Soccer Team Owner Storms Onto Field With A Gun (VIDEO)

Soccer Team Owner Storms Onto Field With A Gun (VIDEO)

this is a story of a soccer owner being really pissed that his team that was awarded a goal were then taken aback by the referee taking it back so his name is Ivan savita's and here is what occurred he invaded the pitch and he came with a firearm take a look there's a photo beaky [Applause] yeah [Applause] burner phones done here see [Applause] [Applause] this game is got mommy yes it has so here are the pictures on why he reached back there's the gun going a little further there is the gun so when he reached back with his right hand this could have been devastating right there and then security like oh no no no no no no he's this Ivan come on not again so he came on the pitch twice threatened to referee this is in the Greek Superleague Hulk Sal anika I'm sorry if I'm saying that incorrectly against AEK Athens where the leaders a ek Athens one of the greatest FIFA 14 teams of all time so the game was then suspended and now we have this arrest warrant issued for Ivan savita's rightfully so you make light of a situation of an owner trying to pull out as good only you would laugh at it yeah under percent so um sir this is one of the things I had a way like lighter situation where I never understood when baseball man just walk on on to the field of home plate you don't like to call yep the referee standing like this home office standing like this and you get in their face you yeah hey you want to get something out cool cool cool but then when you're yelling and your constituent stuff and the calls been made your players in the dugout sitting there it suggested because he hated the call you're yelling in his face yeah do you think that after all this yelling in his face you can come out and go amen that's that's that that was a damn ball what's the matter with you and then like um I expect a make up let me say something right you can say something and leave but the anger and get in someone's face do you think now this home plate umpire is gonna go you know what Joe you're right hey bring it back out here that was totally not a strike but you're told you just yelled at me and I you totally disqualifying all the times that it has happened that after the call was made they exchanged it because and uh yes a manager comes out screams in their face hundred percent in words I'm talking about AJ Pierzynski baseball AJ Pearson against the Anaheim Angels wasn't against the Angels it was in the playoffs where there was a call that was low in the dirt they called strike three called him out umpire didn't realize it was a pass ball and they let him go to first it's happened there I feel like it happy this ball I feel like it happened that Joe Maddon there's a wrinkle yeah but they made the wrong call came out and argued I was given happy oh yeah that's something that happened the catcher catches the ball and the umpire just calls it balls and strikes wrong it's not gonna get overturned the only thing they can overturn is like a play at first when a review or something like that or you know or a you know a in the neighborhood call it second if they touch the barriers at the George Brett play where he got so pissed and ran out onto the dugout it was first initially ruled a home run and then they overturned it because the opposing manager came out and argued when the wouldn't go because he came out that was when they implemented that weird ass roar I mean he I'm saying like you can't disqualify the times that it has happened it was the basic the basic nature because it had been like a two percent me time made when that I remember his name but that when that Yankees up came out with a George Brett situation and talked about he didn't come out spit in his face kicked dirt and screaming his face and then the umpire goes yeah you've convinced me all I'm saying is the anger I'm connected to this because where what's this guy's name again from live in Salinas servetus comes out with a gun Ivan said hey this land to change whatever the call was whatever you're angry about or is it to kill someone you can do that down the street if that's what you're looking for of course Isis he you're good the thought of keeping your objectives in check is all I'm saying maybe I'm too much of a a goals oriented person but anytime I've been upset playing sports and I'm like there's nothing me to scream about this you know this is gonna do get me get me uh give me more trouble I understand I'm gonna go a little bit further he said Buddha lose ownership of this team he should not own this team anymore however not gonna work like that I mean like could you imagine Arthur Blank is always on the sidelines Jerry Jones is always on the sidelines ki imagine if a call is made and they get mad and they're carrying a gun do you know what would happen they would probably lose ownership of the team that's that's true not Jerry Jones that would be a huge hit Arthur Blank maybe maybe some other owners you know would shotgun of the Jacksonville Jaguars because his name is shot cut that up store and that's how the NFL of course so my point being if an owner is gonna go out onto the pitch reach for his pistol to then potentially shoot a referee if not even just point the gun at him you should probably lose ownership of your team and not be able to make any sort of profit because you were about to inflict harm on somebody he made bad decision that that is an action that is indisputable so my point being once again punish him as much as you possibly final point I mean look this this whole football game that they play in other countries I mean it's got none of comes rule I mean maybe Nate's your son's whole thing done because no one really watches anyway am i right um am i right no you know what you should do go on Pinterest

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  1. delete this video(see this video and say your opinion again)

  2. You know, Poop Trigger used to be the worst channel on TYT. That stupid fashion channel was pretty bad too. But congratulations, TYT Sports, you guys are now the crappiest. In honour of the former, long time champions of total TYT suckage, Poop Trigger, TYT Sports are now the undisputed champions of the Poopers Cup. For those about to suck, we salute you!

  3. It's nice that you guys tried making a video about this but please do your research next time. Or just stay away from Greek soccer league. There is to much bs you guys don't know about thats going on in Greece.

  4. the actual fun part is that his team is saying that the AEK Athens is responsible for the stopage of the game because they didn't want to keep playing after this and he wants to be awarded the game 3-0 due to away team's departure. That's our league here in Greece. Love you guys keep the GREAT work you are doing. Γεια σας.

  5. Team ownership is different in football/soccer here in Europe. There are team owners all over Europe currently in prison for murder, terror related charges, etc… It’s a completely separate business and the leagues can’t touch that.

  6. This is what happens when you let shady Oligarchs own teams . The guy made his money in questionable businesses in post cold War Russia .

  7. There’s going to be League rules now that will prevent this from happening again. If an average person off the street can’t bring a gun into a stadium, why should owners and players. Wasn’t there a big dustup a few years ago in an nba locker room? I’m sure there’s something about guns inside locker rooms now in the nba rule book now.

  8. People are just plain insane. Doesn't matter what the person's wealth and education level is, everybody is insane and uncivilized.

  9. Hahaha I am Greek and the only thing I have to say is…That football has become a real comedy in my country!!

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