me and jump to conclusions, I did not try TKD out for only a month, then gave up: I trained – and trained hard, I might add ( attended many classes a week, practiced a lot @ home, jogged everyday, did weight training…) for TWO YEARS. Nevertheless, I became more discouraged and disillusioned the longer I stayed with it.
    So, I feel qualified to say that TKD = SHIT. Don't want to take my word for it? Okay, fair enough. If you are interested in more 'how & why' details, check out the following link:
    ( 'Tae-Kwon-Do [Korean Karate] does not work in real life.'), especially the comment from 'coup de grace'. That is only to get you started: if you Google 'Tae Kwon Do is bad / useless / worthless / etc., you will not have to look too long and far to find lots more testimony.
    Well, that's my two cents. Thanks for reading.

  3. bodoh punyaa indog mereka sendiri tahu silat memang asal dari org melayu dengan jawa yg mana nak claim jangan ego malah angkuh sanggup menipu untuk membanggakan suku sndiri menipu kepentingan diri yg minang untuk bela diri suku kamu sndiri ada name2 setiap negeri nyaa

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