Some Nice LOOT in the Shooting Range | 7 Days to Die | WotW MOD Let’s Play Gameplay | E04

Some Nice LOOT in the Shooting Range | 7 Days to Die | WotW MOD Let’s Play Gameplay | E04

come on guys you can do it you can do it maybe if I stop killing it you could do it my arrows back what's up zombie Slayers this is kg forty and welcome back to my let's play for seven things is that modded series today we're back on War of the walkers we're doing our Saturday morning awesome stream recording on Twitch I turned off all the best blisters you just got a webcam and a couple little poops you know beeps boobs here but we're gonna get started and I'm going to spend the rest of the day looting I went ahead and did some my storage right basically just dropped everything my storage chests I don't need these storage chests are regular and they are quite small but you can actually spec into better storage chests later on let's get going by the way this is a lot of people were saying in the comments they don't like this because of the like running up the stairs and everything and I kind of agree we're gonna wait until nighttime to spend our points by the way I kind of agree with walking up and down the stairs but the thing is what I'm gonna eventually do is I'm gonna go in the middle and we're gonna make a hatch elevator I'm gonna break into the middle there we're gonna make a hatch elevator and then I'll put some hay bells down there for me to jump down on to okay so here's the thing do we want to do the big castle today I think I want to see the big castle for why I have a full day of looting available and we're pretty late in the day already so I think we're going to do is first thing we're gonna do is we're going to leave the game leave the game we're gonna continue the game I should have done this I totally forgot we're gonna put this back on 90-minute days I didn't want the I didn't want that on 90-minute days permanently I just wanted on 90 minutes I wanted on 120 minute days I didn't want it on 120 minute days permanently I wanted a 90 minute days but I was gonna spend the first day on 90 minute days on 120 minute days hold on a second I need a swig of my dot Pepsi you may say oh there we go yeah so I'm talking about so yeah I wanted to do 120 minute days just for the first day so I can get back into the mod but because we actually played a couple days and then it had to restart the world I've actually gotten a good you know I've gotten a good handle on the on the mod so we should be okay and good to go and that's initializing world I didn't think it would take this long so let me go and pause the video alright so we're going to do is we're gonna take this POA out from over here hopefully we get a lot of food out of it it looks like it's pretty decent for corn um it's got a chest where's all the zombies there's president of zombies in here all right pills I'll take some pills pills here we got a little over here it's really where there's no zombies in here all right oh look at that you know what that is that's brass people thought I heard something okay what we got in here nothing all right so we're gonna do is we're gonna take this out of here we are going to punch punch punch our way to victory potato seed oh it's a seat huh all right I'll take that now is this is this some already tilt it doesn't look tilt I'm thinking this is not tilt well let's find out well no no I won't actually because I think you can still plant stuff on untilled surfaces it just won't grow or something not really sure I'll just make a hoe until it myself just to make sure it probably is tilled but who knows all right so this corn is going to give us nothing I don't really care about goldenrod that's still dead corn dead corn hmm is there no corn here that's not dead artifact chest tosses stone axe won't be using that well actually maybe I well this is 10 and this is 12 okay well there you go keep your I think I'm hearing stuff and like the game sounds low yep I knew it was low I think it wasn't low I keep messing up my settings and I keep forgetting come on 40 damn it there you go now we already hear stuff corn dead cornea is all dead that's a bummer least we can get some coffee plant seeds and we'll get some aloe vera which is going to be very important I thought this place would take me longer to clear out by the way I don't care about yucca oh there are some zombies I hear ya I hear ya I was like wait how did I get wait why did you try to break through the door you got a perfectly good opening right here it's the matter with you tomorrow are you lady what you get we need to get some levels so we can make a so we can make an iron Club you can't make an iron club at level 1 you have to spec into I will show you that during the night or maybe able to show you right now club that's not doing anything there we go Club crafting crafting club level 10 boom bada bing bada boom that Bob's your uncle we're good to go and I really gotta get that Club man I am so weak so one of my favorite things in this game is the skull crusher perk and guess what in this mod yeah unless you've unless you finish the quest line to become a fighter you can't get this girl crusher perk that sucks come on there you go right upside your dome yeah sucking what you get doing any food on us yeah we did it's going to eat that all right I think this Psalm is pretty much done I think I just got to punch up a couple more crops here blueberry I don't care about blueberry I got enough yeah I probably should grab the potato seeds did you know I'll do when I go to make my farm I'll forget they're here okay let's grab these potato seeds and we're gonna find another place to loot come on punchy punchy can't wait for them to get rid of this stupid mechanic fee of punch crops I don't know if they're going to but I hope they do because it is alright it's not dumb I just don't like it I don't think anybody likes it there's anybody like punching crops I mean raise your hand please you know alright so I think we'll just go loot the next place we come across