37 Replies to “Soccer filmed automatically with SOLOSHOT”

  1. Cool idea and something to look into. But damn! Someone mow that field! The ball should sit half deep in the grass. It should be able to roll over the top. It's like these kids are running in mud!

  2. Nice thanks for sharing. Seems your area subscribes to the "let's not cut the grass ever" book as does our regional parks.. talking about sluggish ball movement ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. thats your opinion…and if you dont like soccer then just shut the hell up. dont just go on random soccer vids to critisize the sport get a life

  6. the person that it focuses on probably has to wear something that the camera can follow like a wristband maybe but to focus on the ball you'd have to put something into the ball when it is made otherwise you'd messi it up if you put some big band around it, maybe you could put multiple stickers on it that the camera can track i dont really know :/

  7. yea.. the grass should not keep the ball from rolling 2 feet..might want to cut that stuff before a game…lol interesting idea with the camera..

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