Soccer Concept Training: Passing and Movement Exercises – U10 Players

Soccer Concept Training: Passing and Movement Exercises – U10 Players

all right here we go I want to do I want to do passing exercises and then I want to go into that opening up that we were talking about before so I want to go just some basic passing with moving we'll do three or four exercises real quick there then we'll get to an opening up then we're going to take our opening up to a small side of game to emphasize our opening up everyone remember opening up so we get a ball here so we open up to look at the whole field alright can always go back so we got to at least explore it all right let's just start with our past and let's go quality here all I want is a good quality pop and follow your path and then your plan follow me since I was you Michael come on come on come on play Braden play Braden go follow it good play Michael good and we got that let's do it let's go both groups quality quality quality listen so what do I always talk about when we do anything details movement change of pace right so this exercise here it's so simple but you have to pay attention to the detail for instance Michael's right there he ready Michael this is not a good pass to Michael it's just too hard although he didn't brilliant job of bringing it down so it's the pace play me but just like ever so I see him there I want to give him a decent pace fall and then I want that habit of immediately going forward ball plays again like immediately going forward it's not this step back then go it's get Mike one more time come on it's play oh and I'm off right away right and that's where I want that change of pace like we did in the dribbling that makes sense fall back to Braden we're ready same exercise give me a good pace ball and give me a sprint off that pass like three quick steps go play it and then go here you go then you can swallow good go good work there you go change of pace good Guillermo good also help me to work on bringing that ball in if this is not a good idea play me a Shawn yeah come on I don't want and then run after it I want a ball come on right right under control that I can play immediately three or four more passes work on the first touch go work on the first touch hike Hey all right if that's dad come on quality works on the first cut hold there please so listen get it in quick move off it and play it off alright so when I play me that ball to you I play it in quick bow quick move and then start going to play and dump and dump here we go go quick quick move yes and play it's not a boy faster faster faster everything's under control stop be a sprinter it's spring something Maya something bumping spring after it come on fine this thing should be tiring right should be tiring let's relax a little bit relax a little bit walk a little bit where you are so listen I want the same exercise except this time when you receive the ball when you receive the ball I want you to immediately start with a dribble and I'm going to put a colon in the middle so I want you to immediately start with a dribble to the center when you get to the center I want you to put a move on and then I want you to get a pass right out of that move that makes sense right out of that move guys Sean here all right so play a ball in good ball to your feet start with a dribble put a move on naver you should be down here and playing so listen let's work on whatever move we do both being able to play the pass right off the move that makes sense so quick here and then focus a quick sprint off it to support it you got it yeah a little motion perfect here we go work vote what your baby let's be XP quick note and play come on Blanc quick vote good wait right away that's me that's me buddy boom wait Go Go what don't I like no no love your moves you're crazy we're gonna like yeah where'd I go I don't like that you flip all off whatever move you've done and then you're done you just kind of like jog off looking good you got to stay in the game right I'm assuming come on ball back I mean whatever the move I did here to get the ball to this character I keep playing because I want it back he can choose to give it back or not right in the game but I want to offer for that little quick steps pastor after you most two more minutes go your mobiie faster faster one more Mike come on Betty come on and relax good guys get a real quick water come on back here

20 Replies to “Soccer Concept Training: Passing and Movement Exercises – U10 Players”

  1. Great intensity coach! I love all the little progressions that you have 'baked in' to what is a common passing drill.

  2. Great Session! really good coach, He explained everything clear & precise while getting the players working at high intensity correcting & explaining. Good Job

  3. Not great coaching, to much stopping. Start by showing clearly how you wish the pass and control to be undertaken. Let the drill run a few times to see how its going, if you wish to change it, stop the session, within 30 seconds get your point across then go again. Positive encouragement at this age group is very important and a fun aspect aids learning.

  4. Great video; thanks for posting this.

  5. It’s easy working with 6 kids on a nice warm sunny day.

    Try working with 20 kids in the rain when it’s blowing a gale and 3 degrees

    Those are the best coaches

  6. I just see positive reinforcement with clear instruction. His volume seemed more about being heard by everyone. We don't give our kids enough credit. I doubt their parent(s) sent them there for a cumbaya circle. Hard work means results. And I didn't see wild passes and balls flying everywhere or him having to repeat instructions 10 times.

    They aren't 5. There are kids not much older than these on ESPN right now playing in the Little League world series.

  7. Very good video, I learned a lot today I’ll be coaching U10 and this will work, this coach it’s very respectful and his voice demands attention and concentration, keep up the good work.

  8. OMG thank God for this …. they need just one more coach in the league so on to YouTube I went after I said I would step up!

  9. Great session. Thought the coach was great. I didn't find him aggressive I thought it was passionate with intensity which will benefit the players

  10. I like it and I like the intensity! Work them like they're expected to work in the games. The age of participation trophies has ruined us!

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