Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

me this is the long-gone yes hoots it's a little different term over here in the motherland so I was exciting its getting a pair of boots back at home I mean it's name tag it has the C on is that for captain the team we're gonna knock that out of edge we handle the pitch handle football – cheerio type day wait thought he's going to tie sound like your warmup kind of thing you do this is a song about it yes it is if I got drafted into the Hunger Games and you volunteered as tribute everybody rushes him to like grab their weapon of choice get one weapon what is your weapon of choice probably a sword a sword bone arrow be comfortable with a bow and arrow I'm one of them guys all right you move in the corner there you've been enabling our losses just like your team great shot this is a little segment we like to call language Barry got a list of pictures here we're gonna each say well we see in these photos so I support is this correct now time for the middle one here we go the crossbar challenge let's go good man do it all done welcome to a little segment we like to call how many guys does it take to stop a PK amazing 500 500 start us up all right the idea is to look bigger than you appear so I'm gonna put hands up flex all the muscle I learned these please look I'm wearing them right now boots snow boots is when we were in Texas cowboy boots like one here what do you put your groceries in petroleum no control is what you ride in downtown that's a shopping cart and one no I'm telling chambers and this is the flash all you need is four do perfect members come up me do that ladies and gentlemen the only thing we've learned today is we don't have enough food perfect members to stop a big number you copy me oh yeah this is the tire shop sorry you trust me yeah I trust you I put my trust in you if you're gonna be a football player you've got to have a hairdo that goes with that I feel you a Hanko kind of much is rules your style of play okay so why don't we bring Cody in here we've got a trimmer why don't you give him a little haircut we figured we should look like you guys I'm gonna let you guys give me a cut you got all this realistic I'm telling this movie good so first rule okay okay this butcher is no you watch my ears are you sure you don't want the guard to start yeah like you want you okay who's your favorite player this Thursday this is for you step this is the story here we go yeah oh I like that right it got significantly colder out here that's one of my dreams that was your dream to cut someone's hair off this ghost oh yeah yeah that dream was for taking my number sir that's really cool all right oh yeah all right turn around for the reveal Mattie thank you I think I haven't seen it yet on video who his neck was like what's up guys thanks for watching a huge thanks to Man City and Arsenal for hanging out with us for a little bit we had a blast make sure you check out our other video we did with soccer a.m. on their Channel football verse football with lamella and Oscar right here you want to see our last video click right here and for a lot more awesome videos coming out soon on the dude perfect channel click right here to subscribe Gort hit it with a pound no hug again go kid with a throw dare help me with an accordion solo

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  2. 2:28 Actually it is called football, it was original named that way before American football, so Ty, plz just… not

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