Skyrim Archery Guide

Skyrim Archery Guide

I play pretty pretty one arrows and Skyrim are not laser beams like in Call of Duty they have a trajectory and a speed shooting straight up in the air you can see eventually an error will come back down arrow speed and trajectory is based on the weight of the bow not your skill and not the type of arrows used the only thing your skill level increases is the amount of damage that your shots will do so let's start off with some archery Basics by holding down the attack button with a bow and arrow equipped the first action you take is knocking your arrow this step always takes just under half a second no matter which type of bow you use or which perks you have continuing to hold down the attack you draw your bow string back this step is affected by perks and takes longer for heavier bows by pressing the same button to draw your weapon which is X on the 360 you can cancel your shot if you don't want to take it with your bow out you can also press the block key which pushes your enemy back and staggers them this does use stamina and it's not a true bash so it will not deal very much damage it can save you in a desperate situation and help buy you some time to start another shot and begin drawing your string again you may have heard that your distance from the target matters but this is not true whether you're a mid range far away or right up close the damage your bow does is always the same what matters is how long you draw the bowstring when you fire your shot instantly the arrow travels only a short distance and does very minimal damage by holding down the attack button long enough to draw the string all the way back you will do full damage with your bow the longest this will take is three seconds with a Daedric bow and no perks most bows achieve the same effect by holding down attack for around two seconds keep in mind the only two factors that play a major role in having decent archery DPS is the damage of the bow itself which is also reflected by your skill and fully drawing the bowstring everything else has much less impact on your overall damage a lot of people were asking about aiming in the comments so I want to cover that by request arrow trajectory follows an upward arc this means to start off they will go higher than your crosshairs before eventually sloping downward for close shots like this even though I am directly at the bull's eye you can see the arrow goes above the center of the target both light bows and heavy bows behave the exact same in this regard as I move farther back you can see this upward trajectory becomes more significant aiming at the bullseye again from a greater distance the arrow lands even higher than it was at close range so this means when close to the target you want to aim just under where you want the arrow to land for a human target you should aim for the stomach in order to hit the chest but at mid-range you want to aim a decent amount lower aim for the groin or between the thighs in order to hit the chest the weight of your bow starts to become a factor at mid to long range at this distance here the Elven bow starts to move back towards the center of the target as the arrow is now hitting the target on its a downward slope however the Daedric bow is still shooting much higher than expected heavier bows have a longer trajectory because they shoot arrows at a faster speed now this doesn't equate to more damage it just means that their arcs are going to be longer so if you have a grasp on the trajectory concept then you can make do with a light bow but if you're struggling to make contact you might be better off using a heavier bow because it's going to be more accurate overall this is due to the arrows traveling faster and closer to where you're aiming at greater distances another important note is that there's no damage multiplier for different body parts landing a head shot you'll see the exact same damage as hitting your enemy in the foot due to this your best bet is always to try and land your shot at center mass so at close range you eyes want to aim for the stomach and mid the long-range you'll want to aim for the groin or the knees now as for which bow to use there are no steel or iron bows if you want to go light you're going to have to spend at least two perks and smithing in order to make elven this is the cheapest investment for using a real blow but again lighter bows do require better aim the damage difference between a fully upgraded elven versus a fully upgraded Daedric is going to be less than 20 so don't invest in the heavier smithing perks on damage alone only invest more if you want the accuracy for the longer distances with no perks 100 skill and following the trade skill template the elven bow reaches a hundred and seven damage there is a link in the description for how to get started with trade skills in order to achieve these numbers you can increase your bow damage through enchanting at 100 skill with a grand soul fortify archery grants you an additional 40% to your skill which directly equates to more damage fortify archery can be enchanted on your helmet ring necklace and gloves since it can go on your helmet unlike other weapon skills this means you can use the helmet sacking glitches like the Falmer helmet or peñitas oculata settlement with a circlet in order to have five effects instead of four you can use six if you use the three helmet stacking glitch or even more if you follow the other guide that i linked in my feed this weekend you should know about the restoration glitch by now and I have no desire to cover it here with five fortifies our elven bow now does three and a half times more damage so you can see fortify archery makes a huge difference the other way to directly increase your bow damage is the first perk and the archery skill tree / draw each rank of this perk adds 20% to your total damage maxing out at double damage with all five ranks this perk is great because it includes smithing and fortify upgrades it's a straightforward 2x multiplier and our 371 damage bow is increased to 741 as expected it's not 742 because Skyrim always rounds down now with this much damage you're going to one-shot most everything in kill ancient dragons with two to three arrows even without sneaking so I would not suggest going this high if you want to keep the game challenging decide whether you want to invest five