Sports Century Marvin Hagler

Sports Century Marvin Hagler

go figure I'll try him everything I know sort of felt denied and he was gonna make someone pay when he started getting dirty then I started putting the punches together and meant to break his head the middleweight champion oh yeah we finally won the World title and we had to run like burglar barbless Marvin Hagler waged a long war for recognition and respect in boxing then walked away when it all went wrong we have a split decision who's gonna take his dignity and take his life and he was gonna go using tamadate is common base of your pages be gone into England you've got the muscles the veins the power that's what you like power he's more of a pounding just think of a Pistons Cosby pounding pounding it's like a thug you get a chin of iron you get the heart of a lion yet the killer instinct genom he hated his opponents that's his Natalia to be angry so that ones in the rain you just want to just squash it I never blamed anyone could ever do what what happened to me tonight I got a rock you know a couple of coats of black eye I've never had those moles before in my life there was no rapping on this package you got what was their war destructive destroy everything about him focused in this bullet head made the whole Marvin Hagler looked like exactly what he should have been execution Marvelous Marvin Hagler ruled the middleweight division with an iron fist from 1980 to 1986 behind a cultivated aura of intimidation he was the real thing gifted with speed imagination and versatility he a flat mostly southpaw but he would switch and he was equally as good both ways the punch-out you don't see that to the punch that hurts you got you out and a lot of those punch from habit you don't see them come they come from different angle somebody examined his skull once and pointed out that the muscle above the temples was almost like he had a football helmet inside there under the skin so you couldn't hurt more impregnable though he was in the ring Hagler was afflicted by one of the deepest of human hurts alienation I think he always painted himself as the guy on the outside in a lot of ways the public thought he was and I think it drove him he came what Marvelous Marvin Hagler that's it nobody can move me I'm the best they won't give me the credit not even you I don't think the public understood how insecure this guy really was I think the best clue of that it's fact that he had his name legally changed to marvelous because he felt like people never gave him his due Marvin it's not always been I was marvelous you'd be forced to say it you'd be forced to write it but I think it also speaks to the issue of a sort of inner voice that was diminished in a sort of lack of self esteem that and in a real feeling that he wasn't getting what he deserved Marvin Hagler's attitude that to boxing establishment was always a guest and they wanted a way and there was mostly paranormal people loved them fans adored him they admired him Marvin was so insecure about that for some reason he was like a horse with blinders on he didn't see that but it was out it was always out there he just never let it in a lot of Marvins rage was born in the fact that he was disrespected his whole career that served to motivate him never was that disrespect more clearly demonstrated than on November 30th 1979 at Caesar's Palace where the 25 year old angler was one of two fighters getting title shots the other was the Delft and charismatic Sugar Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler challenges Vito in two promo for the middleweight title gets $40,000 Ray Leonard is also a challenger in the same card gets paid a million dollars and if you're Marvin Hagler and you know how good you are that's very hard to swallow is really chewing up that's affirm Oh at this point dominant through most of the early in middle rounds Hagler a four to one favorite was believed by his corner to be well ahead when he dropped into a defensive mode as the champion rallied late in the 15 rounder Mills Lane who was the referee in that fight stood there in the center of the ring and he said to Marvin Hagler congratulations now when they make the announcement you face this way and I'll raise your arm a decision that you say bro it's a draw disgustin when the decision was announced it upset me so much so I went back behind the stands and threw up in a garbage can because we just didn't do right that night he never forgot that night that he won the title and didn't get it to him it was a confirmation of all the things that had happened to him all his life he was never going to get a fair shake not in boxing not ever you can't leave it up to the referee and you can't leave it up to the judges there's only one way to do it is it do it my way with narcotic power in either hand Hagler raged against his opponents winning his next 14 bouts 12 by knockout in 1985 he met an equally lethal puncher known as the hit man Tommy Hearns is coming this man's coming me try and do damage me I got game up and I was and I was inside and I thought I'm gonna figure I was trying to heal everything I had you asked yourself how can they take because they're thrown bomb I mean each punch it's like it's loaded with medomak while here Hagman wasn't hunted I felt impractical Oh mom to my show so I know I hit him hard he still was standing just still color is coming there were a hundred and sixty-five punches in 180 seconds