So I Got On A Trampoline Again…

So I Got On A Trampoline Again…

who what's going on guys it's I don't really know how to start this video but I'm an LA right now I'm actually a Gavin greenberg sauce if you guys know who that is the guy with the super tramp that I was here last year for GG Games which leads me into my next point I'm gonna pour kind of GG games kind of not I'm technical I don't think I'm on that roster cuz I'm not gonna be like competing but I still want to go to the event and like see how I do a bunch of the guys and stuff so then we're gonna come back here after that I don't know there's kind of a lot going on but I thought even though I'm not like too into the whole trampoline scene anymore like it's a cool event to film and I've been doing this every year so why would I not film you know I'm probably just gonna do one one or two videos for like the whole trip so that might be a bit long if you guys like flipping and you like all that stuff watch this video because um there's gonna be a lot of that and I'm gonna try to do some stuff too if you guys know the grab gang I did I did a triple kaboom earlier I'm pretty proud of it I landed a first try um but we got the boys Hey look I'm good it's a boy the boy right here how's it to be on YouTube man yeah to be like I'm flipping senior just for a thousand people I thought of all people are gonna watch this maybe more maybe there's nothing it is slipping that's true you never know back on the grind we're back on the grind sir back on the grind Oh y'all frayed coming see we got here Oh Oh to trip back let this stop that trip back yeah oh sanded bro Oh easy whoo all right Jesse yes sir Jesse Oh easy bro oh poor Gavin's alright come on get it come on brows cute full sauna bro I think that's kind of just proofing itself right there everyone that tells me I don't flip anymore I can still do it I just don't actually practice it yeah a lot has happened since I last picked up the camera last time I was with you guys we were in LA now we're in San Diego a lots going on today I don't really know like exactly what's happening we're at the beach now we got blue moon or Wyatt I were just like doing little flips you know just little little flippy flips as film yes sir hey hey hey yeah yeah yes sir yeah hey bro bro behind you man you got the whole piece po po hey dude go step step step a forced you lay down Oh yo yo yo that's crazy man you got a 650 and we got a guy our dobra look at that oh yeah a 650 able man yeah your flippers good your flip was sick too it was really good oh look at that beautiful that's really beautiful Oh Oh sick bro no down and then you're like one two three oh my oh my someone's have been going on let's not get thoroughly explain what's happened so we're kind of where I like a part of the GT games right now this is the meet up on the beach but it's literally the very end because we got here late and like a lot of stuff happened but I can't really play everything that happened cuz so much of it happened but we're jumping the bridge now oh my god man no way you know let's go free I think we're gonna see a dub cast I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure now you're good you're good yeah yo hey so so to finish off the GT game you see these shoes right here these aren't fries are they okay no no we're not doing afraid if it was anybody but frayed or Wyatt or those are those Wyatt's those are probably why it's our thing doesn't – Alec what's happening is everyone just congregating on the rocks or what oh boy Senate Senate send it send it Oh what happened wait wait what did you hit he hit a little man no way are you dude are you kidding me you literally kill afraid Wow Wow I was insane bro dude he sucks dude I was insanely bad yeah that's what you say so in an awkward sequence in the vlog it is actually two days later and I did not go to GT games and there's there's reason for that so long story short this year the GT games was not hosted by Skype and Champlain's which is my sponsor as many guys know so they didn't pay for me to come up here to go to the event but this is the time of year that I still come to California so I came out and I've just been kicking it like whistle friends are all over I've literally been staying with new people that beat you tonight hang em up hey can I stay with you guys hey with you I see with you I'm like I'm a house feeding yo house I mean the house everybody I do remember this my boy Daniel from two years ago when I came to eat the games the first time the very first time this is my first time seeing him since then long time ago man hello sir Fizbo sir yo so we are in Marietta now which is like Southern California and we're going up to LA in like 30 minutes to go meet up with more people so I know we didn't do DG games we're going back to Gavin greenberg talked with the super champ so your trampoline content is still gonna be there no we're going it's alright it's alright the GT games and the deer or what is it no it's the DRT games and the GRT me that both of those are effectively over so everyone's kind of vacated the premises that you can see but I'm out here with the homeboys yeah that's good was good so I think people are leaving the Gavin's house today but I realize I don't really have any footage and I did want to make at least one video while I was in Cali even if it's not G