Simple Elegant Tool Wall Build | Woodworking | Hand Tools

Simple Elegant Tool Wall Build | Woodworking | Hand Tools

hey everybody my name is Sam and welcome
back to Samcraft what you see on the wall behind me probably doesn’t look
like a whole lot of anything but to tell the truth this is my brand-new
custom-made tool wall so let’s go ahead and talk about this tool a little bit
and the glaring elephant in the room of that looks pretty simple what is that
finishing nails yes that’s right you are seeing finishing nails oak dowels scrap
pieces of oak and some leather straps that’s it the whole purpose of a tool
wall is to hold your tools the quickest and easiest and most efficient and
cost-effective way you can do that is the best I’m not of the opinion that you
need to have maple and walnut inlay custom formed and shaped cradles to hold
tools onto a wall now maybe that’s because the majority of my tools are
used they’re from yard sales they are hand-me-downs they are antique store
finds or they are generally low quality tools you get from the local home
centers either way these are all tools that mean a lot to me and that I
actually use a lot in my workshop and I wanted to have a space for them to be
displayed but more importantly easily accessible to take off use and put back
if the system that holds the tools on there is difficult to make I knew I
would never get around to really doing it all if it’s difficult to rearrange
the tools I knew that it would cause a certain level of stress to oh my gosh
did I get them laid out in the right way using simple Hardware simple straps of
leather simple finishing nails scraps of wood and putting it on for me an
upcycled board a free piece of wood really takes away a lot of the stress
and worry and anxiety of messing this thing up even though I’ve not explained
what it’s for just yet you can see I’ve already expanded this tool wall a little
bit yeah there’s some more scrap from that
old TV cabinet showing up there on the wall that’s the beauty of the system I’m
not so locked into an OCD perfectionist box that I can’t do something like that
where they’re here or there or above or below or wherever else so without
further ado let’s go through how I built this and my thought process for layout I
knew I wanted to have my tool wall right here between my two windows in my
workshop so that kind of locked me into a specific size or workable space to
begin with digging around my scrap wood piles I found this panel of oak that was
from an old TV cabinet and it fit perfectly it had an old stain on it that
was a really to red and too dark for my space so I decided to strip it off down
to the bare wood and just put a natural coat of Danish rule on it and I really
like how it matches and accommodates with the window trim and the feel of
this section of my workshop as a whole the light that’s mounted above my tool
wall I got from a thrift store for three dollars I wired up some lamp cord to it
and fished it over to the nearest outlet the lamp is not necessary and yes it’s
only really there to make it look a little bit more pretty but I really like
it it’s a great space and a great use of a three dollar thrift store find and I
really think it helps to step up the area once I had the backer for the tool
wall I can then gather all of my tools that I wanted to display and then I
prioritize my tools from most important to beyond the tool wall to least
important the very first tool on that list were my hand planes from my
research of tool walls I knew the best way to mount planes without really chew
it up a lot of your space was to mount them vertically or flat against the wall
I then had to get creative and came up with the solution of using plain leather
strapping and screws to hang and suspend the planes by their front knobs this is
not only super cheap to do super flexible but also really really easy the
planes hang freely and can be moved and changed out as I may change my tools or
change the location or order without really ever having to change my system
in addition to that if I do get different planes that don’t
necessarily fit very well it should be as easy as reusing a piece of strap
adjusting it as need be or worst case scenario putting another piece of
leather on there to make the new tool fit my block plane doesn’t have a knob
to where it could hang with the same kind of system so I used a scrap piece
of wood left over from when I built my whiteboard and my workshop and just put
it at the center bottom of my tool wall as a little shelf for the block plane to
rest on once I had all my planes mounted on the tool wall the next set of tools
for me to mount where all of my wood carving tools this is where I took the
simple easy way out and drove in a line of finished nails on the tool wall drill
holes through my tool handles and then hung them on the nails I’m okay with
doing this because these are my tools I’m also okay with doing this because
these are not expensive really high-priced
collector’s item tools these are all economical affordable tools that I
intend to use I don’t have expensive tools I was ok with drilling holes in my
tools you’re gonna have to figure out what works best for you and what you’re
okay doing to give the tool a nice clean look I scribed a line horizontally
across the tool wall so that these fasteners for the plane straps and the
nails for the wood carving tools all lined up horizontally this really goes a
long way and give my tool wall a clean look next up on the tool wall is to hang
my hatchet and Hammer in place again using finish nails then I followed up
with my draw knife which was put up using half-inch oak dowels my spokeshave
hangs blue my draw knife and then I was able to move on to my chisel set now
like my hand carving tools my chisel set is not an expensive set per se we’re not
talking about Lee Neil some tools or stainle sweetheart chisels we’re talking
about a set from a home center from about 13 years ago as such I had no
problems drilling holes in the handles and hanging them on the nails at the top
to round off the tool wall I added a little scrap piece of wood to hold an
antique spirit level my brother got for me for my birthday
at this point my tool all was full but I still had two tools that I really
wanted to have in this area since my tool was full it was as simple as
finding some mother scrap wood from this TV cabinet cutting to pieces
attaching them with some screws cutting slots for the blade and just making a
simple holder to then mount to the right side of my tool wall let’s go ahead and
start putting the tools on here so you can see how quick and easy it is to put
the tools on the wall how organized it looks and otherwise get a feel for the
whole package that’s it guys it is super simple to load the tools on here
everything fits really well and honestly it looks really nice I’m very much of
the group that the tools are really what make a tool wall attractive as you can
see the plate holders are super easy to put on and off simple leather strap
holds around the knob it can be done one-handed it’s not super easy but it
can be done and the cool thing about these with them not only being cheap is
they’re interchangeable if for some reason the Little Harbor Freight plane
wants to hang out between the standley’s that’s totally fine it can do what it
wants to but we’re not going to do that because stainless need to go together
otherwise they might start crowding out the Harbor Freight and really picking on
it because it’s a cheap tool even though that Harbor Freight works the best out
of all these planes it’s not those planes fault
it’s my fault I haven’t tuned it with stanley’s yet my tool wall is very
different from what you’re probably gonna see a lot on YouTube that kind of
also goes into play with how I am as far as a woodworker my shop is and my
mentality overall anything in life can be solved with money but it doesn’t mean
you have to have money to make something look attractive even old antique yard
sell tools can look pretty on a of a TV cabinet do you guys have any
questions or comments leave them down below I read every single one and I love
getting them and hearing from you guys so please don’t be shy otherwise I’ll
see you next time in the workshop you