and every one of them thrown with the intention to hurt the opponent Marvin Hagler had a cut above his eye and then you had this person's like the stun looked like he didn't know where that hit him that was the wildest first round in the history of mankind caveman days or otherwise in the second and third rounds Tanglers stayed on the attack absorbing punches and pressing forward banging away with both hands but he got as good as he gave hers was always considered one hardest punchers in boxing he closes this his right hand and a bus anglers head wide open so the doctor comes in and he blocks the blood and he shows to Marvin can you see Marvin Marvin says I ain't missing a memory Hagler immediately thought the same thing he always thought they're gonna screw me again I'm gonna deny me again this is my moment you've been ripped off before he wanted to end that fight as soon as he could and when that blood started pouring down his face you saw the real tiger in Marvin Hagler tom is very cocky and I had something for me this is what you saw a sweet victory this was yeah the Newark New Jersey into which Marvin Hagler was born on May 23rd 1954 was a city rife with political and moral decay but Marvin's mother was a steady light in the dark his father left home early he was basically raised by his mother a very vibrant energetic woman item 8 his family never really wanted for food or wanted for love it was a family whose unity was forged and woven and created by the mother with the help of welfare and her earnings as a caterer and housekeeper Ida Mae maintained a safe haven in an urban grid of violence crime and spiritual neglect early on her son showed a characteristic that will become permanent he grew up basically as a loner he lived a very remote solitary existence it was not safe to go outside dominated by poverty despair and pent-up rage Newark's african-american neighborhoods hit a flashpoint in the summer of 1967 the trouble began when a black cab driver was arrested and beaten by police the next thing you know the store windows getting broken Molotov cocktails felt this was a city that B had become a nightmare bullets were flying everywhere they could hear police running across the rooftops cursing and screaming looking for snipers looking for looters during six days of rioting 26 people were killed more than 700 were injured and nearly 1500 were arrested there were nights when literally she and all the kids would be on the floor because they were afraid of bullets coming through the windows and she is hit I got to get these kids out of here this is not a place I'm gonna raise him when relatives in Brockton Massachusetts offered Ida Mae an escape she moved her family there in 1969 but the factory town had few easy streets after losing a sidewalk scuffle when he was 16 a grow saw enlightenment at a boxing gym run by Patton goody petronella sad town quiet very respectful this is a you're interested in learn how to fight he says young man he that's what I'm here for it's okay let's get going we gloved them up girl I put a headgear on him and a mouthpiece shrooming a ring and this guy thought that I'm around a little bit bloodied his nose cut his lip in it and then the kid just washed his face up right and he just walked out the door you know so me and goodie we were talking I'd say well I guess that's the last we're gonna see it a kid okay next night he's back right away I like what I saw they seem like he picked up a lot quicker than the other guys finally I said to him I says boy you're putting these punches together pretty good Isis this happens man I've been practicing nice what do you mean we're practicing he's that these different punches you show me I'm when I go home I look in the mirror in the bedroom and I practice all those different punches he said many times that I wanted to be somebody didn't know what it was but I wanted to be somebody I didn't want to just be another run-of-the-mill guy and boxing was the thing that was foremost on his mind following his dream Angler lied about his age to qualify for amateur fights then over the next two years 150 of 52 bouts at 18 he entered the national Golden Gloves tournament among the contestants in a lighter division was Hagler's future nemesis Sugar Ray letter in 73 was the Superstock in amateur boxing Marvin Hagler just one of many of the ominous champions nothing special at all he was just a basic fundamental determined kid the very first meeting Leonard out does Marvin he grabs the attention he wins the Nationals Marvin loses a month later in the National AAU Xin Boston fortunes were reversed this time Leonard lost his final bow while Hagler tore up the 165 pound weight class and won the outstanding fighter award for the tournament so Marvin gets a measure of revenge this is just they've known each other for a month and they've already had this back and forth this became a crossroads do you wait three years for the Montreal Olympics or do you go out and try and make some money now we sat down he says I want to turn approach why won't you keep by damage here maybe we'll go for Olympic just knowing me she's managed that I want to make some money well Leonard waited in the publicity and glamour that comes with an Olympic gold medal Hagler rushed into a world run by hard cash we're winning wasn't necessarily everything during the three years since he had turned pro in 1973 Marvin Hagler surged for recognition in the backstreets the