Sports Floor Special – 07 PM – 29 June 2019 | GEO SUPER

Sports Floor Special – 07 PM – 29 June 2019 | GEO SUPER

well welcome back to the sports floor i'ma put a super pendulum al-assad module is what Pakistan or Afghanistan killing me on match kill adora leads heading limit John a Pakistani team does what Tyson scared I've got Taku Korea or the Pakistani it's worked a little nollie the kick Hillary probably pop store that pocket salmon belly you would me Mujibur Rahman begin Pirelli bwok droppin in Papa's dog I shocked myself modular suck it's what Imam or Baba Dook a fee comfortable agree and pitch me as a Kootenai nesara to say Hamada batsman tango how and get spinners the chip all incorrect all right definitely they can just say used to buy nigga feelin about a factor or which is another re coffee miss field of a sod run with a Jew can't we say pressure kefir Elizabeth a Pakistan cooled in command or ba Brazil management Hillary I think he'll today to mess my tone find us about your pleasure kisara hungry thirsty a leg appearance or tear this issue dengue what is study or brave married big hearing or achieve bowling boutique with resin la objectionable a woman the boa Rashi Datta to walk a copy make a start humming Lata used to buy yo chamomile Tywin as an RA already heated up and river water get on opener skill today to pass in traffic comfortable mrs. kenig apparent give us an ability he appeared rosh hashanah they used to buy the most skilled yoga Mary bossman Keely single double Lakers scoreboard quagga Bojana okay this thank you keep team or just thank you feeling a miracle yes sort of coordinator and who did it Oh a bi trans which the art over my walk free link birthday okay alright George you can't be George you can on key team Merrimack said I can make the semester by Iraqi police active oil was very bad karate licking his rudik in caliph which connect is Rodney after study Kelly married bikini koshish Carrico extra Colby cheese kaneki's Rodney hood the hood runs dengue pica spinners agate or Lhasa a moose kill deer la conozco Agora to elitist stake reggae confidence casado apni just look at the weight car key patience Kasatka Nico she's carrying acid a strike rotate Kinnear will be is our destiny our saamne ball mill Terron say a POSCO maneuver constructed or the tortilla what naaku chaala Kenickie nickel c'mon Nick is running buddy hit Monica's Rodney Aram say appearance is caring Frankie filling up some jenkki you gotta talk about quad poncho el caballo de doing it because he cut the V exactly a kurta without the box an investment as nari mom will hurt maybe a office type at a glance Kayla or Doran hustle here was a well taking second run together every mom lucky Batman 30 see bodkin is a really important key key to our team I will have better Tom caffee have a little bit a man will have came out but I kiss kiss odd but he's a good compact batsman are technically strong here but Zarate to Buddy inning scale a key to this is immediately Nikki okay Lucas had you have gotten catch any or this election committee met with a non-commercial nuta a compact we're a duo in ink a lady okay were killed by normal kids see their beliefs it is Aram say Kayla Cucina career it's the Majid honor or Majid younger article article to Danelle ski your hair or anything you have Oh George the skin natural gamer will kill their what Madame Gigi hang up they can you see that see that kilt I miss problem your take a job important match what else my strikingly discuss saloon as a rapid watch Anna Kyoto Ketchel I gotta tell you over there ah but the calangute up charity look at they have you cricket fans okay I'll be sober kill kept it out ok chat again you you get into I'd open a natural game Caleb you subscribe yeah okay okay in get in so the supplies at Heiser and they would sorry those highs would those forehand serve a Tyson the walk he would a game or a testimonial logic in a captain okie somebody minute is a total score hey come high up out Kirk a neato game celebra lip Cooney acting you look a select a courtesy is a Brad I think it slipped me only jo kuch hota I gotta say oh my really look at better a yeah yeah yeah together a guarantee cha-cha knee or two tone paint give them kidney or T I'm moody yeah but I don't get attorney whatever team or T 30 notice all yeah Abner's of all guia de la vida de Guevara he deserves some praise yeah yeah I got em don't open ask we compare Colette or Imam technically strong is out the semantics Hilton I like conditions where like situations make kids like they or they got paid the car a but the Rotato butter scores lagana get arrested responsibly deal any key I can operate box on you sorry off not cool I in Malaga di maama lucky Jack army or here Pakistan record called Mia okay mama luck Assad Aman World Cup kill yes select or performance aapke saamne or yes Malka Almia again upon your central contract motive or team any other your team no tava central contract many other your team Ottawa Captain EO that yo captain owes ever team any other via Pakistan to get map and you can one area to name em confuse me Ramiz Roger Pakistan team at any team I kept and and a Miss bow lockbox on teammate any whoop oxen timid or does my captain ban karai your team marital cataneo do captain O'Dougherty many data boy you honky I got a bad cut their World Cup 2019 key though is match my best to cakewalk a Pakistan team Kelly again in donaga