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  1. Wait so you know how there are different bows with different damage and arrows the same so which is the one that does the damage arrow or bow? I know its a stupid question everyone would say arrow but if it is arrows that does the damags why does the bows have different damage

  2. Idk if I could be an archer, I think I’d be to frustrated lol I prefer pure mage of destruction/shock

  3. I built a archer build and I haven't even reached my first dragon fight I just now finished the golden claw quest and I'm already level 9.

  4. Best way to start an archer character… spend ages in character creation making the race/appearance that you want. Decide you're not going to do archer… become archer!

  5. If you want unlimited arrows go to solitude and go to the training area there will be a guard shooting arrows into the target same with the cistern in the thieves guild you can change it by putting a better arrow in the invengorynof the guard or the other guy in the thieves guild and wait

  6. Technically Orcs would be great with bows because they have such high strength letting them use stronger bows

  7. it was the 601st anniversary of the battle of Agincourt when this video was uploaded. Coincidence? I think not.

  8. I literally only use my sneak skills and Bound Bow- Honestly the best way to play in my opinion. You pretty much get to run through the game on legendary as if you were on easy.

  9. here is a good one summon frost atronak with bound bow the big guy tanks the hits and you can shot with no problem tried it myself and its great

  10. I just started a new play through as a khajit archer without armor and just clothing, wish me luck bois

  11. just thought this was funny, but the thumbnail for this video features the ranger graphic from Guild Wars.

  12. My god every time I play Skyrim I play as a warrior but my god I just started playing as a Bosmer archer and I never realized how good they could be 🙂

  13. I have one. First, you finish Helgen and get the long bow. After you leave Helgen, you should go to the small bandit camp near to where you left. You should proceed to kill the bandits and pick up their hunting bow. Also, pick up the treasure map. Then, go to the stones and pick the thief stone. Then, Carry on to Riverwood and do the Faendal and Sven mission. Make sure you side with Faendal. After this, travel to Markarth and get the secret underground chest just outside the city. Collect anything you want, but make sure you collect the gold. Then, train your archery up to 50 with Faendal. Then, travel the Solitude, side with the imperials, take out the fort and travel to the top on of the towers. There could be either a regular imperial bow, or an enchanted one. That’s what I did.

  14. Infinite arrow supply at solitude guard training place 8am-8pm, you can also follow the guard flinging arrows at targets into the barracks and when he’s asleep replace his arrows with your best arrows and he will use those so…

    Infinite ebony arrows?

  15. Well I am investing in Archery, One handed, heavy armor, block, sneaking, lockpicking and pickpocket. I dont care much about magic or smithing or enchanting

  16. The video does not give any trick to get a good bow during the early game. My favorite is the Falmer bow which is equivalent to the Dwarven bow (same speed and damage) even though it is a bit heavier. One can be easily obtained at level 1 in the Shimmermist Cave located north east of Whiterun ( Note: I am playing the french version so I hope that my English translations are correct). After entering the cave, kill the spider, pass the bridge and you should arrive in a room where a Falmer archer. At low level, killing a Falmer Archer to get his bow can be a problem but this is actually not needed. There is a second bow (always? I think so) on a rock on the upper right side of the room next to a pair of Chaurus Eggs. Climb the ramp in sneak mode and try to reach the other side of the room without being detect. Alternatively run to the 2 glowing chaurus eggs, grab all weapons and armors (a torch may help), jump down and leave the cave. As an additional bonus, there is also a Falmer Helmet, the only helmet that can be used with a circlet or a mask (so an additional slot for Archery enchantment)

  17. I always end up sticking with the basic longbow. It seems like the most realistic (appearance) and adds a bit of challenge at mid/higher levels. Plus it's fast as hell too!

  18. now guys, you know faendel (i dunno how to type his name) make him a follower (by giving the riverwood traders daughter a fake note then talking to faendel) then make him follow you Buy archer skill, then you go into his inventory and get back the gold and repeat! (just a exploit you can use) And use the stealth stone, for faster leveling up in archery, sneak, lockpicking, pickpocketing, ect

  19. I would put way more into Stamina if you're a sneak archer, especially if you're also want to play as a thief. In that kind of build you're going to need the stamina and I'd say you should go with an 20/80 ratio (Health/Stamina ratio) in the beginning and then go on 0/100 when reaching mid-game.

  20. Bullshit

    Get everything in the archer tree

    If you are sneak archer, don't get paralyze

    If you are combat archer, get everything

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