professional boxing world Sugar Ray Leonard meanwhile rode his superhighway to fame and fortune Marvin's fighting on under cards and he's fighting through small arenas in New England and he's first fight he makes $50 Leonard meanwhile wins the Olympics and he turns pro in February of 1977 and makes 40,000 for his first fight at that point that's more than Marvin's made in his entire career Ray Leonard was a star with that megawatt smile he really succeeded Muhammad Ali as the superstar celebrity of boxing handled by the relatively unknown petrol Nellie's and regional promoters Hagler had difficulty getting quality opportunities despite going undefeated in his first 26 fights Joe Frazier always told me at three things going against me was he was a southpaw he was black and he was good was the easiest kind of guy to avoid you know you didn't want to fight him if you didn't have to because he'd probably be cheap if he did beat him you might not get that much bang for your buck because he wasn't that well-known finally good he said we are gonna have to make our move to what he called the lion's den of middleweight fighters in America which was the spectrum in Philadelphia he wants to Bobby Watson lost the Willie Monroe he had to go back to Philly one more time it was three strikes and you're out if you lose it's a psycho and heart it's Palookaville from harvest comes out aggressively now that comes up to the left and it goes down Eugene light mode R goes down to the left hand by Marvin Hagler he just kept working and working and working figuring the end of the rainbow the Potter goal is day at the end of rainbow and I'm going to get even though handler beat more ranked fighters than some champions had ever faced a shot at the middleweight title continued to elude him he always sort of felt deny not really drove him to have a great distaste for a lot of people Sugar Ray Leonard being most obvious example the fact that Michael wrote continued to blossom and he was still being knocked back to the back of the bus I think it's became almost like a resentment if you will you take the Olympians out of the mix and Marvin did as well as anybody in that time you couldn't get a title fight in those days with 15 fights you had to have 35 or 40 Hagler's loyalty to the petra Nellie's was regarded by many in boxing as the primary reason for his slow progress up the ladder the bottom line was that boxing was run like a cartel and they refused to play ball with the cartel at one point Marvin's thinking about going out to the west coast and finding a different manager he decided to stay it wasn't long after that that Marvin's attorney Stephen Wainwright enlisted political help I got two letters one from Tip O'Neill who was Speaker of the House and the other from Senator Ted Kennedy both of whom made it plain in their letters that if I didn't arrange for Marvin Hagler to fight for the middleweight championship that there would be a congressional investigation promoter Bob Arum a boxing world kingpin got the message and gave hangar a title shot against Vito and affirm Oh although his 50th bout ended in a stalemate Hagler had finally broken through ten months later in September of 1980 he met a new middleweight champion Alain Minter in London but not before the match was tainted by a misguided remark I says well no black man is gonna take my child I was told as head you it was just a nasty atmospheric mumbling to begin with there was this this horrible right-wing element soccer hooligans National Front people all the stuff in the audience it was said it was angry that paperwork might you see him the face isn't kidding this is Marvin you know what you have to do tonight yeah man I know she can't leave it up to the judges he said on plan to fight I've gone come on and he come on and that was my downfall better it's hurt and ER is ready to go an angler is all mentors help us on his feet and Marvin hits him with hooks uppercuts jabs knocks him so senseless Mike stop it's all about that quick life the middleweight champion of Bob and Hagler it was too quick it was too bloody and their riot ensued the fans there just couldn't handle it now bottles are big throw them to the right and beer cans and here we yeah we finally won the World title and and we had to run like burglars like we did something wrong it was another example of what drove him to become the man he was they denied him even then the right stand in the middle of the Ring with his hand up and the belt around his waist robbed of his moment Hagler gartered his title jealously knocking out the next five challengers but for all his skill he hadn't had the kind of payday he had been seeking since he turned pro only one fighter could raise Hagler stature and deliver the mega purse he used to talk to Ray about it all the time and raised it just kind of lead him on you know it's just like a fish on a hook you know you're just kind of leading what people want to see a minute we don't want you to be tired yet before you come at the models work okay it's got to be the big one right that is the biggest one prospects were the biggest one dimmed in 1982 when Leonard was diagnosed with a detached retina six months after undergoing a surgery Leonard alerted the media to a major announcement in Baltimore Hagler was advised to be on hand he figured that he was going to make the official announcement that he's going to take that fight with Marvin Hagler so we were all