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  1. Lockheed Martin is the embodiment of the psychopathy of humans in corporate power. We will pay a huge bill for their sick and useless technology that serves only tyranny and slavery. Luckily Nature will respond. Anyone working for corporations like LM is mentally ill, mind controlled and a servant for Evil.

  2. A six minute video that through a thousand words, said nothing. No one watching this can explain what this is all about. Even if the official story can be interpreted, what's really going on will be, "something else."

  3. Does anybody know that all of these groups were actually created for the scientist from Adolf Hitler NASA, Lockheed Martin and all the rest of the space agencies..

  4. It seems like this whole thread everybody wants to work for Lockheed Martin and the Beast Network all you have to do is sell your soul to the devil and you're in like Flynn..

  5. These people need to obviously need to get up there with a fuckin broom and use their anti-gravity craft tractor beam technology, and get that mess out of there. You know how it is when you got menial clutter all over the place where you live? You know you should clean it up, but seeing it in the same place helps you to keep things somewhat organized. I Lockheed Martin likes looking at that same clutter in that way. Besides this is an obvious cover for more accurately tracking invading aliens.

  6. http://www.neoshield.net/

  7. good video but the suggestions youtube is giving me… man, stupidity has gotten to a hiiigh level… "DARK JOURNALIST – CHEMTRAILS HAARP SPACE FENCE" omfg i can not stop laughing

  8. Just another Government Smoke & Mirrors, while they throw Billions, maybe Trillions into this programme. In reality, if you do your Research, you will quickly discover two Facts, One, Hubble Telescope Images, are taken by a converted Aircraft that NASA use, called Sofia. Two, no real time footage is available on alleged Satellites. Just research the Nasa & Government Con/Scam, it can be a lonely place trying to convince People, so I'll just end by saying be prepared to be Pissed off, if you look long enough.

  9. This will NEVER happen on a flat earth. Will they put it in airplanes? Quit trying to rip off people's money and freak people out. The jig is up.

  10. The globe myth is dissipating. War-profiteering will quickly be insupportable.
    This silliness will be soon be behind us.
    Wisdom, liberty, and nonviolence will be the new norm.

  11. Pulse Channels
    How Innovation in Space Improves Life on Earth
    Daily Pulse: Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Case, Women Pay the 'Pink Tax', The Beatles Come to Streaming
    Dec 24, 2015

  12. Yeah…because so many of us are constantly plagued by falling "satellite" parts for this to be a priority. If there is so much "space junk" up there how is it that the "ISS" has never been hit by this apparent sea of junk? Either there is no junk, no ISS or no "space"…or all three.

  13. The US. government program was discontinued sept. 2013
    The continuation of the "spacefence" FPS-133 is only continued by privately held funds + research funds.
    And maybe of course those countries that may wish to invest in the system.

  14. Does it have to be built somewhere where even a moderate tsunami would destroy it?  For the money invested I'd prefer it was a bit more secure.

  15. anything made public is ancient technology like throwing a bone for a dog, "we'll upload this & say we do that" but really something else is going on. 2014-2015 are the years of corruption 2016-2018 will be most interesting times to be on Earth 🙂

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