Spirit of TaeKwonDo | Chang's TaeKwonDo | TEDxLangleyED

Spirit of TaeKwonDo | Chang's TaeKwonDo | TEDxLangleyED

you you like you guys are training very well I'll check up on you guys later okay my Master's right [Applause] [Applause] I'm disappointing all of you that's not a true behavior of martial artists let's work together guys [Applause] so my name is Nicolas pusuk I'm an instructor at Chang's Taekwondo and I'm also the captain of our demonstration team and I'm a third degree black belt my name is Andrew Lee I'm the head instructor of their white rock school and nice to meet you all [Applause] hey um instructor Jose Calderon I'm a fourth degree black belt and I am the head instructor of the altar girl school so I just have a few questions first for you Andrew does it hurt with the years of practice that's a bit okay you didn't say no what you thought about what was the process when you decided that you would make this match with the theme of connect what what is it um so for me I joined Taekwondo when I was 4 years old at Chang's Taekwondo so it's been a long time about 16 years since I joined and what I find with Taekwondo is after a certain amount of time I no longer consider the students we teach just students or the instructors just the instructors or even the parents just the parents at this point it feels like it's it's a family it's an extended family and the school we train at is like a second home so when we were asked to do the TEDx Langley about connection it was really easy for us because all of us have huge connections not only to Taekwondo but each other so that's when it became fun to come up with our theme of kind of a feud between our school and at the end coming together and hopefully creating something that everyone can enjoy thank you and that feud is was related to something that was real in terms of the history of Taekwondo either Jose or Andrew tell us about that just the the feud itself there are different types of Taekwondo is that right yes a few types of Taekwondo bars mainly consisting a World Taekwondo Federation and just being the head instructor white rock as well as the head of the elite team which is a competitive team my background is all with sports and then being introduced to master Chang grand master Chang I actually and I'm a member of the BC Federation for training the athletes so anyone that wants to go to competitions there's a lot at our school and that's what I'm really proud of competitions and connections so yes you what's the connection to connection when it comes to Taekwondo for you Taekwondo has been my whole life as an early early childhood all into sports my father pushed me to talk window to become the best that I could be and then introduced to Grand Master Cheng and then master Chang taking me under his arms and then just helping as many students as I can and just helping the community and honored to come on a show like this yeah thank you you're welcome and Jose for you one of the things that I said when I introduced you was that this was also about people young people and people connecting to themselves so we've heard about how Taekwondo helps you connect to each other as family would you say that you experienced that in connecting to yourself through cuando yes I when I was younger I didn't know what I wanted to do I went to business school I went to firefighting school but just something drew me back to Taekwondo it's just a family I actually met my now wife through Taekwondo so I guess that is connection right yeah you win the connection card with that one so please join me in thanking for the performance and the little chat here James Oakland oh yes no you know what I was gonna ask you yes is is there a way in Taekwondo Z ease that you say goodbye thank you anything like that yes we we actually have a gift for you oh oh yeah it's an amazing gift I have to hit it yes okay so to bring out the internal energy just hold it fist we want to hear loud yeah just right in the middle please yeah so in martial arts and techno chat out meaning attention so we'll have our feet together so when you say Juliet and kill name which is bow so chun-li yes you mean [Applause]

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  1. Fantastic demonstration! The mix of traditional taekwondo and storytelling is such an amazing way to demonstrate the importance and fun of taekwondo! Would love to see more demos like this in the future.

  2. Thank you TEDxLangleyED for the opportunity! Check out @changsdemoteam on instagram for more content!

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