crisper mowjood Reina int I am yet Carmela okay I got a bucket then again morte codec car do you ever learn on each i/o but like what they cut down on each I hear the Pakistan team goes flow and Astrid each lha Bella make sure karna chai a gay by their foreign doctor Lee UK Tramiel Connelly up in bogey para about McCain Garibaldi al-khalil yada yes madam Park upstart Asuka World Cup 2019 guy though up bill cool relaxed me or OpCo is match back knee up Co registered Quran Acharya coming up team PSA right a mom or a Baba Rossum is for peaceful modular Park City near bobbin and Manali a vehicle clocks on pace but gamma over jolly air by De Rosario Haas suruí here is what cam talkers a month will discuss curricular Amanda Kaffee disappoint cut they are a here are three innings on exhortation incivility Escobar's him Papa Bear Athena innings okay in a demands corny cat party huh Pastor Dan ski canons Kelly be honest when ski innings Kelly just matter box and Rita Meeta South America laugh looking partying in Shia hemay consistency Cusato of knee openers post Kolkata they ignite a beep arson team or John Hagee definitely they came Bogalusa grab vodka Pepsi World Cup shuwa so mess up my damn boo scope we got decimal the yagna Roca can I open a married Becky link we see Bernanke naturally game booster sahaja Romney the high index lobby America Jager man this overt act we marry him tohunga striker hundred 7e Giotto bra over selectively a junkie game as game cream Mura agar became king katuunko problem Oh TMS and maitake would be this is codec t on the bottom table okay um King bassoon a party whose common topic whoa abs mind FM – a joker muchas de comer Octavio to me the debate Iraq even came a hitmarker ooh cheese couldn't karna padega whose cocaine aboard a cup of Nevis game Kathy no kidney to host attack Eastern alone as a better I was no commie abode o tin bottle again conference Mahalo what is the bottom you kill him accomplished Quebec NH I think was called kill Logan a rock the edge of staff a coaching see many don't know of any but car many monkey bar stop decade video below bat him and definitely Java hitting birthday although that don't quote China whose cheese pyaar kiya Wareham overall the canadian matches during our October now account a cappella board which related our girls giving Ebola individual auditors have watch another me re which are extra digits a openers okay Meza banjo Mike Mitchell eject hello signal correction job or bad ball mill a mosquito a talent house me who ski talent least Rahu seek Ranger who's Tony Fadell th have olive olives name a Lego come on out the job which is go rockstarba 200 mesh Raja Birmingham adamant about where this make a rake a what you give a multi-legged about my uncle luminous and jacket Russell rope can be Kelly Jones ahora para watch it on ski chop niche I'll be boogity and your critical point with a bad car Pia Toscano jetta up Kalina the water any muscular da da da da guei SL Machida would describe cannot have never like you broke the law for example happen in the car became Ranas ET masala Gaurav Lily Tomlin I'm gonna resort opposite then initially but Mara can you see game at is Kayla jab Babu was talking to you broke away a broken rock a chemical acronym volleyball survived baqia Korea Chamber codec hakurei bear Ball Coach Cal Icarus – Oh smell confuses that played the game also keenly they I got a purpose and appear perform compared to declining at Adebayor Cardin make several second third man of second nature of the scheme of this kabocha idea chapter Katya technibond jaga Paula Abdul Razak air energy if sorry bottom area Samantha metallic jam because they are a champion Sophie's a key limited abilities while a player hair it limited abilities while a player can ashes Timur ho notch IE k Joseph K ki Comcast at out the situation can soft up now put darkness at Pacquiao scooty monitor you will ever have as good domestic major work never conquer give up his ballet other talented hello Meera has a balcony on a chair or aqua a proper batsman rockin a giant octopus Kamini I'm negotiation you give me a musical cutting it Chiefs electronic oh she Shinichi cake opener dress subtle Osaka teammate a coke Eliab it co dibujar Wonka Patti do koto BIMARU girls could you Camille you saw cat the who's kobato be Charles IV Gardea poker anyway a mini-sub say I said part-time a woman Joe marry Prime Minister's your love system all campaign I don't know I'm allowed lucrative yeah they look at the wall award in no way least among lote a ticket you should buy up keep me exactly eight I have Samantha Metallica of so much day a manga future bozidar mistake steamy Appel work okay but own capital FSLIC edge honesty in a sense given picasa yeah bubbly Cotonou / calm can every technique become correct say you jack apart I am is wrote a I've disappeared et scales attack say I need to make a dough hook a joke okay I'm gonna the simple story Malaga hundred Kiowa those WiGig Arthur get Frankie technique Assad yeah Harvick on of Neos at they in co-op neat technique change canoe Pelageya para batting style better can up and I got what time Tosca Donna be dice Elizabeth cooing about here Emily oh no no yeah the hood Maynard Nikki I'm sure Kate your grant flower I was known as rules about kyoki cheesy but a yogi grant trabajo technically a chapel a thousand Assadi cheese-making only Blake him must like a hamari low who is it Rangi Krieger