Simple DIY Outdoor Horshoes Game Pit

Simple DIY Outdoor Horshoes Game Pit

welcome to specific life today over show you how to make it awesome horseshoe pit for our backyard but on side let's go now let the bugs out and the pollen is falling but we have to get outside and do some outside projects so first up is good what we're gonna take this old horseshoe kit actually it's it looks pretty newb we've had it for a long time and we're gonna make some nice horseshoe pits to put this into so we can play and have a good time outside the first step was to find the best location in our backyard and then measure out 40 feet for the placement of stakes I use the factory stakes that came with the kit but I might upgrade to longer ones in the future next step was cutting down some wood to create the sand pits around each of the stakes and for this setup I decided to use landscape timbers since they are about the right size and much cheaper than construction lumber at our local store I cut the wood into four at 48 inches long 16 at 36 inches long and 4 at 24 inches long I then tilt the dassault to 30 degrees and cut one end of four of each of the lengths of the wood this will give the final design a cleaner appearance when finished and to make all of these cuts I use a new sliding miter saw that was sent to me from our friends at evolution power tools it uses one of the new blades that can cut a wide variety of materials including wood and steel without the need to change anything I love this option since I sometimes use pallet wood to make projects and often find embedded nails once all of the wood was cut it was time to pre-drill some of the holes in the base boards to prevent cracking or future splitting of the Timbers I used a bit that was just slightly smaller than the nails I plan to use so that there would still be a snug fit okay now we've got all this wood finally moved out here to the stakes we're gonna center around the stakes and then I'm going to use a couple different types of large nails to get this to work first going to use these really long ones to go through the baseboards and that way it'll help embed it into the ground and keep those nice and sturdy and then I'm going to use a little bit shorter of these nails to connect the two and that way it'll hopefully not pierce too deep into all the wood and be a little bit easier to insert but before I could install the nails I had to take several measurements at each state keep making sure they would be centered within the box I also had to make sure the direction of each box was facing the other this is one of those times it is a good idea to measure several times or it can be much harder to adjust sizes and directions later I then installed two of the 4-foot pieces with the long nails making sure that the angle ends were facing upward they were separated by one of the 3-foot sections at the rear of the pit I then drilled each of the boards and installed the nails as planned I did find it interesting that using a smaller hammer was about as difficult as using a large sledgehammer to insert the nails I attribute this to being able to control the smaller version easier and not damage the wood I decided to make the backboard three Timbers taller to help prevent any wild throws from bouncing outside of the pit this should also help protect individuals who might be standing nearby and once the first side was completed it was time to repeat this process on the opposite end and now we're almost ready for the sand but first we needed to clear out some of the grass and weeds to get a firm base I used a flat shovel for this process to minimize creating any divots and then we added a layer of weed blocky material to help prevent anything from growing up in the future and then it was finally covered in four bags of sand now that we got both sides complete I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna take some nails and I'm gonna put them in through the side pieces into the bags and that way to give it a little bit more rigidity to these back pieces and it's less likely for them to ever fall over and after adding a nail to each side I grabbed my son for a quick game of horseshoes which turned out to be a great time oh but the next day when I went out to admire a newest project I discovered that our dog decided to rearrange some of our design so this meant I had to quickly design a cover to protect the sand from his paws so I used some of the leftovers from the landscape timbers along with a couple pressure-treated to buff pours and some cedar fence posts to help create a box cover the legs fit just outside of the fits and a fence posts were stretched across the width I also made sure to leave a large gap between each of the pieces to help deter our dog from wanting to climb on top this is a basic set up it might be upgraded in the future but we needed a quick fix for our situation if you enjoyed this project make sure to click the like button and tell us what you think about it in the comments also you might want to check out our backyard upgrade series have fun building

14 Replies to “Simple DIY Outdoor Horshoes Game Pit”

  1. Thanks for the video!👍¡ I'm starting this project 2day bought 10 8ft pressure treated landscape ties can't wait to throw some shoes this year old pits are beat up. Wonder what else I can do 🤔

  2. That xould qlso be used as a backyard seat if u made it sturdy…id me .ore worred about cats pooping in it.

  3. Great idea. I like the cover you made to put over the horse shoe pit. I like the idea you came up with for the cover. BTW I like the beard. Looks good. I have an idea for ya. Since it is spring think you could build a 1 in 2 picnic bench. Would you also include all the deminsions and hardware.

  4. Man this takes me back. I’ve discovered cornhole as a late teenager and have played that ever since however I have fond memories of playing horseshoes with my dad as well!! I really like the idea of having a permanent home for horseshoes. It makes it so much more accessible just to go and play. Nice build Clinton

  5. The only thing I would add is a front runner to control sand & prevent mower/weed eater from catching the weed cover.

  6. Again a great useful video. Great looking project. Got to watch out for the neighborhood dogs. Best wishes.

  7. Okay, my hubby now has this on must build for our back yard. We already have a in ground pool and we are slowly adding things that make us the attraction for the families. So they will want to vacation with us that way they bring the grandkids and nieces and nephews to us. We know that we are sneaking and we are okay with it….lol

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