So You Think You Have A Good Serve @ Table Tennis ?

So You Think You Have A Good Serve @ Table Tennis ?

49 Replies to “So You Think You Have A Good Serve @ Table Tennis ?”

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  2. I was watching some s*** about tennis on my phone and the s*** about f**** ping pong comes up ping pong is f**** stupid who gives a f*** about ping pong f*** this s***

  3. "You think you have a good serve @ Table Tennis?"

    Table Tennis: "Yes because mine are not illegal and hide the point of contact. And I still sometimes trick people ;3"

    The guy "whaaaaat you can do legal servers that are good???"

  4. Serve is all arms legs shielding and Stompin. Very disguised action borderline illegal ? Hmmm not sure

  5. Although many illegal serves those are are not are pretty vicious. No doubt challenging to read.

  6. Those serves defy physics, or at least it seems that way, truly incredible, Xu Xin is amazing, and even he is puzzled 😂

  7. the serve looks to be illegal however the opponent is at a lower angle than the camera so in all probability he can see the ball, if he couldn’t I’m sure he would say etc

  8. All the geniuses say illegal serve….no one appreciates that back hand, fore hand or chop returns still didn't work.

  9. Everyone crying that it’s “illegal”, cry me a fucking river. The ITTF doesn’t write the rules for table tennis, only in THIER tournaments. I played table tennis on the streets of Chongqing China for a long time. Do you think anyone cared about ITTF rules? I saw everything, guys playing with no rubbers, all types of long / short pips, yes “hidden serves”, all types of tables- stone tables, tables with bricks as the net. All types of balls (not just 40+). My own girlfriend played with 2 racquets, one in each hand! No one gave a fuck. This was real table tennis. The ITTF can suck my cock.

  10. What makes it incredible isn't that its super spinny or anything. It's that he serves with a lot of deception so opposing players read it wrong

  11. Most of his serves are actually illegal, throwing the ball into his body and hiding the paddle contact. But still, sick spins!

  12. The lovely game of table tennis has been hampered since its inception by its ridiculous rules written in the most long winded language possible. A great serve is indispensable for excelling at the game. To be really good at table tennis, however, one must develop serves with loads of spin, variation AND use of the head, body, shoulder, non playing hand and so on to make things even more difficult for your opponent.

  13. A good serve….anything else? In every replay angle you can see that this "good" serve is an fail serve.

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