pasanda the abbe de cámara he Lucas Troy goes yellow cheese a squad car to up cozy way for Jetta me about Casa Uribe Georgia Tech irregular slow and steady jump ropes calculus is another area croak the Webber sermon auto Rev which is calm Kerrigan normally worked away all negative Anna Devane Kiko ignored when expertly enough we're encouraged about the numbers way homie anybody up occupy its number ski we just say it's teammates for just a if ski performance key Bob would you do 50 must like Talia gear and zoom amulet kissed are a Pakistan Cricket Board key selection committee casaba rahbaniya narudy knee and your chocolate ro Gobbo a cha-cha yoga the Rudy knee and your chocolate arooga was a Ikaruga above pneumonia turbot care of Nutella to be given yacht the vodka does not never even after Bakke case Terrell Geass thought I'll get the basket that I'll second it uplink our octave ultimate nanny bataya goodbye a stone when you go teen multiple Mars evolved way to about get here after good kill any discussion Johnny Vega advaitha come up numerous cacophony discussion shelter a gamma-ray Sachi league a boxer and came in by burning Daria but when I'm nominally a quick a time nigga by here Victor of a pox honor of Lana Santa me on magyari this my Pakistan those were Tyson's guhathakurta Kafka a Pakistani Bharata and Manali is forgot she partnership da da mama liqueur Barbara Azam Kissimmee are you somebody about a Hakurei take a me patience kids are at a clue target hair up embody as on pitcher barting terrain mana Kincaid spinners for the chili can I get up patience comes out a cartoonish kid nahi when I tell you even against the quality spinning side on its custom get shot saute the masala Tomoko gave me a purpose lay out their mock ideas forget mom lay upon a sample game Monica could they get going to Rodney T Abdul over Maidan game I just think you keep team and you think um score air upon Godot baller unocal let's back into Bollingen on a gurney on a one goes up and up on the runs makeover maker sector yes so Jake is roti or miracle a Joe captain a coaching staff and over maybe in Kuya bath but I yogi planning through the yogi sub kupatana thought in his spine area back acuity balling the main baller fastball areata 240 plus kuratabo be unfit okay bye gel again yes re cheesy of course a miracle change or do say cheese up the fees are a obvious to spinel cobalt Chuck Hilton keep the problem fast bowler a spinner key against America elected attendant or be they catch a comma Abu Dhabi moronic RDA wanna buy any Kiana stay another spinner or the Petoskey to like hae a model ericka spin Kobe that Kelly gets a gel Deena curry Oh precious Laniakea ponch carry a charge upon the Romans to ransom capacity speedgame a Quebec so patiska I get Sarah for but the in a joke captain on Kibaki toe Anna be a or Rasheeda so we must plan eagerly we could get we get Melanie held equally I see panic Anika the parish on Aikido done Kobe or calm Kobe or maybe chicken data get Indiana karate you some case for panic only giving here but as a batsman Imam to kick on pack player hey Chuck Hilton Head tone rosado's anybody article responsibilities come with that occur as a batsman would like Natalia grab as a short kill Chiodo team yeah the core is ck bad low boom could you help you be a lock-up day pain let's not say how many Cara mogudu Katie him world logo walking Kathy it seemed odd Peggy I'll quit dr. Hamza kill the purchase art not out configure got a magic to go there are seven category we shorten keen nature many area short Janka short nian is Erica would Yannick India a mutiny patacas n Mikasa Atika Thoth Khepera Shantae a Chuck Haase cetera see logic is both pace a toboggan Kitty mother catch early if misspelling career as a short keenly occur caucus attention HHS electron in blue in Kofi Carini right yeah yeah knock Dean coach of Quranic a substitute Erica yota a gap Kabbalah voulez yeah as a bowler perform today that's the best way I'll get performances lucky second a that it appeared criticism that sound like an opera got its part and part of the game in contradict of your tarnish or who you take a bench cups a mock-up lick believe it back how much uh Queen Azshara sorry there was a bunker get a little DNA occupied and speak with by training here octopus in II dunno Guitar World Cup mikhail iike a free mocha Mamula co-op regatta in gear African Mango regatta renge Kyo get up don't over but but I get to any income add up to second angry Barbara some z1 mother fish a paragraph incorporeal attend to fill up Ganesha pânico na Jie back on birthday by Shoaib Malik batter a hoe and they like it whatever to upon putting my shaman can get Asif Ali kept on fur – a torch okay so yeah climbing here sick eager here k our geek Yop check I had a banana architect 9 a pitcher digna here in Costa LOM Camacho okay no no sir a pen a logo video coach I or team – Johanna Nene akadama okay neo geo Parata beau Timken situation or new maps about Kurata if they kept a massacre on would you attack ilaria watch approach Neos extra watch our plan and deeper so they can end the flower team cassava fo it's an important player nahi Tillich in planner water today or upward director cricket bunny way England and Wales Cricket Board cages and Abu Bakar a hockey team Michael are you okay a tener runs a detener century Lynnea gran flop equipo de valsa up you team kept acting coach been away pocket you