tickled pink a fight with this great man this great champion could be one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing I'm talking about money you talk about Fort Knox and this is the only man could make that possible Marvelous Marvin Hagler but unfortunately it never happened thank you and God bless you marvin was crestfallen not only his chance for redemption against Sugar Ray and to put him in his place in assume his place was gone millions of dollars were also gone here he is a prop in this one-man play where Ray Leonard humiliates and embarrasses him and then he walks away from boxing at least hagwon standing there stripped to the core with nowhere to go was i cold to have him there knowing fully well that I won't say no yeah it was pretty cold it was a smart to have him there yes it was smart to have him there I just want to continue to create that drama that intrigue I did that I was really a Marvin Hagler believer he was most dedicated if I'd ever been around in my life I mean when he wouldn't a training camp he used to call it going to prison and he met I mean he isolated himself usually out in Provincetown you know we're at the tip of Cape Cod well it rained whether it snowed whether the Sun was shining we're up with the crack of dawn and we go they would hit that road can't think about it who's the champ ha I'm the tree no family no friends nothing as the fight would approach he would purposely get mean we'd have four fights by refined and sitting at ringside with headgear on ready ready to go two rounds three rounds my mistake get him money give me somebody else in here right at fresh buddy that was him he was vicious and mean by the mid-1980s Marvelous Marvin Hagler had taken on all comers after 11 title defenses over five years he stood alone wealthy respected and satisfied longtime champions are rare Hagler was one of those champions who wanted to stay on top of the mountain only thing that counts man is that I'm taking these back home that's all that counts man that's all it means anything to me I think that was a feeling of of being somebody because that championship belt meant the world to him that was his identity that was Marvin Hagler with Sugar Ray Leonard still in retirement Hagler focused on breaking Carlos mom's owns middleweight record of 14 title defenses in 1986 he looked for number 12 against John the Beast Mugabi put won all 26 of his fights by knockout Maga bee is a sluggers total slugger and I noticed that but God was out boxing Magan full well when letter sat there that night the Marvin Hagler he saw was a marvelous anymore a little bit lack of of reaction time a little bit off on his on his speed some of the body shots that he sustained from Mugabe were unbelievable Wow Marvin won that fight I think it took more out of him than any other fight in his career and I'm not sure physically he was ever the same afterwards it was the first time I saw a fighter when he urinated in the cup that it was blood Maccabi was a rough customer and Marvin finally beat him and then he said to me said to Pat that's it I'm not fighting any more though he didn't announce his retirement Hagler settled into a comfortable life with his wife Bertha and five children financially secure he emerged a man in full from those scary bullet riddled nights in Newark he didn't even harbor ill will toward the man who had ridden in limos while he fought to survive back in the day Marvin and I were pretty good associates friends in the sense he gave me the courtesy of coming to my restaurant that I co-owned with my trainer and that evening we we set around had a couple glasses of champagne and every question that I asked him it was always responsive being somewhat negative like I'm not motivated I cut too easy it's just out of my heart anymore he's telling me all these things I'm saying to myself this would be the perfect time to fight him was all a con by Leonard he was never Marvin Hagler's friend but Marvin Hagler mistakenly thought that he was he got sort of lured in by the same things ironically that he hated you know the smile the slap on the back the phony hey are you doing that you know he bought into it too on May 1st 1986 just seven weeks after the Mugabe fight Leonard announced he would come out of retirement to fight handler for the middleweight crown yet the champ after years of denial was slow to accept he didn't want to do that fight not because he was afraid of Ray but because he it was enough he didn't want to fight anymore he couldn't concentrate on the fights the way he had in the past it was an agonizing period because Bertha was opposed to the fight they were having some marital problems at the time and it wasn't any secret I always felt that Bertha more than most of us knew that Marvin has slipped Pat petronella is manager and myself drove through the night to where Hagler was living in New Hampshire Pat sat down with Marvin to convince him to take the failure the hype machine churned for six months enriching a tale of two starkly contrasting characters opposites in temperament outlook and style Hagler and Leonard it was said were born to define one another in the rain sure ray leonard was a guy that you pulled for he was America's boxer I mean he was a lovable guy where Hagler was a guy that is kind of hard to love but you respected him I've been saving my body my mind just for this occasion now I have the opportunity to finally show the world that I am the best