25 Replies to “SKYRIM BATTLE #1 – 100 Dragons VS. 1000 Imperial Archers”

  1. The Battles are BACK! We Skyrim NOW!

    Skyrim Special Edition is amazing and runs at 5-6 times the frame rate as the original when I optimise everything. Attempted this on original skyrim at 4k and it was literally impossible, on special edition it works like magic and performs in my judgement, even better than Fallout 4.This series will be about maximum beauty, aesthetic and all-round awesomeness through the power of the dovah!

    If you guys have any battle suggestions post them, Skyrim is huge and there are endless battles that can be created, already creating the next one.

    If you've not seen the Fallout Battles yet, check this one out – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVI6Js49D14&index=20&list=PLuSs2iWJezbL600s0X3H7mfrlao9LAVr_

    Like, comment and subscribe my friends. As always, thanks for watching!

  2. If I actually saw this many dragons circling me, I'd be rich with dragon souls by the of the day. Imagine the sound of 100 dragon souls being absorbed at once!

  3. Смысл в видос "драконы против армии имперцев" добавлять довакина на tgm? По сути драконы победили бы, а так ерунда какая-то

  4. Child would lost vs 1000 dragons, yes he is infinite life but he just flee, enough time to become an adult and be one shot by a black belt bjj dragon.

  5. Its kinda unfair that u stepped in because players are alot stronger rhan an imperial soilder and u especially based on daedric ur like level 40 least ur like 50 imperial soilders … Just my opinion though
    Edit: Probably even more tbh its just not really fair imo i think dragons won because all the imperials sied but u finisbed all the dragons so kmmmkm

  6. Me vs 1000000000 from the most powefull dragons i win
    I explain 2 shoots frm my bow 1 dragon die in mid air

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