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  1. Thanks for the idea! I have an older Delta 10" band saw and they never made a fence for it. I have quite a few pieces of that oak flooring laying around and bought the clamps on Amazon. Hopefully it works for me. Only difference is, my table has a slight bevel on the outside edge, compared to the irregular shape you had. I think the clamps will adjust nicely to fit snug. Once again, thanks. You at least gave me a direction!

  2. Recently I've been watching a lot of videos, but spam ads from weasels who beg for money were taking up too much time.

  3. I have to thank you for this simple and easy to make fence. I have seen dozens of videos, but the more complicate those fences, the more chance of doing something wrong or not accurate, and that is a frustrating as using to original jig of my bandsaw.
    I finished making your design in a couple of hours today, it works great, fast and accurate, so I had to come back to your video and say: thank you so much.

  4. Nice design. I have basically the same size band saw. 12" with a 14×14 bed. This should work just fine. Nice trick with the cards, had me on the ropes for a minute. Lol….

  5. I'll admit, the card trick worked great on me!

    Also, the wood finishing on your band saw looked beautiful!  

    Where did you get the clamp on your new bridge?

  6. That is a genius fence idea! I have a few of those clamps (and a band saw with no fence) – guess I know what I'm doing with those clamps now 🙂

  7. Practical video. I figured out how you did the video but to verify I wat he the video again. I realized that through your sneakiness you got me to watch video twice. Lmao. Bravo.

    Btw. It’s all fun and games until some loses an eye or chops off a pinky. ;-). Yes I saw. (No pun intended)

  8. For the screws, did you already have the holes on your bandsaw table, or did you drill ones? Mine doesn't have one and I'm wondering how difficult it is to drill ones.

  9. I've subscribed to your channel maybe one year ago but it turns out that I did not see all of your videos yet.
    This one is new to me. Great fence. Thanks for sharing.

  10. i dont mind the card trick – it was fun… as for the other subliminal crap you keep dumping wtf? Isnt it bad enough we have to contend with capitalists everywhere! Quickly losing humour with this channel

  11. that's awesome but my small band saw don't have holes in the plate so idk,. I'll figure out how to do it. thanks for the video

  12. have you thought about making a very slight recess in the front rail and embedding a metal ruler in it so you can adjust the fence easily?

  13. The card trick….cool.
    Watched it a second time in order to make sure I knew how you did it. Nicely done 😉

  14. For anyone still trying to find Toggle Clamp I have fond them at Home Depot and Harper Freight. Sorry to say none of them had a golf ball handle

  15. Would you kindly share where you can by this clamp. In the mean time I will check the local hardware store

  16. Once again, I stumble upon one of your conveniently clever jigs and practical sense at tackling a problem. Great solution. I now know how i'm going to build a rip fence for my "new-to-me" bandsaw.

  17. What a great idea thank you for taking time out to show your work I shall be making one

  18. I see you are a fan of Aeon Flux. The MTV cartoon was so interesting and bizarre – in a good way. Such a good cartoon.

  19. Being safe is stupid? You are stupid if you think that way. Get your head out of the gutter. Safety is not stupid.

  20. what was the size of the wood to drill on the ends  I would like to make one good show need print.

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