fighter in the world before we put on our fight face I'll take this time to thank Marvelous Marvin Hagler a pally he has his fight face on perhaps weary of his opponents easy praise Hagler quit the publicity tour and began training 11 weeks before the fight while Leonard worked out before crowds Hagler kept off the radar taking only urgent calls from his family as fight night approached the champ entered that dark place where his motivation lived he wouldn't eat the food that was brought on his plate he would always switch it with his trainers good e'en Pat petronella but he figured if they were to poison anybody they would poison him Marvin's camp was very paranoid they didn't want to have any Ray Leonard's spies in there and Marvin was just in this war mode he was like a bull that was snorting Hagler and leonard finally met on April 6th 1987 at Caesar's Palace the location where seven and a half years earlier each fought for his first title I was the inspector that night in Ray Leonard's dressing room and the dressing rooms were adjacent to each other when Ray was getting his hands taped by Angelo Dundee that they were yelling through the wall Hagler you're an old man you're not gonna win tonight the intensity of Marvin Hagler at that point was unlike any other fighter I'd ever seen while I examined him I don't believe that he even acknowledged anything I said or did he stared straight through me he was scary for Marvin Hagler was really his legacy going into that fight because he had been the middleweight champion for a long time Sugar Ray Leonard was kind of like the cherry on top and he really needed that to sort of validate himself this is the main event of the night 12 rounds of boxing all the WBC middleweight championship of the world it meant more than just being the champion it was about bragging rights it was that moment a victory that would define will what we all wanted to see was another Hurons Hagler we all wanted to see mom and tear into this pretty boy here and make him sorry that he took this fight mob in the static boxing him when he should have put a little more pressure on him and he's going right handed more than he should have he box conventionally which terrain was to be like ah this is great I don't feel with southpaw he couldn't have made him any more comfortable than if he had drawn him a bath and gotten in his slippers Leonard was like a bumblebee and Haggard was out there with a net trying to catch him and he just couldn't catch him you could hear his trainer yell 30 seconds and then Leonard would go into a flurry I used column at 32nd pitter patters that gets rounds that makes you know catch the attention of the judges so he tried to take every advantage the first four rounds I was floating I was rather surprised how easy I was able to hit him and how slow he was he was also really messing with Hagler's mind he was really trying to get into his head and get him to fight his fight trying to tell Hagler you're nothing but a a puncher you know your slugger you don't know how to Bob he says slow down you little bitch fight like a man fight like a man I said not right now not right now he started back I understand when that fight started it was a Hagler crowd by the sixth round it was a Leonard crowd because people were shocked the gray was not only in there but that he was winning egg was really frustrated and then he started coming you know forget this boxing I'm gonna go ahead and knock this guy out and that's when the fight really got excited and got very close because he was won in those round as Sugar Ray Leonard's legs tired he began to linger dangerously within Marvelous Marvin Hagler's range in the ninth round the champion a three-to-one favorite appeared to be in control decide ray was getting battered by Marvin on the ropes and you can see ray was taken aback giving it up and he admitted to me so yeah I did think about couldn't and I said ray get out of that corner get out of the corner bite your way out Ray Leonard was able to do in that round even more than he had done in other rounds of the fight making it appear that he had won in such a way that he implanted that clearly in the judges mind Hagler was still cool I didn't see at any time where the veteran Ely's felt desperate like you know he's winning the fight you got to knock him out the 12th and final round began with both fighters calling each other out and it concluded with both standing both signaling victory we have a split decision indecision that one word new when he heard the word new the look in his face his whole world collapsed Marvin you thought you won the fight I didn't win the fight there's no doubt about it after about the fourth round I took the whole Pike at the board well the most difficult fight you could score is a banger versus a boxer and I'm sure Marvin felt here's another situation where I got job one Judge Joe Joe Guerra had Leonard winning ten of 12 rounds but the other two judges made closer calls each with a different outcome I gave the fight to Leonard I had seven rounds of five and the reason was he had the most effective punches he made Hagler miss Leonard with moving around rocking boom-boom but agar was pressing them all the time and you doing 100 punches I thought I think the reason why he lost the fight was totally up here and had to do with his own insecurities in regards to Leonard he almost felt inferior to Rhea he always said his motto was destruct and