don't go neo sakakibara players co-op Nala Tico's say volatility Rooskies Arab gusta la cienega Deus let's say lana parrilla a Botticelli gotta go say a bohot para player a mock-up go casa dos hospital England did those other sectors economic ones is lying in the bottom Ramirez Absolut Vodka bandhana chiyuri niega para falar aikido arachidonic acid bigot yo passed me up do a quick test on the test – allelú goes Mariama a heck a mu Slotkin gonna be a dick take a tostada snake test hella dough test kelly start twisting and indicadata gravis coast at montane to ski up cobots una parte ah yes Hari Hotel castle cricket conductors have a voltage their lights come on Nene we have a cricket can get away sorry I'm behind a little carrying a players go to England kikuna idea but I am ia cheeseball Randy Florez come here birthday cricket yoga Robbie or ei it's cook once a gorilla just cuckoo chart avec experience so that is the ground with tangos Roo Kerrigan I've kissing bandit several Theoden up change Gardens reduce rally me any caribou Sakura Cherokee Chrissy booster a goal I like it's a light RPG dr. sell arts karate accelerometer to say about it compadre was communicating it yeah yeah schedule of the lupus HR world kebab' semi-feral made their lease per module they're a bit Delhi's Avni part Nikesh our world cup methine World Cup and the mammal hoxsey apart again do other team ends the Mamula parks and MMO duty or nice runs oh no Jeremy's core gear tickety Abner World Cup 2004 Pakistan team captain Bernard Theodore's our South World Cup match charts al Kitani turning about the Fox 19 go world cup la carga island south we team are they Bobby reality of the door that was the World Cup ghee about Pakistan Cricket Board selection committee Kapoor server abhinaya after a come on chance uncle idiot in World Cup in the Malacca separately at the up net here we are caring it's another enzyme amala bharatam for bakudan hie abusive nakaka and deflowered but a plate six can check on Acharya though use of submaster Donga up England kept its guitarist and jacket again Graham would just forget my England curse of Sabella Batman exs match made steel so tentacles if Lauren goes Nakia 8's Matt Musashi daughter at school here and utilize media or nd flower pot later Wahby system Abbey Andrew Astro stone in a director cleared up neglected Cabana bath DNA yet up Casey for Charles de Rio but car you look Swapna Pakistan team kadoya 13 World Cup in tough time but I have part of Tanaka's our team Katja sub kasam there I've no do a lot from the World Cup a picture of your past and cricket team Co surf Rosco catheter by is so fun Carlos often Corallo gonna catch a opening batsman 10 Mayor Jim last Emily karna Chara leakin bad the Raza near Auckland not in New Zealand Ostia South Africa gotta love buddy Matt met after important an idea or by ocupado fill method other oh no Eddie let me rock our island Kate laughs and shriek of the Walt appear out of the box on tempo anarchy bitch Olivia Agnes October Kia of Bangladesh Majorca teen won't escape target who is responsible Bob Duracell yeah get ready toss borin a year licking Priscilla Johanna jika a discussion slghs that I got here coming back to the mic listen look at Ernakulam who's in a bunker the Noguchi day ok hamari pakki sang-gui cracker tea a problem hekia have a hammer Kabuto ji-hyo Tech because I saw just a mr liu biao team so yeah Harvick but the merit-based selection on each Eva have become the new array about the new epoch Athena K near Carmel a birthday Tony engage here a chill Oleg a cello clicking I ain't gay to you sorry problem Harlow jegi movie soldiers along the can go to view new go to October baristas one interfered in Barabbas for Alex a hotel owner line no actually I can engineer that here your sincere hunger you see from peas a conventional we keep lianca attack a second Omni little give a triggers it again and see a lion oh yeah I think of a holistic by the Shawnee sends cut almonds but he are gonna make general discussion can I kick it back some people it's gonna be a blow but now you can see ya Leah our good scripted excuse me yeah thank you happy quicker than a body a gypsy cheese egg player key polish are doing up with team Condor pressure cut the teal or a player key achieving full team political APA just a baller cows and I catch a spell vulnerability mikuma Bosnia that is another initially have this knob Barbara's emotive a hellscape and the Imam all the way to measure my donkeys do rotten ideas looking up is ridiculous uh be carrying you some big Erica because the stake area poor encoding Malta Jangi to up mister of sake of Shah tequila gluten heating up decibel career as a kill the giant even charger – shock Camila – yeah a gorilla Phoenicians getting this article sa major low scoring early happening Italy slow kill Cain is an image custody tonight appetizer in fact water per day do city Makkah Vedic religious here but Chuck here pho Dulce team and Rebecca j'tia dub Astana slow steady healthy and active Hilkiah willfully under passion can be mad defense patience cameras are a currently Kenseth off Napper hevene occurring bowling attack qu+ triggered kids ever get pucks any crookedness the right term endogenous target which is unconstitutional or syrian exert a little money a path we took an example but this over it's our game oh come on Torchic I dunno Maxim taluk updates Junior spherical metal Angela

