Special Needs Fitness Guru Circuit training, Super sets. Training Autism Child.

Special Needs Fitness Guru Circuit training, Super sets. Training Autism Child.

ladies and gentlemen my name is coach Carlos and I am here with my client and champion athlete beyond okay and let me just explain what I'm gonna be doing I'm we're doing a superset workout here and then superset I'm integrating a circuit training with the superset and I'm gonna be doing weights and mixing karate mmm a strike news with football it's all going to be integrated into this whole entire one ground of superset with certain trains this is designed specifically for children mostly older children and adults and I would say older children I would say bigger kids I would say starting ages I would say nine years old and above the be very careful with the amount of weight of either five pound plates free weights rubber weights of course you can see okay hi you can also use the two pounders let me show you what money your clients gonna be doing lay down please sir okay this is again Jeff's lies we're going to be doing table ready now you're gonna be helping my client one proper form is very important too okay three or but what we use 10 of these sis seven if you notice how you have this two feet his knees setting up that's how you want your your child to be eight nine that very good now granted if you're doing through ounce you and the third round you might want to do you can do an additional seven or 12 it's okay on the third round you can also do if you want if you're doing a circuit training and used in the circuit training format and you're doing the superset you can do an additional fourth round you want there's no rules it did this whole entire thing okay stand up sir let's do overhead yes grab it grab the card make sure your client your child and by the way is this for females and not only for boys okay ready one I'm spotting my client to go enjoyed correctly make sure your your child or wherever you're coaching does it correctly goals all the way up high and the elbows are straight never bent for the beat straight six proper technique is important seven eight nine okay last one ten and I would like I said there's no rules to this I want my money to do an additional 111 lovin your job now we're going to go ahead and we're going to do bear claws bear claws are great for the muscular endurance of the upper body shoulders chest and great for the midsection all right go ahead don't go too fast go slow make sure your child again the person you're training does it slow the slower you go with the bear balls and having to go the better go be from one column to the other okay try to do it again no go from the other tools to the other okay go my client high functioning I'll to them okay he's very very awesome awesome burger stop okay now we're going to do karate mm in karate fighting stance again there's no rules you're gonna do it with me this is a right leg back fighting stance okay back leg snap kick okay make sure you go directly back punch okay and then back leg mean okay back to the extent kick front punch okay and then eat okay back leg snap kick punch thank me make sure you do the snap kick bunch and then you yeah now good job that last move for D circuit training supersets drill here is the football like I was things we're implementing weight training supersets into the circuit training boat here we're also including we included the MMA karate now we're implementing football technique here you're gonna be in to put in the foot in the running back stance here but getting back sense between easier okay make sure your feet are straight everything is all about the technique your knees here now I'm the quarterback and I make sure you exercise this so about the wording I tell my client make sure your knee here in the back to strength your hands are here looking straight forward I'm the quarterback down say hike I give him the ball he's holding it now go ahead and run fast go very good awesome good job ladies and gentlemen that completes of course it's three rounds so I can do four rounds I can increase stirrups I can need to decrease the reps if I decrease the reps that means I'm probably doing five rounds anyways this is coach Carlos and you can catch me on here on YouTube for more information contact me and if you want my services I believe my emails on this channel thank you and have a great day you

3 Replies to “Special Needs Fitness Guru Circuit training, Super sets. Training Autism Child.”

  1. wow , that's awesome. I feel so happy to see someone standing and trying to help special needs children. It makes even more sense to see some one who is part of the group. god bless him. Great video

  2. im doing real advance stuff, taking things to a differant level. Lots of new videos coming down the pipeline. Special Needs Coaches take notice and learn and all therapist and Pros in the industry its time to stop treating the Special Needs Population like little kids and lets start treating them like true human beings and lets give them a fair chance at life. #RealityIsGreatAgain #FitnessSportsKarateInc #Autism #SpecialNeeds #AutismFitness #SpecialNeedsFitness #SpecialOlympics

  3. I train my Client like if im training any individual who has no disability, no exceptions or limitations and whats amazing is my Client does and performs all the moves. Coach Dave and Eric Chessan take notice.

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