Soccer Goal Scam For Whole Inventory! (Scammer Gets Scammed) In Fortnite Save The World

Soccer Goal Scam For Whole Inventory! (Scammer Gets Scammed) In Fortnite Save The World

I found the cheapest ever fort and I saved the world website so if you want to buy whatever you want then make sure to go to the first link in the description also use code easy for 5% of this site sells whatever you want guns materials and everything guys and if you bought something guys then make sure to send me a DM on my Twitter Instagram or my ps4 name my pistol name on PlayStation is easy Missy and everything is in the description if you guys want to see my face appeal and win all of these guns I'm gonna do my face should be on my Instagram so all you have to do could just go follow my Instagram I'll do my Instagram private soon so you just gotta be quicker follow me I'll put the link in on top of the description so go follow my Instagram just wanna see my face reveal and if you want to enter this giveaway that's a bonus so now I have to do is subscribe and turn post notifications on and you have to follow my Instagram 222 this giveaway but without any further ado enjoy this insane video peace out hey yo what's up guys so today's video we gonna define a video for you guys so before we start the video go tell your mum that your left ball is bigger than her left eyeball yeah anyways don't know don't tell her that this video was absolutely insane one of my favorite videos on the channel so far but yeah boys fuck off make sure to LIKE the video and subscribe to the channel and go follow my Instagram and go follow my uncle's Twitter he's almost at 50 followers like he's okay I'm not gonna spoil his Twitter name but I mean twitch name I mean whoa what did I say – no I mean – witch witch witch all right go follow his twitch I'll put a link in description enjoy the video and suck my dick how many did you have alright is there everything on your inventory yeah on 32 is 130 jaco one for you type where I want say she's broken on one fish do you have material like graham materials yeah I have 700 tiny rusty I just wanted the guys I just want the gun all right sir would you want one I don't know what do you want are you looking for like what I've done I got I got no I got no fish because what do you like like five knots five one three notes for four 130s I don't know bitch ain't good you good no I'm not going you fat12 it for that I can give you and they're all got roles right yeah I can give you one two three four all right I'll give you full 106 is and to 130 you want to do it so how do you want to do the trade actually no what are you going birth follow me just to see if they won't lead I kind of I don't know if I won't be right hungry so we're talking about bro what are you going so you seems cold here oh you gonna play soccer good Oh wonder you won you're right now you start here why oh oh oh right the end two bins you fucking piece of shit what do you save it right what did you see schools you gonna all right yeah oh my go away don't touch the ball don't touch it don't touch it oh my god why is it not going in oh my god from this ball bro alright yo so what okay list and I am still my own okay did I yeah top of the guns why do you want it why do you wanna cheat behind goals man because you can see the power level but I can you can't pick them up no I wanna stay with you I want to say that I can't can you can you can I stay over there where you are because I'm a strike I'm a striker I score a lot of goals alright I'll end up over you I can't me to the pile of all oh alright let me just stop it three two one come get some you fucking umbrella its power level 58 dumbass you fucking piece of shit fuck God do you know him my dick Simon my dig he's his name Simon I'm I'm my yeah why did you scam me you took my heavy shotgun but each time they're loose under some why I'm here come on I just don't fit just up Judah Yelich so we've got mine I'm sorry Tommy you just don't pick these ups like oh but it's cool I'm gonna sculpt I'm gonna score oh my good it's good it's fucking cool I scored oh my god I'm so good all right bro yes so you want to create a score again fucking go so shit all right bro have a good day you know so big like an egg and then you have a powerful on top of your head or I'm telling this to Bob oh no business base fuck you Patrick all right okay for his do you know him my left ball Patrick no

42 Replies to “Soccer Goal Scam For Whole Inventory! (Scammer Gets Scammed) In Fortnite Save The World”

  1. Go scam superhacker5149 he plays on Xbox but probably doesn’t play Fortnite anymore but just convince him to trade

  2. You fucking umbrella ☔️. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Scam Cjmiller_307 he scammed me for 4 130s, a water grave, a nature grave, a physical wraith and a energy bobcat I’m pretty sure he’s on ps4 but be careful my gamertag is InfluxTrusTaRiot on epic but I can only play on mobile because I don’t have xbox live gold

  4. Yo can Someone go scam “BiggestBalls88” on stw? He scammed me for my common pistol. Plz I’ll give something in return

  5. Starts eating the mic, then cries.
    Me: feels sad
    Then goes back to SCREAMing and crying, then gets an asthma attack

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