36 Replies to “Sports Floor Special – 07 PM – 29 June 2019 | GEO SUPER”

  1. India pray for Pakistant to qualifie. I hope Pakistan will win against Bangladesh. But Bangladesh is better team than Pakistan.

  2. Match kis ne jeetaya . Ehsaanframosh ya ehsaanmand ? Paise diye ya emotional blackmail kiya? Umpires ki aankhe kharab thi ya niyat? So many questions . Please answers you great cricket ke sikander greatest allrounder . Best cricket journalist of world. Khatara run machine or anyone i missing here.

  3. soory anchors urs prediction are wrong.😂😂…afgan played so well..i think pak sharing his luck agains…one over turned all match ..its gift win by afgan to pakistan 🙄specaily thks to gulabidin

  4. Innings k starting me : Sirf khade rahe toh runs aayenge
    Inninngs k ant me : Laude lag gaye. Jeete lekin pant me hag diye 😂

  5. Fakar zaman and imam ul haq both are flops….wow what a match…afghans are a really good team…tutte mooh mein aa gaya hoga

  6. السلام علیکم ورحمة الله.
    سب سے پہلے تو آپ سب کو مبارک…
    دانش بھائی میں آپ کو کافی سنتا ہوں،آپ کے سوالات کافی مثبت انداز میں ہوتے ہیں،آپ سے صرف درخواست ہے عبد الرزاق کو رزاق نہ کہا کریں،اس لئے کہ رزاق اللہ سبحانہ وتعالی کی صفت ہے،اس لئے بحیثیت بندہ ہونے کے انہیں عبد الرزاق کہیں یا عبدل کہیں!!!
    بہت بہت شکریہ
    اللہ حافظ
    دعا کا طالب
    شاہباز خان قاسمی

  7. Height of stupidity, one commentator so confident was saying that within 10-15 overs, pakistan will achieve target runs, but truth of today's match is that pakistan as good as lost the match , however, PCB's FIXING arrangement with Gulbadin, pakistan some how in dyeing situations reach target with just 2 balls to spare in 50th over. Do this expert justified to tell themselves as an expert?

  8. During the course of this video-time, imam and babar got out but surprisingly no discussion or said part edited and deleted. See the body language of all this participant, before imam out, they were happy, over confident but soon after imam and babar out, they mood is changed and verbally fighting each other.

  9. Fakhar zaman is such a big flop player…no one says about him but bechara Imam ul haq ke peeche pade rehte hain…so much biased u people are…

  10. Yahya hussaini k liye sirf ek baat.
    K khaali bartan ziada kharakta hai.
    Baatein banda kara le bas. Baat karne ka koi tareeka nai koi ikhlaq nai

  11. جیو والے یحی حسینی سے پریشان ہیں تو A.R.Y والے تنویر کو بلا کر پھنسے ہوے ہیں۔ھھھھھھ

  12. O bhai aik acha manager selector hona chaheye, acha player coach ho sakta hy magar selector honay ke liye player hona zaruri nahi..

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