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  2. You know. Sam, I like you shop very much. I am about to build another one just for woodworking. But, the windows have to go. In a lot of places we work, you are inviting thieves to have a field day unloading your tools. I am going to put two windows in my new shop but not big enough for someone to have an easy time getting in. JS

  3. That IS nice. Time = MONEY! After wasting too much time digging around in tool chest drawers I finally went to tool walls with LONG pegs. Everything visible and handy. And cleanup is now 'satisfying'.

  4. I love it Sam, and I'll tell you why (because I know you can't go on with your day until I do πŸ˜‚). You've taken simple everyday scrap materials and made a beautiful and functional piece. It is amazing how much warmth and richness your $3.00 lamp added. I wanna build something now…thanks for the inspiration.

  5. That is outstanding. Very nice project, I need too build a couple for my shop.
    Great use of scrap wood.
    You have to watch those Stanley planes, they can become bullies real quick. And take over your entire tool board. Like they took over my tool chest .
    Blessings to you and your family

  6. I would put some dividers in beside the planes Sam just for safety wouldn't want them to be clinking against each other cast is major brittle, good simple build I like it πŸ‘Œ

  7. Very nice! Makes me want a decent shop even more than I already do. Recently subscribed and I'm enjoying the videos as well!

  8. Hi Sam. Great job. Just curious to know how you protect your lungs from wood particles while creating these nice projects. I realise you like your beard and face masks don’t really work that well with facial hair. Please stay safe so we can enjoy many more episodes of your great channel.

  9. Nice Job, if my shop was ever that clean and organized my Sweetie would accuse me of loafing, I has to rub dirt on my face afore I go in tha house er else my honey do list gets longer Cl;-(p)

  10. Like 99, view 479, comment 27, for me this is a good video as I am a simple/plan person with money and with out money, the tool for me is something I got when i was poor or well off, it was new or old and has a place in my past with a meaning of its own in a time in my life, nothing is as it was or what it can be, with love and sprite it can make your life more than less, keep making your life more and with meaning, TY, Later

  11. Great job and I love the look!! I personally think that your tool wall looks nicer that most of the fancy ones that I have seen on other channels. I look forward to more of your content and DIY projects that I feel that I could do. Keep on my friend, see you next time.

  12. I just love your workshop, it's so cozy and looks of care and intent on what you have assembled. I am a total fan of that black lamp and I was going to say that Lowes has the small clamp on "trouble lights" that look similar but with the wire tight clamp that adapts if you have other spots in the shop and spray them black to match and that would be so attractive. Anywayyyyyyyy LOVE the leather you have incorporated here for the stanley planers. That leather and black lamp and back piece of wood are very rich looking in their colors and just compliment everything. You have it looking so cool, just awesome. Your artwork even shows in how you are putting your storage together. Keep up the good work, just watch out as Angela maybe wanting to move into that nice shop with her soap racks. LOL Seriously, you've done a fabulous job or task and made it fun and attractive.

  13. I love the look of that light above it. The warm glow of that bulb really adds to the vintage look of hand tools (even if they aren’t vintage). Overall great video. Generates lots of ideas for my hobby woodworking shop.

  14. Great work Sam. While I can't begrudge others for building showcase pieces for their shop, I tend to follow the form follows function strategy for my shop. I just need items to do their job in my shop. Besides, chances are I will change it as functional needs change.

  15. I like seeing it now since it was in an earlier video where you were still sorting out and playing with your layout. I notice that several items didn't make the wall. Organization of tools is so important, be sure you train your boys and Angela to put stuff back when they use them. That's the really hard part. Last time I moved I found buckets of tools because people tend to set them down where-ever until you need them and then the culprits magically vanish into distant parts of the property pretending not to hear you yelling. Looks good!

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