destroy why he didn't have that mindset for this fight he really didn't surprisingly they fought at Leonard's pace and at Leonard's style and Marvin just couldn't put enough pressure on I cannot hurt him I knew that but I could be more points I'd do better punches cleaner punches and far more punches than he threw that's how you win fight Ray Leonard stole that fight fair and square and of course Hagman was bitter when the fight was over Linda told himself you beat me and they wouldn't take it away from me like that it's hard to believe all the things that had tormented him all his life there they were one more time full display in the whole world I won the fight they took my titles I got conned by this guy they gave it to Sugar Ray I'm not marvelous I'm just my reduced like I always thought he just couldn't take losing to anyone but to lose to Sugar Ray Leonard I think that that hurt him more than words can describe I have never seen a more a dramatic unraveling of a fighter or an athlete after one event all the things that got him to the middleweight championship of the world the strength of character the ability to focus and concentrate the self-denial of earthly pleasures and all of the other things that got him there they all disappeared in the months following the loss to Sugar Ray Leonard his first defeat in 11 years Marvelous Marvin Hagler went into seclusion he disappeared after the fight he had a place up in New Hampshire goodie and pad couldn't reach him he was just in a funk you know he was he was in a depression this had become a toxic event in his life and I mean toxic by the sense that it was inside of him and it was eating him away and it was not only eating him away but it was eating his life with his family away his marriage which was always kind of shaky fell apart from reports he began to drink quite a bit he went on an extended vacation he's down in st. Barts maybe a month or so just hanging out at poolside drink and not wanting to be bothered by anybody conflict between hangar and his wife became public in June of 1987 when Bertha filed an abuse petition a judge issued a temporary order barring Hagler from their house and gave Bertha custody of their five children while Hagler didn't contest the court order he did deny a news report alleging widespread abuse of alcohol and cocaine for about a year Hagler agitated for a rematch and he was almost frantic about it everywhere he went you know that's all I want to talk about you want a rematch rematch rematch rematch hey Laila Ray Leonard was gonna ever give him a rematch this is good he says uh having some problems you know getting a divorce but Baba he says a myzel hang em up peaches because so I can't get that rematch anyway and uh I said Marvin ice is a great Isis I'm on your side you too great job we hugged and that was it he retired his career was booked ended he was screwed in Vegas in the anaphora in 79 and he was he felt screwed in his last fight in 87 it was a perfect bookend ray left laughing all the way to the bank and went on to win several more titles and he left Marvin Hagler in an emotional lurch from which he's never really recovered in 1988 Hagler with a career record of 62 3 and to officially retire the next year he moved to Milan Italy he's gonna take his dignity he's gonna take his life and he was gonna go he was gonna come back to something that he felt that he had respected for so many years and in the end conspired against him didn't treat him properly he found a sort of not only second home there but a home that fit his view of himself he became a minor movie star there he feels he gets there when he never got in the United States which is the great respect for being one of the great fighters of all time he met this girl that he fell in love with and married and he has a new-type life speaks good Italian he said he seems to be pleased Hagler's goal of breaking into foreign films and then crossing over to Hollywood hasn't been realized he stays busy making personal appearances and doing speaking engagements in 2006 at a charity event in Boston he showed that the old pain still lived the people will make a noise in the crowd it was a long night and it was calling time to introduce him as a you know main guest and he came to me grabbed me behind the microphone and actually had thoughts of not going up and he actually had tears in his eyes as you say these people don't understand we have got the best boxes in the house of the world we have here tonight and you're not giving us the proper respect by running around and not sitting down and listen to what we have to say because our whole life is right there 1 2 scream all he wanted was people to care about our people to love them Hagler was the type of fighter that hardcore fans always respected but his greatness was always in doubt the reward for him is that after years of not getting the limelight he's now considered among the greatest middle weights in history he took on all comers and he beat everyone but his legacy unfortunately will be forever diminished by the loss to Ray Leonard I don't think that's fair I don't think the world will ever know besides of this ring accomplishments they wouldn't surely never know who Marvin Hagler is because he's such a private man such a proud man he won't let you in he would never let us in to his world you just have to accept what he's given us what he's shown us that he's a champion inside and I'll Saturday you

