23 Replies to “Soccer Match – Men Vs Women”

  1. I bet if these woman flirted with them a bit they would of won because the guys would be too busy trying to think of kittens, and other things to keep their boners down.

  2. holy shit, I can't believe that chick goalie tried to crouch and grab in instead of sliding into it, lmfao wtf

  3. Guys I hope you realize these women were 3rd or 4th string, they wouldn't risk their 1st string on something like this, so I know it sounds cliche, but look below the surface before coming to sexist conclusions

  4. Guys watch out there is a troll named zeike.maddie she’s comparing the WORLD CUP to women World Cup. What a joke! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. 1) What can a woman do that a man cannot?
    2) What can a man do that a woman cannot?
    Unlike the other person who said he would refrain from making a kitchen joke, I will not. I like my bread toasted.

  6. Canadian soccer lol Imagine a national female hockey team vs the best 15 years old canadian ho key players…

  7. Wasn't this the match where 15 year old boys won 17-0 to the Women national team from Australia?
    So why the fuck is this video being soooooooo biased?

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