why not and we're just gonna loot loot lure our way to victory look at this place what is this oh you know what let's look this place I've got a freaking tree inside of it for some reason make sure you loot the cars in this mod cuz they're sick they're really really sick like fat loo-loo for days get up really gonna swim eating and get up yet come on there you go running low on stamina here you stay in there think about what you've done I gotta rest up okay I'm all rested ladies guys these dumbasses oh boy you gotta hit him in the head get him in the head that power attack really kills her stamina these levels oh boy come on dude stand still thank you now stay down stay down I said yeah you're down by the way I'm a lot of stuff in this mod is level gated but the cool thing about it is you level up faster and you also get two points per level so it's pretty nice you know you see you can't get something to a level ten and you're like aw man level ten it's like now that's gonna that level ten is gonna come so much quicker than you think alright so we just got a couple of drinks there let's take a look what we got we got apple juice which really just five health for apple juice huh that doesn't mean giving these stamina a glass of apple juice not give any stamina okay fair enough and the mossy brew also no stamina Wow is stuff good for anything huh hey can you craft it yeah it's pretty garbage man it's pretty garbage I'm not gonna lie I was gonna drink it now cuz it sucks oh it's looking yeah can't get in there what's up here stupid frickin trees let's see if we could chop down that tree I'll want to jump down there but I'm afraid there's zombies it could be a bad move for me all right we're going for it wow this is a really weird part of the building let me chop down these trees get them out of the way so I can see more of the building all right guys I chopped down all the trees in here and I can finally see what's going on so let's go ahead and loot some of the stuff in here nothing in there that's unfortunate oh we got an egg I like eggs I got some water there all right whoo two more eggs I like it it's all coming up cage so that my friends was hollow-point bullet tips I think I saw something over here yeah just some now I guess there's no reason not to get the coffee plants it'll just stack with what we already have in our inventory I'll leave the potatoes alone for now though got up here all of a Space Needle that's my home this is interesting okay very interesting all right I think we're done over here something behind the stairs right a thousand get to hide here with that that was in my ass I think not my friend not with this not with these tools anyway oh come on what dollar I just break off of it I guess that was a second level you can upgrade stairs there is something behind these stairs right I think there is people in the comments section oh sorry guys I got this I gots to satisfy my curiosity back itches there we go all right okay one more I'm gonna break one more there we go I knew it I knew it you can't fool me fun pimp sword wall or whoever the hell is responsible for this building now you probably did I mean probably probably do this place like 50 times before I finally like you know people always tell me in the comments like oh you know you were looting that building and you know at this point there's a thing and I'm like I don't you know I don't always understand where they're talking about and even if I do like I'm at work usually when I'm reading the comments so by the time I get home it's like you know I forgot so I got to put a mod in this stone axe as well when I get the chance when I get the opportunity gun box Oh marksman marksman class fragment alright I should just break the box this thing's not gonna respond yeah whatever ever I've made my choice I was gonna break the box to get down in there but it just seemed wrong what we got here a sealed shipping crate was gonna be a toilet let's give you a toilet or a counter countertop shut my mouth very nice I like that put that on right now sir I need to make myself some gear actually we could do that right now yeah let's make a look at poncho let's make the gloves let's make the Pat let's make the hood let's make the pants let's make the shirt let's make the plant fibers what is all that stuff going that's weird I thought you had more room to craft in this mod and I think you do and I just I'm just not seeing it can't scrap okay yeah because when they take away those quests you know um I just I forget to make the clothes oh I don't like the looks of this damnit get up those guys are having a hard time getting tonight boom stay down damn bro yeah these guys gonna take forever to get to me I'm not gonna worry about that they'd have to break through that concrete as a matter of fact I'd probably be better off letting them break through the concrete so that I could get over there easier [Applause] alright our rose it is are you [Applause] maybe even they're gonna take it out is there any easy way to get over there cuz I Got News for You I'm not gonna take time it takes to break through reinforced concrete to get over there alright how about it guys how about I'll just kind of thin them out as we go along come on guys you can do it you can do it maybe if I stop killing it you could do it my arrows back thank you alright maybe I will hopefully why not I'm a helping type of guy all right I could break the rest up myself it's just the fish's best yeah one in your eye one in your dome good job guys I'm so proud of you I'm looking forward to killing every single one of you here we go Oh a little high with that one oh that was right under his eyes you see that that's like where I'm Jesse shot what's-his-face and break through that right under the eye all right let's go some mail a man you look like a pincushion lady lovely thanks for the levels bro get that stamina back there you go give my arrows where's the rest of them you guys couldn't pass up here come on now you can do better than that what's he been going over