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  1. In my opinion Hagler is in the top 10 greatest fighters, any division of all time……an awesome, resilient, tough , destructive beast of a fighter….a true great

  2. He picked when to fight the goat because he knew he wasn't the same man and I hated that about Leonard and Mayweather who was known to that also.

  3. It's too bad that more boxers aren't like Hagler — willing to fight anybody at anytime. … The thing I detest about Leonard is right here in this documentary. Instead of fighting Hagler when he was at his best, he waited and waited and waited while Hagler fought and fought and fought — and just got naturally worn down by his career. Then when Hagler tells him he's not sure he wants to fight anymore and is thinking about retiring, Leonard launches this public campaign to fight him. What a chickenshit. … It's the same with Clenbuterol Alvarez. Instead of fighting GGG when he's at his best, he waits till he's a little long in the tooth, then signs on. And even then, he lost twice (but was given a draw and a win). In a way, it's very cowardly.

  4. I never liked Sugar Ray for his showboating (he was one of the best boxers ever). After this shit! Man….WHAT A DICKHEAD!!!!! FUCK YOU SUGAR,YOU DON'T DESERVE TO PICK PEANUTS OUTTA HAGLERS SHIT!

  5. When I was a kid boxing was great. Hagler, Holmes, Tyson, Leonard, Pryor, these were the guys I watched and read about in Ring magazine.

  6. Leonard won the fight because of the way he used his skills, but he wasn't a better man or a better fighter than Hagler. If Hagler had had his wits about him, he could have negotiated two more fights with Leonard (in a classic three fight series) and I bet he would have won the next two! A rematch clause should have been the fight contract so that Leonard couldn't decline. Finally, knowing how to lose is also part of being a champion – just look at how Thomas Hearns was publically devastated by Hagler in the ring – but bounced back and became an even greater champion. Hagler could have done this. After all, he was only technically beaten by Leonard!

  7. You will like to be around Hearns and Sugar, but Hagler you must think twice, if he smiles you think he's faking it. Sorry

  8. Hagler Vs Ray Leonard is one of those fights that on any given day by any given person could have been scored either way. Hagler was a great fighter who never got a fair shake and was and has never been rated among greats, which I am confused why. While he was only a champion in 1 weight class that doesn't take away from his achievements in my opinion. He is and always will be among the greats and I have him up there with Ray Leonard, Duran, Ali, Ray Robinson, Hearns, Frazier, Pacquiao and many many more. Much respect and love to the Marvelous one.

  9. Marvin was a beast with a heart of gold.
    Whenever he saw my sister in law walking home from school yrs ago, he would stop and drive her home..

  10. Hagler was a great champion but Leonard outsmarted him AND out boxed him. All the sour grape comments in the world will never change that. Leonard did him just like he did Duran in their 2nd fight. Neanderthal fans want the big knockout but there is a lot more to boxing than having a big punch.

  11. Last fight i ever watched.Hagler never lost to need to beat the champ to take the title.Like Marvin did when he won it.Sad day.Envious people s… on a great career

  12. Sugar ray is a lucky con artist. He barely beat hearns. Duran kicked his ass. Then he only beat him because he made him quit with his non sense. He avoided Pryor like the plaque. Then sat out waited for hagler to go through a war before he fought him. I don't care what judges said hagler beat him. Sugar ray is a con

  13. The key thing that held up the money for Hagler was not going to the Olympics. Nevertheless I can understand coming from the hood how much the need is to make money. 🙁

  14. CUT THE CRAP!!! This fight was a total FIX! This shows how deep the rabbit hole goes in the uber- corrupt world of boxing. These commentators of boxing have shown how much a $ ( and muscle, for a dollar) , these schills chose to become official storytellers of a lie!!! Hagler would have destroyed Leaneard in a real fight, at that time! Just like the lies of 9-11, be aware that you choose to believe the ' official' LIES!!!!!! And Leanard has a stick up his ass, a total media puppet!

  15. Hagler is the greatest middleweight fighter in the history of boxing.I think everybody in their heart know this fact.Marvin if your reading this thank you for showing us all what true courage is.

  16. Would have love to see Hagler vs Robinson…Two Of the Greatest
    Middle weighs of all time…Oh yes don't forget Roy Jones jr.

  17. He was one of the Most Avoided fighters in History! The Alan minter fight I watched live! Also his fight with John the Beast Mugabe was Epic!

  18. Marvelous "Marvin" Hagler was one of the best middleweights ever. He represented well, boxing didn't treat Hagler right. They shouldn't have robbed him in that Leonard fight, Hagler kept coming forward, Leonard kept running and trying to get those points in the last 30 seconds of each round, credit Leonard he fought a smart fight and did what any smart fighter should do, don't get hit by Marvelous Marvin. Two great fighters, who are still both legends. I just hate the way boxing did Hagler, he deserved better.

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