39 Replies to “SLOTHRUST – "Horseshoe Crab" [Official Music Video]”

  1. I loved your show yesterday at Bottlerock. Even made me tear up how good your music is. Im a new big fan.

  2. I play this shit as loud as I can. Can’t say there’s another song that turns me into as much of an ecstatic nutcase as horseshoe crab!!!

  3. hey i just want to tell you that i adore this song so much and i really want you guys to make more music like it but if you don't i respect that choice too. i just think this is such a fantastic song. thanks for reading this if you do.

  4. My husband introduced me to this band. I am really grateful for it. We're in our 40's and can so easily get bogged down in our old 90's stuff, but he's always searching for new and exciting music. Slothrust is something I would have listened to in my 20's but somehow really appeals to me now.

  5. Just saw them live in Albany, it was an amazing show! And god damn, this song hits hard emotionally. Hard to pick a favorite song but I think this one is it.

  6. You just fall in love with this band and it becomes part of your life. Never experienced this kind of relationship before 🙂

  7. I don't think I've ever been in such awe after watching a music video. I had heard the song, yes, was already in love with it, but this video is so strangely normal yet beyond anything I've ever seen. I don't know how to describe it. I'd been wondering for a while if Slothrust is my favourite band ever, and this has just cemented it at this top spot in my head. I fucking love these guys so much.

  8. I saw you guys when you came to spokane last month and im just so obsessed. Thank you for making incredible music!!

  9. Someone I used to see up until a month ago sent me this song last night with no explanation really… It's beautiful, but like… what is she telling me… sigh, oh confusion. Lol.

  10. I only just discovered this band I can't stop listening. Its sooo good I ordered all their albums on vinyl they'll be here in 2 days can't wait chomping at the bit

  11. Awesome song I will be seeing you for the first time LIVE later this year at AFTERSHOCK 2018!!!!!!!

  12. This song is amazing! Plz make more song like this one, it has something like a deep grunge feeling

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