what was that all of them huh I did some damage oh that's for sure all right fair enough Oh God came here for that far away okay [Applause] over here I know what he's doing over there he's confused boom you get that level 10 that's sweet sweet level 10 [Applause] okay go back up the stairs [Applause] die woman damn seriously whoa you die now oh boy this guy's gonna take some these guys got some hip points how many hours I've left 23 okay I forgot how close I was to a forge I gotta get a four job start making some better arrows all right tough guy down you go get up sit down get up sit down yah this thing sucks it's a week oh my goodness I should prepare it now – all right let's finish out clear it up all right you where'd you go you're confused oh just came from there oh this freaking guy this guy's get on my nerves now mount the stairs time for some errors for you there you go thanks for the level level 9 feeling fine at level 9 oh that's interesting where is that I did go to anything no I'll just collapse it for the walls that's going to put some of this stuff on scrap that throw that out I still need pants and a shirt pants and a shirt probably boots as well all right that's what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up the hey bells and I'm going to turn those oh you can't turn hey bells in – I think you turn hey bells in it in – um plant fibers I guess not all right that'll work for now so seriously is there anything ok I guess it's just no it's not that's a weird mechanic I don't what the point of that is it's a truck doo dee doo dee doo do the trash on the ground gonna get so much fat loot like breast panties and lead not to mention all the treasure maps with the aloe vera bus he's treasure maps really good by the way I'm gonna read that right now okay maybe we'll do the treasure to pair I don't want to be digging a treasure tomorrow it depends it depends with the treasure if I'm if I can get the thing that like you know makes the the radius of the treasure smaller then maybe I'll do it but probably not and there we go all right nothing spectacular but pretty pretty decent loot for this level oh cool survival class fragment you need those class fragment papers to finish the quest lines I'll probably go back for the bones at some point it's not something I really want to take a lot of time to do right now oh that's a strange-looking bookcase freakin stone bookcase more class fragments if there's anything in there I don't think I want to break this out of mm oh three hundred all right we'll check it out I love yous anything underneath here but it's worth a try 300 no how does this work is this better well it's only eight six that's thirty okay so this definitely does metal better yeah okay that's I thought that's what I thought yeast yeast all right I think we're gonna go back now all right guys I'm gonna go back I'm gonna work on the base during the day I'm gonna look through what I'm gonna do is I'm going to look through my um no actually no we won't we'll go back and look through them together huh it's probably sand right it's gotta be sand well I guess if it's sand when we can just see if it's sand yep sand peanuts and sweet – sand watch out this guy's like give me back my to send did I hit level 10 no I'm still have a line he would grind level 10 before the end of the night yeah we can let's do that let's see I really wanna get the whole town 1 make clubs tonight I want to go clubbing it's not that kind of clubbing guys I wanna make club to bash zombie skulls in and stop walk up barbed wire you idiot eat a lot of barbed wire in this place oh cool a purple ducky awesome I've always wanted one of those oh wow look at that Wow didn't window arch I'm not gonna take it but it's pretty cool come on buddy whenever they get hit on barbed wire you can't like hit them it's like it like interrupts any of your ability for you to actually do damage to them so that's kind of irritating yeah bro got hit points much jeebus let's keep that stamina back let me see the drink it's gone over the Ken apostille and then I have something to drink drink drink drink drink drink before you get hit by those zombie Oh missed you get ya blow that head up okay hit you in the head there we go alright we're getting there were over halfway there oh look at this place this place is interesting I don't feel comfortable here oh wow it's not like potassium nitrate down there alright I don't feel comfortable here this is not really what I want to do let's go find some zombies somewhere else cuz that doesn't look safe let's go to that um that car garage over there lets get that pig okay I don't see a knife anywhere yep there it is yeah we got a pig again there come on cut that pig go get him in the rump okay alright there's always a lot of zombies in this car garage boom I like this zombie that's a really cool-looking zombie just cuz this skull is exposed alright let's get some stamina back hard to get stemming back when you got to jump what are you gonna do everybody jump Joe jump jump zombie in the head head head I really want to get a four job because I'd like to make better arrows that we zombies and stop looking like pin cushions cuz I'd actually do some real damage to them take those back please and I'll finish you off Wow Big Bertha got some hit points woman damn hit points for dies come on almost there this guy will do it come on come on damn it there we go level ten all right guys I'm going to look over the perks during the nighttime definite gonna spend I'm definately to spend a point into uhm clubbing you know so I can make the club but other than that I'm not sure I won't spend the rest of the perks off-camera let me just go through the night and look through the perks I would be back in the morning for the next episode and yeah it'll be the next episode wanted anyway guys if you never join the video please remember to uncaged out like button also if you're new here please subscribe for more daily videos think about much for watching I'll see you next time until then take it easy

