Soccer Child Pitch Invaders EXPOSED | Documentary Discovers Child Actors Hugging Neymar

Soccer Child Pitch Invaders EXPOSED | Documentary Discovers Child Actors Hugging Neymar

we investigate football's biggest conspiracies what's going on here we meet the whistleblowers it is a cover-up pure and simple and lift the lid on unreported scandals why do you keep running away join me as I track down the truth on football exposed pitch Side security their highly trained intimidating and they supply their own uniforms I bought the shirt from Target and the tie was a gift from a wife from her birthday if anyone touches the turf these guys hunt them like lions after a gazelle if he's been raining I've got me loafers on it takes me a bit longer to catch them but trust me they're going down but one type of spectator always seems to slip the Nets children France 2018 a child runs onto the field to hug Neymar North Carolina USA this kid dodges security to hug Christian Poulos ich masala Neymar again how are children breaking this ring of steel these ain't fans these are child actors what's it's well known in the industry if a player needs a PR boost it's an easy win and the fans love it Messi and Ronaldo do it all the time it's just just part of their brand name what did he recover after he got schooled but James Milner most salutary after that embarrassing fan petition fing agents organized it with a local theater group it's a well known scam and we just paid to turn a blind eye and that's when it hit me I'd seen these kids before yeah I've seen this kids before this child looked familiar he played boy with tuberculosis in season 8 episode 16 of house this one he later became the lead role in stranger things and the child who brought security to do keepy uppies with David Beckham Eddie Redmayne David Beckham lovely chaps is wonderful personal I called several high-profile football teams none were available for comments what are you hiding there was no option but to go undercover and prove these allegations myself the plan to book a fan pitch invasion to raise the PR of a player who needs a helping hand yeah this is smashed can anyone get me a phone please hello I understand you do the child pitch invasions and signs to book a child to give a player a hug who has a low profile please loris Carius [Laughter] it's very cruel next time on football exposed wire players covering their mouths when they speak to each other on the field are they swearing are they chewing gum what don't want to know you

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  1. This is Football Exposed, the newest and therefore best investigative football documentary series.

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