perks or you want to give up your enchanting slots and go one route or the other and just cap your own damage another way to add damage is arrows I know a lot of people are desperate to find Daedric arrows because they're 24 damage arrow damage is not multiplied in any way shape or form if you have a 24 damage Daedric arrow it adds 24 damage to your total this means that you're only gaining 4 damage overusing 20 damage ebony arrows 6 damage over glass 8 damage over elven or 14 damage over steel now you'll want to get the best air as possible but there's no reason to freak out over such a small upgrade you'll get more damage from chance and overdraw than using different arrows so use what you find and don't worry too much about it moving up the right side of the archery tree the first perk is critical shot if you've seen my one-hand guide then you know that the Bladesman perk is a bad investment because critical damage in Skyrim works off of the base weapon damage the same holds true for archery your critical shots are going to ignore any upgrades or fortify a chance that you're using at the first rank a 10% chance happens so rarely that you're barely even going to notice it the second ring ups a chance to 15% and it also increases the damage by an additional 25% this still isn't a very large upgrade at rank 3 you do have a one in five chance of doing a critical shot and your damage is boosted by 50% you will notice the difference in the enemy health meter moving when it fires off it may be worth the three perks view if you keep your weapon damage capped I don't think it's a great investment personally but if you have the perks to spare it's not a complete waste just don't expect a huge increase in damage output from purchasing it on the other side of the tree is eagle eye this perk allows you to hold down block after starting to knock your arrow so that you can zoom in to take your shot zooming in drains stamina so if you plan to use this a lot then you will want to invest more points into stamina than a regular build would if you consider that zooming in takes an additional half of a second you shouldn't use this when you don't have to for close to mid-range shots on targets you're better off not zooming in at all this ability will help you for longer shots though so if you like to keep your distance or need the help aiming then this perk is a must-have eagle-eye also unlocks access to the steady hand perk the first rank slows time by 25% whenever you zoom in the second rank slows time by 50% when zooming it now it is important to note that this slows down time for your enemies but it also slows down time for you you will aim slower and the time it takes to knock your arrow and draw your string are also delayed this means that the normal two to three seconds you should hold down attack to draw the string increases to about 4 or 5 seconds now if you let go at the usual two seconds while under the effects of slow time you will do less damage because of this it's a good practice to knock your arrow and begin drawing your string before ever zooming it now however the Ranger perk does change this a bit and I'm going to cover that shortly the absolute best perk in the archery tree comes after Eagle Eye which is power shot this perk staggers nearly every enemy in the game 50% of the time power shot is an amazing perk for archers and compares to using bash in order to snag a lock an enemy the effect triggers all the time the difference between 50% stagger and 20% critical is huge since the random number generator in Skyrim has streaks you'll have times where you stagger your opponent nearly every single shot until they die another good thing about this perk is it works even without drawing your string fully now while you want to hold down attack for at least two seconds to get the most damage from your shots if you're in a situation where you're close to an enemy that's about to power attack cast a spell or fire an arrow at you you can quickly fire off a weak shot just to get that stagger effect this won't always work since it's not a 100% ability but more times than not you can save yourself using this tactic after power shot is quick shot which allows you to draw the string of your bow 30% faster this really does not increase the time it takes to knock your arrow it simply cuts down the time it takes to pull back and draw your string with light bows you're still going to need to hold down attack for at least two seconds to get the max damage so this isn't really going to save you any time this perk is better for heavy bow users because it cuts down your three second draw time to around two seconds where light bow you serve eat now the final perk and the trees bull's-eye which you can reach from either the left or the right side like all other skill trees you can't wrap around pass this to buy something from the other side bullseye has a 15% chance of paralyzing your target unlike the stupid one-hand perk that lasts for only one second when bullseye triggers it lasts for a full 10 seconds now this won't work on dragons but it works on most everything else the effect is shrieky and can go off multiple times in a row but then they're going to be fights where you don't even have a trigger at all this perk is useful depending on how you play you can use this effect to sneak attack a target and then take them out of the fight at the beginning while you gain focus on something else or you can use it to prevent a target from attacking you while you get in free shots it can be harder to hit a body laying flat on the ground though so for some of you this might end up being more frustrating than helpful if you enjoy paralyzed you'll love the perk but if not you can skip it the right-side of the tree is rather disappointing I wasn't happy with critical shot but I know some people will find the extra damage useful the next perk hunters discipline lets you recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies I killed jordiz several times throughout the making of this video here's without the perk with the perk without the perk with the perk it may grant you double the arrows but you don't get that many arrows back to begin with if you need a decent supply of arrows just reverse pickpocket them onto thieves guild members who shoot target practice or give one your follower and just collect the ones they shoot you're gonna get