30 Replies to “Slovakia Taekwondo Association Promo Video 2016”

  1. Great video, but let's not forget that we have IFT as well 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TOYWvN8nt0

  2. I kinda don't see much power on the way of kicking
    I guess is your way. I practice tkd and is different in mexico

  3. How tall do you need to be to do tkd? I mean, tkd is usually kicks and reaching heads with short legs would be a bad idea. I’m 5’5, do I got a chance or will I need to go to another martial art.

  4. I am glad this doesn't have stuid taekwon dance sceans. Koreans seem to love taekwon dance or aerobics, which makes me sick. If you go to any taekwondo events in Korea, so called practitioners dance to ridiculous edm music. What a shame! But, this does't have any of those. Actually this video is way better than other promo shots. WTF needs to hire these guys with the same camera crews for tkd promotions.

  5. better than korea… wake up fake korean taekwondo.. get real.. no more playing around, you are way behind than them.

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