33 Replies to “Some Idiot/How Sports Bras Work”

  1. Next make a vid about how girls are denied real fucking pockets!!! Why do they keep putting fake ones or two inch pockets in our pants!!!! And guys, this is why you don't criticize us for putting our phones in our back pockets

  2. Very insightful stuff right here It's also true that the women competing in the Olympics are probably more likely to have "masculine" looking bodies in general. Also, the dude's from fucking Turkey. Don't act like he represents Western men.

  3. As a female swimmer, it’s fucking pisses me off that some people think that. Smh. The swim suits are so tight an painful to put on and pressure stuff like your chest BECAUSE IT CAUSES FUCKING DRAG!!! Also I like my broad shoulders

  4. No one with any sense gives a damn what dumb ass Pony Tail says about anything, any more than anyone with any sense gives pays any attention to what dumb ass trump says about anything! Pony Tail is probably friends with Trump, or at least of the same dumb ass mentaly and morality! One can bet that Pony Tail is a Republican and has that Republican morality and mentality, just like Trump!

  5. Yeah but let's be honest swimmer ladies, most of us ARE flat chested. And it gives us an advantage too. Would I rather have boobs or a successful career as an Olympian? HmmmMMMMM

  6. he (ponytail) doesnt care about womens comfort and not hurting breasts by bouncing around. he wants to watch the gymnests and jerk off all over the tv

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