more elves that way then this waste of a perk will ever give you the only perk I like on the side of the tree is Ranger you've probably noticed that unlike in Oblivion you move really slowly when your bow is drawn Ranger lets you move closer to run speed while you're aiming the increased mobility is really great if you tend to move around dodging attacks arrows or spells while taking your shots Ranger also helps out a ton if you use steady hand even though time is still slowed you do get the increased mobility this makes dodging arrows or spells even easier you can use this ability without planning to take a shot just zoom in your bow when you see an enemy preparing to attack and you can slow time and dodge with ease it works great with cover as you can see here draw your string zoom in and pop out a cover to fire your shot then return to cover quickly so while you don't need steady hand to make use of Ranger buying Ranger helps you make more effective use of steady hand you also have another option when it comes to bows which is the conjuration spellbound bow you can purchase this at various vendors but finish at the mages college has it in stock for around 400 gold the base Magica cost of bound bow is 207 which is reduced to 123 at 100 skill you can also reduce this further with fortify conjuration and chance see the link in the description the bound bow is an amazing weapon at lower levels it does 18 damage and you also get 100 bound arrows which are the exact same damage as Daedric arrows 24 so this is a total of 42 damage you can increase this even more with the 20 conjuration skill perk mystic binding which puts the damage on with an exquisite level Daedric bow the low skill requirements allow you to dish out amazing damage before reaching even level 10 there's also the perk conjuration dual casting which you can utilize by equipping the bound bow spell in both hands and casting them both at the same time this increases the 122nd duration up to over four minutes and it increases the base damage of the bound bow to 24 so with mystic binding your bow is not going to reach flawless level but your damage is still going to be ridiculous for the level that you can obtain there are also a few other perks in the conjuration tree that you can take advantage of soul-stealer will add soul trap to your bound bow this allows you to use your bound weapon as if it have the soul trap enchant this effect will always be active though so keep that in mind if you have empty soul gems and don't want to fill them with petty or lesser Souls also there's oblivion binding which combines turn undead with banish I never use either of those enchants on my one handers but if you like them then the perk is a great way to have more effects on your bound weapons bound bows are great for low levels and they get most of the effects from the archery tree aside from overdraw here you can see the critical effects still take hold paralyze does two now your damage is not going to surpass exquisite level upgrade so if you want more damage or custom and chance like absorb health your better off going the smithing enchanting route in the long run finally there's a sneak skill tree at 40 sneak skill for the cost of three perks you can buy deadly aim which increases your beau sneak attack multiplier to three if you open up with sneak attacks this is a good investment because it allows you to dish out a decent amount of extra damage many stealth builds find success with shooting an arrow against a wall in the distance which sends their target to investigate the noise from here they can open up with a few sneak attacks this allows them to put a nice dent in enemy health before having to engage any targets head-on this is a great play style and Master difficulty since your damage to the enemy is already reduced by half opening up with a sneak attack is one of the best ways to dish out archery damage and it's also a lot of fun so in conclusion archery can be approved upon by a lot of ways but the two most significant factors are the damage of your bow and getting in the habit of holding down your attack button for at least two to three seconds to fully draw your string everything else shown improves the skills in different ways but none of them are as important as those two factors stealth makes the best archery builds but if you focus on your armor rating in your health there's no reason you can't go face to face with an enemy you won't get as much damage from archery as a one-hand build but you can still be effective by utilizing distance terrain crowd control and stealth it is definitely a fun way to play if you can get in the habit of taking your time instead of trying to quickscope if you have any other archery tips leave them in the comments thanks for watching

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    Shoots adventurer in the knee.

  3. What? How can PC players make it were when u aim they have a breath being held and increased zoom but console not?

  4. i'm surprised you didn't talk about dragon bone bows and arrows. they do a little more than the daedric and though they require a higher smiting the materials are much more prevalent so if you're looking for good arrows those would be the way to go. though you don't have to worry about that if you use the reverse pick pocketing trick to duplicate your arrows, though with so many dragons in the game what else are you gonna use all those bones for?

  5. Wow, it's actually realistic by accident. It seems less realistic, but it's actually more: headshots are not a real thing. I mean…obviously an arrow to the head is worse than an arrow to the knee… But as any firearm instructor will tell you, always aim center mass. No one can reliably make a headshot in a combat situation, especially not at range. Trying to hit the head just means you'll almost certainly miss.

    Now what about the "stealth" horizontal shot? That's just dumb. You don't have to be an expert to see that with many bows, it's physically impossible, and even if you can do it, there's no good reason to try, ever.

  6. So much detail in this fabulous video. Most people won't care but I thank you for your hard work dude. Keep it up! 📷🏆🌟

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    Lots of views and subscribers doesn't mean you are competent at voice work.

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