what is up everybody today we are at a trampoline party with trampoline basketball hoops you guys already know who I gonna tell my boy Dante with me you saw him in the last video we've got my boy Nick we back at you know I'm saying so we are about to play a game of way lky on the trampoline basketball oops I was reading some comments in the comment section when we played a game of dunk and people were saying you know you guys should play game of length so we have a game of late for you guys today we drove an hour to come here and we had no idea that they're having a party night here it's actually like like it's like dark out there and it's like glow-in-the-dark theme so this is the glow-in-the-dark game of leg eyes so last game we played was a game of dunk i won Nick got second not take out third so that's the word ever about to go in for my first layup I'm about to do what my mind over the backboard we're going triple between the legs we're gonna be the legs off the backboard catch it back between these legs other side alright guys we're gonna do behind the back over the backboard we're gonna do one bounce double between the legs jelly he's got two attempts on the last trick he's got one more time this should be a good game 360 behind the back between the legs lay he's got two tries on last trick you guys know that Nick is out of the game digging he's gone he's gone Dante has L I have nothing backflip behind-the-back between the legs 180 lay I have nothing to double windmill windmill between the legs we're doing a back flip front flip lay very top my feet off the back floor laying on my back come back up la I just busted my calf like well I'm still in midair like do the layup 720 legs it's one more attempt three backflips in a row he's getting everything – flip double between the legs then bounce again five for you later we're going with the same thing I just did backflips Oh chilly we're going together again at this time that's gonna be tough we're in between the legs over the shoulder some lady said we can't do any flips anymore so if you guys like the flips I'm sorry it's not my fault behind the back between the legs off the backboard 360 way one bounce hit the backboard go to the other side no I didn't know how all right behind the back between the legs 360 leg you got it folks all right I'm gonna do big jelly shot the jelly fam I'm doing one bounce so I'm just gonna roll it spread the legs everything under the butt between the legs lay last temper to boy Dante let's see if he gets it all right guys I heard all right guys that was the game thank you guys for watching job Sam we took it home shout out to my boy Nick for coming through once again talk to my boy Dante coming through let me know if you guys want to see them in more videos we got a lot more videos in mind but it's up to you if you guys want to see them so let me know I'm saying links to their instagrams Twitter's everything will be in the description go turn them up go say what's up tell them that TJ's sent you guys you know I'm saying thank you guys for watching boy


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