Sports – Germany vs USA

Sports – Germany vs USA

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  1. Jim makes a good point about how popular soccer/football is in the U.S. for among young people up to a certain age. Youth soccer is huge in the U.S., and so is soccer for girls and women. In fact, women's soccer/football is probably bigger in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Overall, it's not that Americans don't like soccer/football or think it's "wimpy," but it has to compete with all the other professional team sports in the U.S., such as American football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. That's a lot of competition. Most other countries don't have that kind of variety of professional sports.

    Also, another big difference between the U.S. and other countries is the huge scale of college sports, as Alex pointed out. Not only is there college football (which is huge), but there are national competitions at the college level for basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and all kinds of sports. The college programs are important training grounds for Olympians and other professional athletes.

  2. as an american here is how i see it

    football (US) and hockey are my favorites, soccer (global football) is very boring to me, its just not exciting

    but Formula 1 is better than Nascar, even here everybody makes fun of nascar as the sport of turning left

    however driving a car isn't a sport

  3. Funny but, "soccer" is not a mans sport, but lots of fat men can wear lots of pads, helmets and protective gear and play a poor mans version of rugby, grabbing each others butts, and gripping and pulling men to the ground, that is acceptable? LOL! Americans are funny to me. The fact the WORLD sees football(yes the one you use with your feet) is the biggest most reconised sport on this planet, played by most the world, with the largest spectators etc etc, America is very narcissistic, if it's not American they don't like it,pretty sad really as it limits their life experience, though not all yanks are like this thank god, I know some really well switched on ones.

  4. I think they hit it on the head, it's not that the American public doesn't want to watch soccer or doesn't understand it, it's that soccer isn't that great of a sport for advertisers, there is just one break and that is in the middle and that is it, American Football, Baseball and Basketball all have constant interruptions, which allow business to advertise more/better, so it's businesses keeping soccer away from Americans, not the public.

    Just think about how crazy USA went during the last world cup, they didn't get far, but nearly every American enjoyed the game and their teams performance in general. (Personally I think their keeper was amazing)

  5. The largest spectator sport in United States is actually auto racing. Granted not participatory.  I was surprised at this, but it's true.

  6. in germany we dont have hobby clubs that are organzied private clubs the play in lower leagues its a huge thing; like in america the college sport,in the youth if a talent scout think u talented u can play in the regional association,its another way7system but they r not hobbyclubs sry my english is not the best

  7. I watched the Superbowl for the first time this year, and except the breaks, I really liked it. And I totally agree – the worst thing about soccer is the fake fouls and the overexaggerated crying, just to get an advantage.

  8. They seem not to know anything about the MLS. Soccer in America is on the rise. I'm American and southern, and I prefer football(soccer) over American football. Baseball and NBA is more popular outside of the south. American football especially college is the most Popular sport in the south, then basketball.

  9. One of the major downsides to the whole sport = school thing in the USA is that it really limits who gets to play the sports. If there's 200 people interested in playing soccer for example, you can't really use them all if the school only has one team.

    It also often means that people who don't "make it" will stop playing the sport and maybe even being active after graduating. Just because you're not NFL/NBA/MLS quality doesn't mean you're bad or shouldn't get to enjoy the game. It's a shame I think. With the amateur clubs that are so popular all over Europe you can play the game no matter what skill level or age you are. There are veteran football (soccer) leagues (They go by different names..) and things for people who can be like 50+ years old. They may have played football for 45+ years without ever "making it" and still have fun with their  friends, get exercise and have a great camaraderie and social events based around their sport even if they were never really any good. 🙂

  10. why are amaricans always called it soccer? soccer is football and american footbal is handegg. and ''soccer'' how you americans called it is the famous sport in the world.

  11. LOL european football is for women? look at american football they all need pbig protections and stuff man that sport is for women

  12. Bundesliga makes much more money than that.  Last year, Bayern Munich reported revenues north of 600 million dollars for one season.

  13. Man, some of you Europeans need to get the fuck over the fact we call it football and stop crying about it already. You all don't seem to understand that our great grandfathers were the ones who named the sport.. Not anyone in our present generation. Most of us Americans don't understand the naming of it anymore then you do.

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