22 Replies to “Skyrim – Archery Perks – Worth It?”

  1. Armor perks would be welcomed. You usually just go with the percentage perks at the start and nothing else.

  2. Critical shot: Such a shame. You'd at least expect the smithing enhancements to apply to the critical multiplier since those (in theory) are affecting the direct physical damage from the bow. On the other hand, they'd have to reduce the enhancements from smithing to keep it from becoming ridiculously OP for a stealth archer (100% critical chance for sneak attack).

  3. Aggressively runs through the game with 100 sneak, 100 Archery and 100 Conjuration while only using Bound Bow

  4. The reason you always become an archer is because of the fucking dragons. You can't make them fucking land till you get to near the end of the main storyline. I literally skip the first dragon fight every time so they never spawn until I'm ready to complete the main quest to the point of having the dragonrend shout.

  5. quick draw has an issue of not having full power even if you draw it full
    and paralyzing perk has an issue that enemies gets paralyze before arrow even hits so what happens is that enemies at distance drops down and arrow misses them because of it

  6. Be warned, getting the Ranger perk, will eliminate the speed boost from a drawn bow whilst encumbered, so it's not really worth it.

  7. I'm always using an Archer & Conjurer, really like that style.

    Recovering twice as many arrows from bodies would be very nice, however my victims are often flying so far when taken out silently, that it's easy to lose track of them.

  8. Thank you!!
    These are the questions I need answered.
    I'm not playing on a PC so I don't know the background base damage or what other details info.
    So thank you VERY much for these Is it worth it discussions!!:-)

  9. Well yeah most of the archey perks are very worth it critical hit is the only one not really worth using extra perk points on. The higher level arrows aren't cheap to buy or easy to craft. But you combine deadly aim from the Stealth tree and archery is pure awesome especially trying to infiltrate a place with a lot of enemies. Lets you thin them out a lot before hacking and slashing

  10. I'd say that the perk that increases the fire rate of bows is really good, even if you are a stealth archer. Say, you are killing a guy in a room with other enemies, those enemies will start to run around the place and try to find you. Usually, though, they'd stand still for 1-2 seconds, because they have to equip their weapon and their AI needs to figure out wth is going on. In that room of time, you could be able to fire off an arrow, reducing the amount of enemies hunting you down… and also it feels good to watch that animation play faster

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