Soccer's Most Violent Rivalry: VICE World of Sports

Soccer's Most Violent Rivalry: VICE World of Sports

around the world it's a basic fact of life that soccer is more than just a game in Serbia it's more like a war this isn't a political rally these aren't protesters the soccer fans and at least once a year these men and thousands more like them turn the streets of Belgrade into ground zero for one of the most intense rivalries in the world we sent Ben Ferguson to the Serbian capital where the long-standing rivalry game between the country's two best soccer teams has earned a reputation and a name of its own the eternal Derby [Applause] [Applause] we're in Serbia behind us is its capital Belgrade the home of service to biggest football teams parties on a red star when the two come together it's known as the eternal Darby in the 1980s amidst the crumbling of the Soviet Union a wave of hyper nationalism fractured the six republics of communist Yugoslavia among those six territories was the country we now know today as Serbia this division soon devolved into hostility as a new Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic began to militarize within the other former republics of Yugoslavia serbian president Milosevic his decision to send armed troops to the borders of the seceding republics would incite civil war and begin the bloodiest European conflict since World War two the three years that followed were marked by the genocide of thousands of Slavic Muslims in the region at the hands of Serbian forces thousands of ethnic Serbs with in Bosnia also died finally in the summer of 1995 NATO troops lay siege to the region with a full month of bombings and secured a peace settlement that recognized the six former republics of Yugoslavia as independent nations but as for me with a woman tomorrow to church again Aradia the quest for the Cosmo Grammy in flats here decreased the urato sagrada the diamond tip was novella composite a single day taught them given the cousin think they'd be most beautiful they will just activate parasha the most powerful groups surrounding the Derby are the fan firms on either side of the rivalry known as ultras they lead a non-stop chance during the games orchestrate violence against opposing bands and skim profits from their clubs merchandise and concessions even after repeated clashes in the stands and disruption of games very little has been done to stop their influence partisans ultra fan group known as the globe re Serbian for Undertaker's with thousands of young men in their ranks they've grown highly organized though they have no official management over the team the globe re used intimidation to wield significant influence within the organization in a rare meeting the leaders of the globe re agreed to talk with us inside the partisan stadium using their personal sets of keys to gain access to the ground dogura system are you sound an offender BIA predict a call voice control here are here pistoia goodness the premier will be turned on first future Nisha Macau at ravinok on ICICI from John McCoy universe car was to your that let's say Dalia can you give me any idea of what I can expect to Saturday I'll check your on your shipping it would you be prepared to die feel club yes I mean even this farm from my adrenaline is pumping I'm mad there are thousands of partisan fans marching this way but that clapping is becoming much more organized occasionally they'll stop regroup got quiet and then someone on the town or so right start again and they'll just go out of nowhere [Applause] the match hasn't even started yet at the end of that broad bar we march into the stadium and the massive fight players have been thrown by works were going off and now we've met the opposing team you'll be posing to support Islamists against the police and it seems to be against themselves atmosphere is so tense already here you can hear it's getting louder and louder but the player is this must be unbelievably intimidating it's your kind of the further down you get the more the echo just hits you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the game hasn't even started yet and it looks like the coif re are stormed into red star side a whole massive people [Applause] as they rushed to contest with their rivals on the other side of the stadium the red star fans found themselves blocked in and quickly turned their aggression from The Grove re on to the police the wide police are coming in from over there after 40 minutes of firing the games now about to start the fans have finally calmed down but basically half the stadium has now been torn apart because they were throwing the chairs at the police but so the stadium was hot simmering as if it would boil over once more but strangely it was as if the mounting tension in the stands had little almost nothing to do with the game that was being played on the pitch police and firefighters were on hand at the stadium but did little to stop the fans lobbing flares and fireworks into the sky as if they knew this vesicle was just far beyond their control in spite of the outpouring of violence at these games the Derby persists it's become an outlet for young men with a fractured national identity and hopeless economy leaving them searching for meaning through a rival even with the match ending scoreless at I was all parties are needed to celebrate the end of their seasons league champions after the events of this year's Darby officials threatened to cancel all remaining games of red star Stadium but never followed through margin Nashik from Johnny Sonia tied a Miss masala to Menem sir coordinate misma study dollars a module miss Medallia to

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  1. 4:46
    Interviewer: will you be willing to die for your club
    Fans: yes.
    Players: group of men who don’t care about the fans

  2. If you are going to make a video about European “football” then do not call it soccer. Never. It is football.

  3. Damn the fans actually have pull in the organization. I wish this kinda shit happened in the NBA or NFL

  4. Stoped watching when i saw the map, U cant possibly call urself a reporter if u overlook something that basic. Not credible!


  6. Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia . Irregardless to your political views Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia , English men .

  7. Most likely the sloppiest video Vice ever did. Map wrong, no Vojvodina, no Kosovo, no Montenegro, facts all fucked up, did zero to no research coming in. Atrociously bad. Interviewed only the leaders of the single worst fraction of Partizan fans. Huge thumbs down, very bad job. Give your salary for this one to the charity, you don't deserve a dime for this kind of junk.

  8. OH REALLY VICE!?!?!? so Bosnian Serbs committed genocide on Bosnian Muslims and "thousands of ethnic Serbs also died"!?!?! how did those Serbs die VICE!?!?!? did they just roll over and died!?! or maybe you could a mentioned that Bosnian Muslims also committed horrific crimes and genocide on ethnic Serbian population in Bosnia!?!? NO you guys are all about one sided political influence and shit!! GTFO with your hypocrisy and double standards VICE,, this is called FAKE NEWS AND BIASED REPORTING!!!! AGAIN FUK YOU VICE

  9. Was it so hard to google "map of socialist Yugoslavia"? What the actual fuck is that, a Yugoslavia without Kosovo and Vojvodina? Why dammit

  10. serbs killed thousands of children and thousands of civilians in ninetines agresion on bosnia and croatia, later same agresion on kosova

  11. High-level of intelligence seen in this video – from the guys that made that moronic map, to the people who's only goal is to fight other football fans and thrash a stadium. Football hooligans are the same everywhere.

  12. Dislike. Kosovo je Srbija, a ne neka Americka drzava Albanija!!!
    Vojvodina je Srbija, a ne Madjarska!!
    Pozz iz CG ❤

  13. Oh nice my city on Yugoslavia map is in Hungary… Wow YOU HAD ONE FUCKING JOB VICE.. ONE FUCKING JOB.

  14. You, as a sports channel, need to focus on sport, in this case on the derby and fans, don't mix politics and don't change the map of Serbia as you like, and the war of nineties is superfluous in this video.

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