Solid Rock Fencing & StoneTree concrete fence walls

Solid Rock Fencing & StoneTree concrete fence walls

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  1. বাংলাদেশে বাউন্ডারি ওয়াল করতে যোগাযোগ করুন ০১৯৩৫৮৮৫২৫১

  2. I am steying at sindhudurg district in maharastra iwant to contract given to your company with labourers for fence wall around my house 65 X50

  3. Geeze, why the painful, repetitive music? To get rid of the music you have to also turn off the sounds of the work which are an awesome part of the content. Don't mask content with ridiculous music. Are you selling fence or music?

  4. Using a spreader bar of some sort when working with the panels will greatly reduce the chance of those anchors at the top failing. There is a massive amount of force pulling on that anchor. Just my thoughts..

  5. Looking for 2.7m long 60cm high and 15cm thickness column 20x20cm and height 2.5m I need 1800sqmclour will be grey or white  and CIF jebal ali port Dubai  you can contact me throw WhatsApp +971505536581

  6. make a wall like that but double/triple it's height, put razor wire on the top, then place it along the southern border

  7. The Mexican Army use that type of walls in many of its facilities not only looks great but is also bullet resistant contrary to cinder blocks .

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