29 Replies to “Soccer – Rules for offside and goalie (penalty area and use of hands)”

  1. Thank god he isn't teaching rocket science…… But, in all honesty, if you never played soccer and didn't understand the offside rule, I think he does a good job covering it. I think that was his audience as well – so I really shouldn't be critical of the man's teaching.

  2. They should remove this rule. Then defenders would have to respect it and stop clogging up the goal.

  3. For a newbie like myself – you all are making "offside" into a national debate. But also making it understood why people argue vehemently when the ref calls a close offside. How the ref can keep up with all that in a game where you have so many players moving in all directions seems next to impossible. But I think I'm getting the jist of it making these World Cup matches exciting, even if I don't quite know what's going on. Ha!

  4. as u shown in a video if the ball is in our deffencive side and our and there is no diffencer and ball is in front of the goali so our blue player comes there and kick the ball and run forward to goalpost for goal is it a offside?

  5. Say blue is attacking then red takes the ball and heads to blues goal, if a blue midfielder started behind the red who has possession, can that blue midfielder outrun, get ahead of, and flank red meeting him head on to steal the ball, or is that offsides

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