Archie games Oh alright Jackson let's see some stuff I do for the Gavin a series I like it yo Wow oh yeah excuse me sir we know we don't need this off oh look at this cutie look it's the same person look at that but lucky him he didn't lose his wallet in LA oops that's right double cootie I haven't even done double since like alright I see oh we got a guys I hate to break it to you but this right here is a confirmed G tramp sweat confirmed also right after well I don't know if it's right off here but at some point today I am gonna be filming a game of tramp with does he have those for his channel it's only like two years later I think I've wanted us a long time ago but if you guys do want to check that out and see me doing some flips because I don't like do that on trampolines almost anymore make sure to check out Jessie capful as the video I don't know it's gonna be up but yeah and now we now we see if I can still twist got a visual Jessie a triple do what about a Randy a Randy Gavin man with the line took back [Applause] just like shoots your hug no okay sir let's say something sag Wow Wow let's go dude yo Jackson Jackson hit my device ah-ha hottest hottest hottest hot do hit it Oh yo dude hit it hit it hit it hit it [Applause] if you like put it in your mouth for long enough ahahaha make fun of me for that now your spits oh yeah I'm Kevin again dude I thought you were going with this I thought I was not gay here we go but I guess when I come back I'm still gay I guess that's how it worked me Jackson and Jesse we're gonna hit home the best trampoline line them you've ever seen just believe it [Applause] literally I just did back one and a half two and I want to soon why can i zoom bro I wanna zoom dude it's just cuz I got so much flip but I want to zoom in use this oh you can Superman I knew where I was that whole time it was just like Oh too much flip and I felt like the dial size get the twist and it's a now the interesting task at hand is how many people does it take to move a 400-pound and track a few inches make it fit man ah its inward oh let's go let's go hey hey where did you learn that oh I like I like we just got back in my my house it is Gavin's house but I am Gavin so taxes so technically it's in mine right fact it is that's a pretty it's it's alright and then the view we got here I mean like I guess alright it's alright it's not that bad this is going KITT just check it out check out of that guy down there on the tractor thing music yo what really far dude owner thud I'm getting the hot tub works now I don't know please be hop please oh and we go that's a rip that was hours on insane for lack of better terminology insane you know what that was exactly dude exactly hey um I hate to break it to you but you you missed our pool sesh so you're showering and then you're getting in the pool oh we got a friend hey hey baby baby baby oh no come back so we just got done filming a game of tramp versus jessie hassles two years late if you guys do want to check the video out which i know you do like the thousand and you watching this make sure to go check out Jessie's video if you want to see me flip you should definitely check it out too because I'm done but I thought I wasn't gonna do ever again and this man has pushed me to do it sick so if you want to see me do some triple system I don't that's not crazy anymore but some stuff like that go check it out I don't I'm probably not gonna do it again but there's a cool Instagram at it isn't there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah in an unexpected sheepish in the vlog blue man's back but not only that numerous what it is what's good you know it's a family reunited John nighted craw gang yeah oh it's tiki ho look check oh no it's okay well we'll see you later man's that is effectively going to end my trip to LA this year I'm sorry the video was kind of all over the place I did I've made a gold myself to dis film one video was here and I made it happen it was just very like all over the place and I know and I'm sorry but I had a really great time I really hope you guys did enjoy watching the video as well coming out here and meeting up with people that you want to see once a year for this event it's just a special feeling you know even though I don't really do it as much anymore I'm not quite as involved in the community I still feel a part of it you know and it's a cool feeling but I'm gonna go ahead and end this video right here I'm hopping on the flight back to Maryland in like a few hours so more videos when I get back home probably car stuff but you never know if you guys suck again in this video you're awesome I really appreciate it don't forget to Like share scarfing you as always thanks for watching see you guys in next video hey and I got a straight drop steady on my glass in a play face last time it ever taste us on my time in water we could have escaped oh we should have been a drop and I got a straight drop steady on my glass in a play face

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  1. Yooooo Gavin I love the vid🖤 back to your roots. So I am buying a 335i within the next couple weeks and I don’t know anyone else that owns one and I have a lot of questions. It would mean the world if I could maybe talk to you alittle bit and ask you some questions. Thanks!

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