20 Replies to “Some Nice LOOT in the Shooting Range | 7 Days to Die | WotW MOD Let’s Play Gameplay | E04”

  1. 22: 48 That building is GREAT for Nitrate..and 2 of the containers are full of potential bookshelves…back to back. the other two are full of nitrate. the bottom has a lot of Nitrate Inside the wall section. easy to walk away with well over 2k nitrate from each group, containers/ bottom section.

  2. I hate punching crops too. I use The mod that makes them pickable!! It will work for the normal game plants, but not the plants that WOTW puts into the game. Probable would have to go to WOTW xml files to edit it in so it recognizes the plants as pickable.

  3. The class quests seem interesting, looking forward to seeing what you get once you have completed one.

  4. Tooltip for those drinks is missing they give sta . Check the building right of the garage its a super loot warehouse . The forge area in the castle has some great loot and loot crates in each tower .

  5. I have had that POI as my base before and on the first floor there is a big gun safe behind the locked door and you can bust into the wall behind the TV

  6. I will never understand why you don't get yucka  2 yucka + 1 water yucka juice 34 hydration to waters 20  and you don't have to go out of your way to get it

  7. I hate having to punch crops especially in Alpha 17. I just hope The Fun Pimps will bring back the ability to able to pick up crops in Alpha 18. Anways, great video BTW!

  8. That place you left not feeling safe after shooting range has hidden crates being that wood wall you stood in kage.

  9. With the hay bails there good but will you break your leg falling that far? On that tower you can drop from the roof and land on the orning over the front door and not get hurt.

  10. There was one more secret area – on the other side of the stairs.
    You left some potatoes and other flowers in that building in front of your base. Collect them, you'll need 60 of all plants.
    Collect those gore blocks, you'll need a lot of duct tape/glue.

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